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					Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council Meeting of the 16th May,
                         2013 in Kirkton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members – John Young, Neil Munro, Derek Ivy, Hugh Johnstone, Trevor Hayward

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, Jeff Leaver, Ted Thompson, Mary Harkness, Dobie and
Connie Davidson, Gordon Bissett, John Williams, David Blacklock (Police), Sam Thornely (Duncow
PTA Chairman who was present for part of the meeting)

1 – Apologies – Jackie Bodle

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 17th April, 2013

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 17th April, 2013 moved by NM and seconded by TH.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – JY welcomed NM back from his stay in hospital.

3.2 – Point 2 - Noted that the roadside hedge in the vicinity of the War Memorial had been cut
following a request to the Council from KCC.

3.3 – Point 5 - that the second sentence be removed.

4 – Police Report

4.1 – David Blacklock introduced himself as Divisional Inspector for the district in the newly
organised Police Force for Scotland. He advised the meeting that an informative letter detailing
new community policing arrangements would be sent to all community council secretaries.

4.2 – He reported that there had been no significant crime in Kirkmahoe but reminded the meeting
that thefts of domestic heating oil, agricultural diesel and vehicles in rural areas are still occurring.
He explained that there seemed to be a pattern of fuel theft soon after tanks had been filled and he
urged householders to fit locks or security devices as a deterrent.

4.3 – Police priorities for the future include road safety, prevention of speeding and drug

4.4 – The new regional police contact phone number is 101 and our new Community Officer is
Kerry Smith and one other officer to be named at a later date.

5 – Treasurer’s Report (DI)

5.1 – The present financial position is satisfactory with £4,000 in the Bank. The full accounts as at
31 Mar 13 will be presented to Community Councillors before the next meeting, after which they
will be externally examined ready for the AGM in October.
5.2 – KCC Village Fete / Gala - We have received a quotation of £53 for insurance, based on all
separate organisations taking part having their own third party liability insurance. DI to confirm (and
pay for) insurance cover. The bunting has been purchased; this was authorised previously,
included in the last Windfarm bid, and approved. Delivery is promised for 3 June. Also two cold
boxes have been purchased; to be assets of the Community Council (one for drinks and one for
BBQ food). These cost £225.
We discussed small/card tables. On-line these are available at about £30 each. DI has not yet
looked at local purchase. Eight would seem a sensible purchase (£250).
5.3 – Windfarm Monies - The Windfarm bid needs to be agreed for this year. About £1,800 is likely
to be available, plus a small carry forward of £1,900. Based upon requests and suggestions, the
following are proposed:
       KCC Grapevine (two issues plus insert leaflets) £700
       Enhancements for Village War Memorial surroundings £300
       KCC Cold Boxes for Events (two) £225
       Card Tables for use at KCC Events £250
       Minor Village enhancements £125
       Pilot Project “Stroll around Kirkmahoe” £300                                   Total £1,900
6 – Councillors’ Report
6.1 – (JL) Dumfries Learning Town - the public consultation is finished. The online survey finished
16th May and the final report will be ready by the end of May and sent to the Education Committee
at the end of June for the final decision from the three options being considered.
6.2 – DG One - refurbishment starts in January. The wet side will be closed for 17 months and the
dry side for 4 months. The Council is to take legal action against the contractor/s responsible for
the defective works.
6.3 – Windfarm Community Benefit - The Council is proposing a uniform position in respect of the
dispersement of what is expected to be a figure of £10M over the next three years. They want the
money ring-fenced with 50% paid to areas within 15 km of the development and a further 50% to
be made available to communities outwith this boundary. This proposal would not apply to
windfarms that have already received approval.
6.4 – NM asked whether the money for the new hospital had been allocated. The councillors
explained that this was being provided by the Scottish Government but savings of £50M would
have to be found by The Health Board.
7 – Planning Report
7.1 – It was a condition of a previous planning permission that new tree plantings were to replace
those to be removed, but Council officials had stated that this type of condition attached to an
approval was not followed up. The councillors made it clear that this must take place and offered
their assistance to the Community Council in ensuring compliance. HJ to give details to TT and JL
in this respect.
8 – Stroll around Kirkmahoe Leaflets
8.1 – Apologies received from Alice Howdle, who had hoped to give a presentation to the meeting
in respect of her proposal to launch a “Stroll around Kirkmahoe”. In her absence, JY read out the
information she had sent to the KCC. The committee felt that this was a good idea and proposed
that we support her initiative. A figure of £300 was agreed to support the pilot project and that this
could be included in our application for windfarm monies.
9 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)
9.1 – NM asked Council members and the community to understand that progress on the
enhancement programme had been delayed due to his absence.
Following complaints from residents of the village, in respect of the poor condition of the walking
surface and of the Qu’a footpath and overgrown drainage ditch, NM is meeting with Richard
Masters, Dumfries & Galloway Council Access Officer, in order to try to ascertain whether this
pathway is a right of way or that it is defined as a right of access. If this area is adopted by the
Council, we could ask for the walking surface, hedging and ditch to be maintained.
9.2 – NM and JY met with Bill Elliot, Regional Community Manager for Scottish Water, in respect of
the likely timetable and schedule for upgrading the Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Plant. This
project has been given priority status and it is hoped that work will begin in 2015. Bill Elliot is going
to keep KCC informed of progress. With regard to the new plant, it is hoped that screening around
the area will take place to enhance the area in which the Sam Leask playground will be situated to
provide householders with a more aesthetically pleasing view and to improve the environmental
9.3 – NM confirmed that BT had completed their programme of maintenance and the upgrade of
the Kirkton telephone kiosk. Our thanks to BT for their support.
9.4 – GB enquired as to the progress of the pilot scheme for the sandstone edging. NM explained
that prior to his time in hospital, he had been pursuing competitive quotes and that this process
would now be continued.
9.5 – John Williams enquired as to the progress of the treatment to the teak bench on the Green.
JY confirmed that a test panel had been completed and that, subject to the drying out of the wood
and suitable weather conditions, full treatment would take place. A number of different suggestions
had been received as to the best treatment and these would be considered.
10 – Windfarms - Dalswinton Windfarm Monies (DI)
10.1 – See Treasurer’s report for detailed information re this subject. It should be noted that the
letter from the Council (handed to DI by NM at the meeting and detailing how they intend to
administer the funds) is a more complicated process than that which was in place with Solway
10.2 – There is no further update in respect of the Harestanes Community Benefit Fund,
discussions are underway in how best to distribute a figure of some £200,000 per annum amongst
qualifying communities. Notes are awaited from a series of meetings that looked at ways of setting
up a trust model to disperse the funds.

11 – Events in 2013

11.1 – Gala/Fete preparations are in hand for 8th June, 5 - 10 pm. Jean Muir to draft a poster.
Flyers re Gala/Fete and future events to be distributed.

11.2 – Events sub-committee meeting to be held on 28th May 2013 at 7 pm in Village Hall to
confirm final arrangements.

11.3 – Insurance for the event has been organised to cover 200-250 people.

12 – Correspondence - none

13 – Any other business

13.1 – HJ raised the question of the extent of insurance cover. DI explained that this was for public
liability only. Organisations not under the KCC banner are to make appropriate provision for their
insurance cover.

13.2 – GB advised the meeting of progress on the upgrading and repairs to the War Memorial. The
railings have been delivered and erected and are awaiting clement weather in order that painting
can take place. The Council are providing the funding for this part of the work. In respect of the
hand railing and other improvements, quotations are being sought for submission to SWEAT and
their response in due course. NM advised the meeting that in discussions with the Centenary
Memorials Restoration Fund (CMRF), overall finance in Scotland of £1M per year for the next five
years is being made available. Applications are not limited to building or maintenance and can
include historical research, videos and any associated ideas with particular emphasis being placed
on youth or educational initiatives. In respect of the Kirkmahoe Memorial, funding may be available
from CMRF if required.

13.3 – Sam Thornely, Chairman of the Duncow Primary School Parent/Teacher Association,
attended the meeting and voiced his concerns in respect of the Duncow Cluster Review
arrangements linking them to Dumfries High School as opposed to Wallace Hall Academy with
which they have historical links. A change would affect education arrangements, social continuity
and transportation. The councillors present had sympathy with Mr Thornely’s concerns, KCC to
write to the Education Committee and local councillors supporting his views.

13.4 – JY concluded by saying how sad the Committee and many others feel at the sudden
passing of Fiona Meikle-Latta. She was an enthusiastic, popular and hard-working member of the
KCC and will be sadly missed.

14 – Date of Next Meeting

14.1 – The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 19th June 2013 in Dalswinton Village Hall at 7.30

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