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Polywood Outdoor Furniture by dutchcrafterc


When shopping for outdoor furniture, choose items that have been made with quality materials, like polywood. Polywood outdoor furniture is Eco-friendly and can withstand the elements.

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									Polywood Outdoor Furniture
   Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance, and
                                  Eco-Friendly Facts
Save Trees, Reduce Waste

Made of high density
polyethylene (HDPE).

Polyethylene is made from
reclaimed and recycled

Recycling plastic reduces toxic
waste and creates renewable
sources for materials.

No trees are cut down to
make Polywood lumber.
Quality Craftsmanship
           • Polywood lumber can
             be cut to any shape
             allowing for versatility
             in furniture design.

           • Plastic lumber can be
             embossed to create the
             appearance and feel of
             real wood grain.
Dense and Durable

HDPE lumber is, by definition,
dense and by construction,

The material has a high space
to weight ratio which means
outdoor tables, chairs, swings
and other furnishings can
withstand typical weight from
standard use.

Since Polywood is dense it is
also heavy and therefore will
not blow over on a windy
                            Resists Wear and Tear

Unlike wood, the smooth
surface of Polywood plastic
lumber will not; warp,
crack, or splinter.

Because Polywood is so
durable it is perfect for
outdoor furniture and is
often used in playground
areas to replace unsafe
wooden structures and
Works Well in any Weather
             • Polywood outdoor
               furniture is impervious to
               moisture so it will not
               collect mold or mildew in
               humid, rainy, or snow
               prone climates.

               The UV resistant pigment
               mixed into the HDPE
               during production and UV
               protective top coat are
               fade resistant.
                  Polywood Is Pest Resistant

Plolywood, being plastic, is
not an attractive meal for
termites or other insects
that destroy wood.

Polywood is also harder
than wood so rodents and
other animals can not
chew threw it as easily.

Polywood has the look and
feel of wood without the
             Create Style with Color
Color can be added to plastic lumber furniture in four ways: with pigment during
manufacturing, by staining, and by adding cushions.
Painting and staining is done only by the manufacturers as the non-porous surface
of Polywood is resistant to stains, even from typically powerful oil based products.
Cleaning and Care
         • For general cleaning use a
           solution of soap and water
           to spray chairs, then wipe
           clean with a cloth and rinse.
           Use a soft bristle brush to
           remove debris from
           Polywood furniture can be
           pressure washed with
           pressure up to 1,500
Stain Removal
       • While plastic lumber is
         stain resistant some
         staining may occur over
         time, especially on white

         To remove stains, use a
         solution of 1/3 bleach and
         2/3 water, spray the
         furniture, let sit for 15
         minutes, then rinse and
         let dry.
      Recapping of Polywood Outdoor
           Furniture’s Attributes
• The look and feel of real wood.

• Made from durable, weather
  and pest resistant materials.

• HDPE plastic lumber is made
  from recycled materials and
  no natural fibers so it is Eco-

• No maintenance and easy to

• No fading, chipping, warping,
  or splintering.

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