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UK Retail Occasions- Christmas 2012


									                     UK Retail Occasions: Christmas 2012
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 13th June , 2013 :

Product Synopsis

This report provides an in-depth understanding of how consumers behaved over Christmas
2012: what did they buy, why did they buy it and where did they shop, are all examined. In
addition, the report examines peoples opinions of retailers and of the Christmas period
itself. The report is driven by unique consumer data and interviews.

Introduction and Landscape
Conluminos Retail Occasions series helps you to understand how consumers are shopping
across the various events and occasions in the retail calendar. For each occasion we analyze
the results of a large consumer survey to understand whats happening and what it means
for you.

Key Market Issues

1. Understand whats being purchased
We explore what products people are purchasing for each of the key occasions and analyze
the penetration rates for key categories. A wide range of products are covered including
food, gifts, clothing and goods for the home.

2. Understand where its being purchased
We monitor which retailers consumers have visited for each of the occasions, what they
have used those retailers for and what they thought of them. We analyze retailer customer
share both overall and by product category.

3. Explore whats being spent
We examine how much people are spending and intend to spend across the various
categories and products and how this differs to previous years. We also look at total
household budgets for the various occasions.

4. Understand how people are celebrating
We take a broad look at what people are doing for the various occasions, how they intend to
celebrate them and how these things are influencing and affecting their retail and buying

5. Explore key issues by demographics
We analyze all of the above at an overall level but also provide a breakdown by key
demographics as well as by region. On a bespoke basis we can also isolate and explore
specific consumer segmentations.

Key Highlights

While a slightly higher proportion of consumers said that they spent more this Christmas
compared to the year previous, in the context of rising inflation - particularly in food - the
overall picture was much less rosy - with volumes in decline. Although consumers do
prioritize Christmas to a much larger extent than other occasions, there has been an
increasing tendency to reduce the more wasteful aspects of spending.

Running in parallel to a rising focus on price, which is driving higher promiscuity among
consumers, has been evolving value expectations. The importance of quality holds marked
importance at Christmas. Against this backdrop, private label has come to represent a key
differentiator among the major grocers, particularly considering the majority now operate a
form of branded price matching.

With money tighter than ever, consumers are keen that the gifts they buy are of value to
recipients. As many people now own most of the things they want, selecting good gifts has
inevitably become more difficult. Retailers should aim to provide consumers with ideas and
inspiration on websites, in-store and via catalogues and magazines. This helps to encourage
spending and allows brands to engage with consumers, hopefully stimulating loyalty in the

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