reaction to Luke letter 6-13 by BayAreaNewsGroup


									                                     SANTA CLARA COUNTY
                               GOVERNMENT ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION
                                             2125 Canoas Garden Ave.
                                               San Jose, CA 95125
Maxmilian Zarzana, President                         Erin West, Board Member
Kipp Davis, Vice President                           Jim Sibley, Board Member
Kevin Smith, Treasurer                               Mark Duffy, Board Member
Kelley Kulick, Secretary                             David Phillips, Board Member

Statement issued on behalf of the Government Attorneys Association

The unauthorized granting of Administrative Leave by District Attorney Rosen and his Chief Assistant Jay Boyarsky, to
controvert the concessions in GAA's contract with the County, was wrong. GAA will always honor our contract with the
County, and abide by the concessions we made that saved taxpayer dollars and assisted with balancing the County’s budget
for the last 2 years.

Recently, two GAA members requested that DA Rosen exchange the excessive grants of Administrative Leave, and
exchange it for appropriate deductions from the originally requested leave bank. DA Rosen denied those requests. Now, the
County Administration along with the California Attorney General are investigating this potential gift of public funds.

We are still awaiting input from all of the people named by the County in their demand letter, but to be clear: there are
people on that list who were never SuDDAs, or who were not SuDDAs during the timeframe in question, and thus never
received Administrative Leave outside the authority granted by our contract with the County. In addition, there may be
hours described as ‘excessive’ which were, in fact, appropriately awarded as Administrative Leave pursuant to our contract.

We take this issue very seriously and we will respond to the County demand accordingly.

Max Zarzana,
President, GAA

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