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LM 300 Safe
DepoSit BoxeS      Choose Diebold LM 300 Safe
                   Deposit Boxes to maximize
                   your return on safe deposit box

                   •	   Modular design pre-
                        engineered for efficient

                   •	   Multiple size openings and
                        sections to provide the most
                        efficient use of space

                   •	   Low maintenance stainless
                        steel doors and rust-resistant
                        finish on all surfaces maintains
                        an impressive appearance.

                   •	   UL-listed hangeable double-
                        nose key locks or optional
                        single-nose locks for self-
                        service enviroments
    L M    3 0 0   S A F E   D E P O S I T     B O X E S

features                                                   options

Modular Sections                                           Keys and Locks
•	 Stackable interlocking sections in five sizes to        Security and convenience are enhanced by double
   accommodate any vault height.                           changeable locks with computerized key security. Lock
•	 Interlocking mechanism features interlocking clips      model number 175-70 is UL listed and includes seven
   at rear, guide pins at front and vertical side screws   tumblers and seven guard tumblers with brass finish.
   to attach adjoining sections.
                                                           Each side is independently changeable. A specially
Construction                                               designed tool is provided with each LM 300 Safety
•	 Welded area fabricated from galvanized steel.           Deposit Box installation to ensure quick and accurate
•	 Plated front frame made of aluminum                     changing. Changing keys is done on site quickly and
   alloy material.                                         conveniently and does not require a service call. Using
                                                           this special tool, the lock action is reset to fit a new
•	 Brass finish on hinges and lock noses.                  key, making the box available immediately for a new
•	 UL-listed double-nose lock features seven
   customer tumblers and seven guard tumblers,             Lightweight Bond Box
   each side independently changeable.                     Bond boxes are made of durable lightweight
•	 Single-nose lock features seven, fixed                  polypropylene which offers excellent durability, heat
   customer tumblers.                                      and impact resistance. Contoured corners won’t cut
                                                           fingers or scratch countertops. The latch requires
Numbering                                                  positive pressure to release, minimizing the possibility
                                                           of unintentional opening. Bond boxes are designed to
•	 Satin chrome number frame with black tone               carry 35 lbs. of contents.
   numbers on brass-colored insert.

•	 .5” (1.3 cm) thick on edge with stainless
   steel front.

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