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									Sgt. B. Guy Buckelew

                                          Born September 12, 1925 went to be with our
                                          Lord on January 10, 2011 at the age of 85.

                                          Sgt. Buckelew was preceded in death by his
                                          lovely wife Janice several years ago.

                                          Sgt. Buckelew retired from the San Antonio
                                          Police Department in March of 1980 after
                                          having served an honorable and dedicated life
                                          as a public servant.

                                         Sgt Buckelew led a quiet life and an honorable
                                         life in retirement. He will best be remembered
                                         by the many officers in cadet classes he
taught over the years when the police academy was in the basement of the
headquarters building at 214 W. Nueva.

Published Obituary:

            Billy Guy Buckelew, born Sept 12, 1925 in Bishop, Texas, passed into the
            loving arms of his Savior on January 10, 2011. He was preceded in death
            by his parents, his brothers Oran and Weldon, and his sister Leta.

              He was also preceded by his wife of 61 years, Janice Hill Buckelew and by
              their son Guy Hill Buckelew. He is survived by his children Martha Schaefer
(Mike), Patricia Wolff (Randy), Lori Kotzur (Eddie) and Daryl Buckelew, M.D. (Diane
Herbert) and by 15 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and many nieces and

After graduating from Harlandale High School in 1943 he entered the US Navy and
upon his discharge began the process of becoming a San Antonio police officer. He
served the SAPD and the citizens of San Antonio with love and dignity - it was his
passion. His career with SAPD eventually led him to the Police Academy. He loved
teaching and there are many officers who credit him with their own personal and
professional success.

Upon retirement in 1979, he continued to teach the principles of law enforcement at
SAC and at the SWT Law Enforcement Academy. Guy served many years in leadership
positions at Patterson Lodge. He dedicated himself to the Masonic Order's philosophy
and pledge. A joy in his later life was his involvement in Emmaus. A life long Methodist
and member of Highland Terrace UMC, he delighted in the Walks which brought many
other Christians into his life. But above all it was his family that gave him the most pride
and the most joy. He was an amazing father and grandfather who loved unconditionally
and with all his heart and soul. He will be sorely missed but loved ones know he rests in
the arms of his Father and that he is healthy and whole again.

 A Visitation will be held on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm at Alamo Funeral
Home. A Service will be held on Tuesday at 9:30 am at Alamo Funeral Home with Rev.
Rudy Rudewick, retired SAPD Police Officer officiating. Interment will follow at Ft Sam
Houston National Cemetery. SAPD Honor Guard will provide Police Honors at the

Published in Express-News on January 16, 2011

Visitation begins Tuesday, January 17, 2011 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and concludes
with a service.

Services will be held at Alamo Funeral Home, 624 N. Alamo, 210-225-5731,
San Antonio, Texas

01-17-11 / Monday : Viewing from 1600 – 1800 hrs. – with a service
01-18-11 / Tuesday : Chapel Service at 0930 am with Graveside at Fort Sam


Here are heartfelt comments made about one of San Antonio’s
"Well done, good and faithful servant." Godspeed. – Ray Romo

He taught us well and anyone he taught he would make sure you stayed in line. Those
were the days the marines and navy ran the ship.- G. Clancy

I remember Sgt Buckelew’s fatherly way while in cadet class. I also remember his
sense of humor that could keep even the driest course interesting. He had a way of
teaching that made you enjoy learning.

Some years later , the lady who is now my wife, had the fortune of being one of his
students. We both mourn the passing of a fine gentleman and one who has had a hand
in so many of us making it into retirement. Those of us who were able to glean just a
little bit of experience and knowledge from him are better for having known him. Rest
in peace old timer.

SGT Scott Walker
La Vernia Police Department

Sad to hear that. That guy had such a wit. He made me laugh when I went through
the academy. God Bless Him. –

Michael McInnis

Sgt. Guy Buckelew trained many police officers, he had the ability to transform an
ordinary young man into one of San Antonio's finest. I was very fortunate to be one of
those touched by Sgt. Buckelew. He will be missed but also fondly remembered.

Richard Contreras

I still remember all of his corny jokes. He will be missed. –

Ray Ybarbo

I was sad to hear about Sgt. Buckelew. I truly enjoyed his intellect and humor in my
cadet class (70E). I will be out of town and will unfortunately not be able to attend his
funeral. I would appreciate very much if you could sign my name on the guest book as
a sign of respect for a man who taught me so much so many years ago.

Ron Brandin, Retired SAPD

In memory, SGT Buckelew will remain one of my favorite academy instructors as well
as a wonderful person and mentor. His great personality, patience, good humor and
demeanor made it easy to learn from him. He was always willing to help an officer no
matter what the situation. Just like that special teacher from our school days, one
always remembers those that help to shape us.

One humorous incident at the old academy sticks with me. Microwave ovens were
fairly new in those days and one was purchased for the academy staff. I purchased a
couple of biscuits from the snack bar located in the basement and down the hall, and of
course it was cold and the butter I applied would not melt. Guy said “here, let me
show you how this thing works, it’s great!” My biscuits were “nuked” for two or three
minutes and collapsed to the thickness of a quarter. The result gave a hearty laugh to
Guy and Tony Montalvo, and eventually, me.

A small thing of course, but a fond memory of Guy.
Fred Solis, Chief of Police
City of Olmos Park

I remember being in our classroom after lunch, many with heads down, resting up for
P.T., Sgt. Buckelew, aka, ‘Uncle Buck’ came running out of the projector room yelling
and fired several blanks into the air. Many had to excuse themselves for a bathroom
check. He had an unusual but interesting way of teaching. Good guy, no pun intended

Harold Schott

I have no pictures, and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone that has a bad word for
this fine man. As it was said about Guy Buckelew, he was one of the good guys. He was
a true gentleman, and an excellent instructor. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Robert Anderson

Tribute to Guy Buckelew

I first met Sgt. Buckelew when I was in high school (Highlands). I was in the
same graduating class as Patricia. Seems that a group of guys toilet papered the houses
of some of the Brigade members. Some suspects were apprehended and read the riot
act by Sgt. Buckelew. Fortunately he never mentioned that incident later while I was in
the academy. I remember that he was a knowledgeable instructor and took a great
interest in our class. There were space issues in the basement and the staff always
made the best of the hand dealt to them. Sgt. Buckelew was one of the best. When we
screwed up he let us know about it but then gave us a positive word. It was a privilege
to have known him.

Fred Balmos 75C

Great Guy ! Did he never got mad or unpleasant-NEVER ! He always used to tease
me about leaving New York and coming to "God’s Country (Texas) "-

Phil Trovato

I remember Sgt. Buckelew as the instructor who wore black rim glasses and he was
very soft spoken. I don't remember him raising his voice or yelling at anyone in our
class. He seemed very knowledgeable about what he taught and he was very
approachable. He provided a comfortable learning environment and he will be truly

Henry Alonzo
Sgt. Guy Buckelew- Retired SAPD

Remember this: Sgt. Buckelew, as an academy training instructor, role playing during
traffic stop practical exercises - the driver, in his hat (the one with the edges rolls up all
the way around), a tooth pick in his mouth, those wide eyes, with the car in neutral,
door pulled open and him revving the engine so loud you can not hear . . . and the
thoughts of “now what do I do” . . .

…As a 20 year old student in cadet class '68B, I met Sgt. Buckelew, the Penal Code
Instructor. I, as was required respected his rank and position, but quickly came to
respect the man. A soft spoken, mild mannered, humorously light hearted, fair man,
who's extensive knowledge and experience required his cadets to truly know and
understand the complete code he taught. Thanks you, Guy Buckelew for your example
as a man, an officer and an instructor.

Joe W. Farris, Sr.
SAPD Retired 2008

I owe a debt of gratitude to Sgt. Buckelew. He was the principle instructor when I
went through the police academy. He was extremely well informed and prepared to
carry out his responsibilities as an policeman maker. I have always held him in the
highest of esteem and will forever be in his debt. May he rest in peace.

Sam C. Balleza

Rest In Peace, old friend


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