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									  Tips to write your assignment
If you have the real desire of leaving your footsteps over the internet as a freelance
writer, then it comes as an absolute essential to learn about the various ways using
which you can make online biddings for online assignment writing. So as to make
some of the most successful bids, several significant elements are there which an
employer always looks upon during the time of hiring some online writers. Thus to
make a good bid, which equally should be proved successful you are required to pay
attention to the below mentioned elements.

Reviews and Ratings

The ratings and reviews of all the works which you have accomplished previously must
show consistency to be proved good and this comes as extremely necessary especially
when you are looking to a future of becoming a successful bidder for some online
assignments. It is a fact that if you prove yourself worth then quite obviously you can
hike your rates and confidently you will be hired for the work of an organization or by
some individuals. Despite of your abilities and skills, if just you have thought of
starting your business of online writing and do not offer any kind of reputation, then it
can be the best ideas to make an initiation by bidding to the lowest price in comparison
to others. This will certainly give you a chance of getting hired and commence a
beginning of making your own niche of reputation.

The amount of bidding

If it is asked what is can be the ideal bid of any writing assignments, then the answer
comes as an average rate which should neither be too low or is too high. You should bid
within their mentioned target and endow with some reasonable rates for the
assignments. $1 to $2 stands as an average rate for an assignment of word count 100.

Time of Delivery

Generally client will give you information regarding when you need to deliver the
entire work of Essay Writing Service. As soon as you are making any bids, you are
firstly required to indicate the deadline within which you are required to deliver your
project and as per the client need you submit the assignment. The deadline which you
need to post required to be on or before their declared submission time.

Portfolio of your Essay Writing Profile

Before you are actually going to be hired, you are required to sketch a portfolio about
your writing career as because this will be the thing which the employer is going to
check as a sample of your writing and why they should choose you leaving the rest
hundreds of employees. Thus remains as one of the most crucial points to be considered
before you make some successful bidding.

To summarize, an accomplishing bidding should make inclusion of some of the basic
qualities that include being:

      An honest bidder
      The bid should be clear enough stating what the writer is going to do for
       accomplishing that particular task
      You are not required to show off your skills since that will be exhibited with the
       quality that you will be producing.

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