Higher Education and Sharnbrook's UCAS process

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					    Higher Education
Sharnbrook’s UCAS process
   Thursday 7th February 2013
            Sharnbrook’s UCAS process
Decide if university is    Initial check then     Turn up promptly to
    right for you            allocated to a        guidance sessions
      Research!             member of SFT
                          Watch for emails and    Prioritise UCAS app -
      Research!           make appointments          make required
      Research!                with guide            changes swiftly

  Complete on-line        Complete blue “front    Return to SFT guide
  application form               sheet”             for final check
                            Print application
Choose universities                                  Read academic
                           Submit with UCAS
with different entry       fee cheque to Mrs       reference – enjoy a
   requirements            Wilde by Oct 18th        warm, fuzzy glow

                            Write PERSONAL         Submit application!
Distribute reference      STATEMENT - a tricky
 forms to teachers                 task               Sigh, in relief.
 Find out predicted       Share application and     Continue the hard
       grades              PS with tutor - make   work to get predicted
                                 revisions               grades
Yvonne Williams – Uni of Birmingham; Kirsty Wilkinson – De Montfort University

One message which cannot be over-emphasised is that it is the early bird that catches the worm.
Many universities make offers as they receive applications - the earlier the better. It is 9 months
until the internal deadline in October - there are no excuses for being late.

Good support is vital. Collectively, subject staff, form tutors and the sixth form team, offer
excellent support. There is a great deal of knowledge and experience but students need to make
sure they access the available advice and guidance.
Parents also play a critical role in supporting students through the process - too often, UCAS is put
on the “back-burner” as homework and exam preparation takes priority after the summer holidays
and beyond.

Be aware of the numbers who are coming through the system at SUS (226 applicants this year) and
the increasingly intense competition from a variety of institutions across the country
Be diligent in researching courses and institutions
Be realistic when choosing courses - if a student is predicted to get BCC then A*AA courses will not
be accessible
Be proactive not passive - it is their application and they need to take ownership
Be on time for the internal deadline in October
Perhaps most crucially of all, be prompt when meeting with the “guidance” team Andy, Jim, Lisa,
Sue and myself, making amendments and returning for final checks - this can sometimes take three
or four meetings and can stretch for what feels like an eternity!

Bible - the step-by-step guide will be emailed to parents. Students will be able to access it on the
student curriculum and it will be on the school website. It is the first point of call.

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