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									                         Polywood Furniture Design Options

Polywood lumber can be shaped into any design because it can be cut, nailed, and sawed into
just like hard woods. Although Polywood outdoor furniture is very scratch resistant, if minor
scratches do occur they can be buffed out with fine grain sandpaper without ruining the finish of
the furniture. However, complete resurfacing of plastic lumber is not possible with sandpaper.
(Not that you’ll ever have a need to resurface this durable material anyway!)

Color Applications
Typically Polywood lumber is dyed during the production of its main material-high density
polyethylene. A UV resistant pigment is added to the plastic, producing a product in which the
color is not just on the surface but instead it is consistent throughout each piece. Because the
coloring is added during production, most Polywood outdoor furniture comes with color already
added. Customization, by manufacturer or by the customer, can be added by either staining or
painting the material to suit specific tastes. It is best to purchase your HDEP wood outdoor
furniture already in the color you prefer as the material is non-porous and resistant to oils so a
layperson may find it hard to find stain or paint that will stick to the surface. Professional staining
can create an effect on the Polywood furniture that makes it hard to distinguish from comparable
hardwood pieces whereas a painted finish can give a sleeker, more contemporary feel to the

Texture Options
There are two texture options available in Polywood backyard and garden furniture pieces:
smooth and wood grain textured. A smooth surface area is comfortable and easy to clean.
Texture can be added through embossing during the manufacturing process and makes the
surface of plastic lumber closely resemble the grain of real wood and can even make the
material feel more similar to wood.

Top Coats
Top coat options for Polywood outdoor furniture are at once aesthetically pleasing and
functional. Aesthetic options include a matte finish that goes well with stained pieces and
furthers the resemblance to hardwood and glossy finishes that add a little light-catching shine to
pieces. The functionality of top coats comes in their ability to further protect outdoor furniture
from fading due to UV rays and from general wear and tear from the elements.

DutchCrafters offers a large selection of high quality Polywood Outdoor Furniture made in the
same traditional Amish style that the expansive selection of indoor furniture is crafted in. All of
DutchCrafters products are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen who take pride in producing
beautiful furniture.

The design options for Polywood outdoor furniture are extensive. Not only can Polywood, be cut
into any shape, nailed, and drilled into like real wood, but it can also have color added. The
color can be added during production of the high density polyethylene material it is composed of
or in the form of top coast of paint, stain, and gloss.

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