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      Listening to music is great. Listening to music can be a past-time or easily just a form of entertainment.
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                                            Internet Radio: A Free Format For All
                                                          By Robert Benson

   The Internet has evolved and made many changes in our culture including personal MySpace
pages, individual blogs, the way we trade information as well as the way the public finds and listens to

One of the upcoming and most popular formats is Internet Radio. Let's discuss an Internet station,, who promotes, plays and exclusively features independent artists and their music.

Internet radio stations have been online for more than three years and offer listeners an alternative to
"subscription radio" and commercial radio because of the eclectic music formats and unique
opportunities for independent bands. The music is being brought to the forefront with stations like

I spoke with DJ Tom of about the radio station and why it is important, not only the bands
and individual artists they promote, but to the public as well.

"First and foremost, it is all about the music," explained DJ Tom. "We offer a chance for the
independent artists to submit their music free to us and to do that, they just go to our site and submit
the music through a resource called "Music Submit" (we have an exclusive agreement with them).
"Music Submit" allows bands and artists to submit band bios', media kits and of course, the music, and
this service in turn helps the bands by promoting them on ezines, other Internet radio stations, blogs
and music related web sites."

And adds even more to the table. I asked DJ Tom to elaborate.

"This gives the independent band or artist a unique opportunity to be heard with free exposure on our
home page to reach their target audience and a chance for the band to attain new fans. We will also
showcase bands in our "Talent Showcase," keeping the band active on our play list. We also use the
artists own promotional material (blogs, YouTube, My Space) and link up with them within our web site
structure and we even create ring tones for them."

There is a free program on the site to download called "Destiny Music Player" so you can tune in to the
station and other Internet radio stations. It is similar to many of the music players for computers and is

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

very easy to use and navigate.

Tired of the same format from your local radio station? Tune in ilike2rock and you can add more than
150 (and counting) independent bands and artists to your music play list. I spoke to DJ Tom about
some of the bands they play and promote.

"This is what is the most exciting to me, we play the independent bands that submit to us (and Music
Submit), from all kinds of musical genres and it is a free format, for both the listener and the bands. I
am very excited for all our bands and artists. Some of the bands we promote are Hypnogaja, which
supplied background music for the hit television on FX called "Dirt," Black Frog, who have played at the
Sturgis Bike Rally and Hide From Cleo, one of Michigan's hottest bands and we promote all the bands

I was very impressed with DJ Tom and I too am excited to find new bands to listen to on the Internet.
After all, it is always about the music.

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates, where you can secure your copy of his ebook called "The
Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting." Robert can be contacted at

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                                                         Free Radio Stations
                                                           By Aaron Aldama

 What is the purpose of free radio stations? Free radio stations are way to listen to music without the
advertisement and commercials from the major corporations. Now not all free radio stations are ad or
commercial free, some radio stations do have ads and commercials. These are still free radio stations
but free in a different way. These radio stations are free for you to listen to but they still charge for
advertisement and commercial time.

The radio stations which charge for advertisement and commercial space differ big time from the radio
stations which do not have advertisement or commercial space. First off radio stations which charge for
ads and commercials have to cater to their sponsors. Don't you hate it when you are listening to a
radio station and they go to commercial every 7 minutes? That is because they have to make room for
all of their sponsor's ads and commercials to air. Normally the higher the ratings the more sponsor ads
and commercials. Radio Stations which charge for on air ads and commercials cater to their paid
advertisers. That is how they make their money. Before Howard Stern went to Satellite Radio if you
ever watched his show you would notice how every 5 mins he would have to go to a commercial break,
plus he was heavily censored on what he could say and what he could not say. The reason for this is
two-fold. First Howard Stern had the number 1 show on the radio, so CBS was charging top dollar to
get ad or commercial time during his show. The more commercial slots CBS could fill in the more
money they made. Which butchered the show because they would go to a commercial break every five
minutes. Now on the censorship, the big deal with censorship is the CBS company does not want
Howard Stern to offend viewers. Not because they have high moral grounds but because they are
afraid they may lose sponsors willing to pay for airtime on his show. Just look at what happened with
Don Imus or Michael Vick, major corporations pulled the plug right away on the both of them because
they did not want to lose customer sales.

With radio stations that charge for airtime there are many fine lines and politics they must follow. With
radio stations who do not charge for airtime space they are in more control of what they play and what
they say. The only problem with them is they do not normally make the same amount of income the
larger stations make since they do not charge for airtime space. No matter which types of free radio
stations you decide to listen to, just know when a station does not play commercials or play ads, you
will get a better radio experience.

Free radio stations are the route many consumers are going since paid radio stations have way too
many commercials. With free radio stations you will not have to listen to all of the garbage that goes
along with them.

This article was written by Aaron Aldama. To learn about building a home business visit

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