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September 2011 - Mt. Diablo Legal Professionals Association


									                                                             QUID NOVI
                                                   Volume XL, No. 18                                     “What’s New”                  September 2011

                                                     Inside This Issue
       2011-2012             Advertising Rates/Address Changes ......................................49
        Officers             Advertisers:
                               Atkinson-Baker ...................................................................13
      President                Barkley Court Reporters .....................................................31
   Cristina Moreno             Lia Sophia ...........................................................................27
                               LSI/Legal Secretary’s Reference Guide..............................45
                               One Hour Delivery..............................................................21              DATES TO REMEMBER
    Vice President
                               Quivx ..................................................................................53
    Tricia Walsh               Rutter Group (LOPM and LPH) ................................. 43 - 44                          October 10 – Columbus Day,
      Secretary                                                                                                               Courts Closed
                               Stressed Out & Going Nowhere.................................. 18 - 19
   Cindy Harrison              10 Unknown Google Tips ...................................................20
                             CCLS Certification/Application..................................... 32 - 34                      November 11 – Veterans Day,
     Treasurer               Governor’s Report ............................................................. 7 - 9            Courts Closed
Maria Bishop, CCLS           Humor In Life ........................................................................54
                             Interclub .................................................................................10    November 11-13 – LSI
      Governor                 Santa Clara Co. LPA’s Crab Feed.......................................11                       Quarterly Conference,
                               Alameda Co. LSA’s Dinner Theatre ...................................12
  Ana Fatima Costa                                                                                                            Sacramento
                             JFK University Scholarship ........................................... 28 - 29
                             Legal Procedures............................................................ 15 - 18
  Parliamentarian            LSI:                                                                                             November 24-25 –
  Mary Lou Floyd,               Benefits ..............................................................................38     Thanksgiving, Courts Closed
       CCLS                     Code of Ethics....................................................................30
                                Quarterly Conference (November)............................. 35 - 37
                                Membership/Renewal Application.....................................40
                                Birthdays ..............................................................................2
                                Calendar of Events ..................................................... 23 - 26
                                Chapter Achievement Reporting Form ......................41 – 42
                                Chevy’s Fundraiser ............................................................14
                                Employer/Member Appreciation Night ...............................4
                                Employment Opportunities ................................................30                              Editor:
                                Membership Meeting ...........................................................3                  Carrie Hughes, CCLS
                                Membership/Renewal Applications ........................... 46 - 48
                                Officers/Committees .................................................. 52 - 53
                                See’s Candy Fundraiser ............................................. 50 - 51                       MDLPA Website:
                                Sunshine & Hospitality ......................................................30       
                             President’s Report.............................................................. 5 - 6
                             Study Corner ..........................................................................22
                                Answer Key .......................................................................27

                                     PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS.

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                                                            Page 1
MDLPA wishes a very Happy Birthday to the following members:

Sept. 14 – Libby Vreonis            Oct. 4 – Janet Keough
Sept. 15 – Carrie Hughes, CCLS      Oct. 6 – Kristie Barton, CCLS
Sept. 24 – Rob Muller               Oct. 6 – Judith Janney
Sept. 25 – Teresa Beardsley, CCLS   Oct. 7 – Annette Hayes
Sept. 26 – Amy Schroll              Nov. 1 – Liz Haemmel
Sept. 27 – Donna Coleman            Nov. 1 – Rose Munoz Ortiz
Sept. 30 – Alexandra Mende          Nov. 8 – Boni Aldrich
Oct. 2 – Brenda Andrade-Ruiz        Nov. 26 – Mary Catherine Lovelace
Oct. 3 – Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS

Quid Novi – September 2011                                        Page 2
                                                    Membership Meeting
                                                           SAVE THE DATE

                   DATE                                  TIME                                        PLACE
              Second Monday                     5:30 p.m. – Social Time                               TBA
               of the Month                 6:00 p.m. – Dinner and Meeting
                                                  6:45 p.m. – Program

                                                    Dinner Selections TBA

No later than the Friday before the meeting, at 1 p.m. to Tricia Kim, (Via E-mail) to; or
(Via Telephone) call (925) 925-932-3311. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATION AS EARLY AS
POSSIBLE. All cancellations must be made by 1 p.m. the Friday before the meeting. If you do not cancel
by that time, you will be charged for your dinner. Visit our website at: for more
information about our Association.

         Mt. Diablo Legal Professionals Association is a local association of Legal Secretaries, Incorporated, an
         approved MCLE provider, and certifies that this activity has been approved for minimum continuing legal
         education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 1 hour of general credit.

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                          Page 3
                             CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO THEIR
                             42nd ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION

DATE:                October 10, 2011
TIME:                5:30 p.m. Social Time; 6:00 p.m. Dinner
LOCATION: Oakhurst Country Club
          1001 Peacock Creek Drive
          Clayton, CA 94517

SPEAKER:             TBA


Please RSVP to Tricia Walsh at by October 3, 2011.
No-shows will be billed for their meal unless cancellation is received by October 6, 2011.

Please visit our website at: for more information about our

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                   Page 4
                                                   PRESIDENT’S REPORT
         Dear Members,
                                                   Cristina Moreno

I hope everyone had a nice August and is now ready to get back into the swing of things with MDLPA. Please
take a few minutes to read about our last meeting, upcoming events and reminders.

August Membership Meeting:

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting. We had a great vendor presentation along with a great
speaker. We have a lot to cover at our meeting and I thank everyone for their patience.

     New Members: We approved some new membership applications, along with initiating some new

       Membership Contest: We are holding a Membership Contest starting now through February 29, 2012.
The member who brings in the most new members will win free membership in MDLPA for the next fiscal year
along with a free membership meeting dinner. So get out there and start inviting all your co-workers and
vendors to join.

        Holiday Party: It was decided that we will have our Holiday Party on Monday, December 12, 2011. It
will be a potluck at my house in Concord. Sign-up sheets for food will follow in November. We will also have a
White Elephant Gift Exchange. The gift can be up to $25.

Ways & Means:

    •    We are having a fundraiser at Chevy’s in Pleasant Hill on September 27th. We are also combing this
         with our Membership Drive. See below for more details. Please take the flyer for this event with you,
         which you can find in this newsletter or on our website, so that MDLPA can get the proceeds from your
         meal. We really need everyone’s support for this event and I hope you will plan to make it for lunch
         and/or dinner.
    •    Another fundraiser we are holding is selling SEE’S CANDY for the Holidays. I hope everyone will take a
         flyer and sell to all your friends, family and co-workers. We only had 10 people participate last year but
         we earned over $500. I hope to double it this year. You can find the flyer in this newsletter and I will
         also be passing them out at our meetings. I will need everyone’s orders in by our November meeting and
         I will have everyone’s order in December.

Membership Drive: We are holding a membership drive on September 27th starting at 6:00 p.m. at the
Chevy’s in Pleasant Hill. We will show our new Powerpoint Presentation which tells you all about MDLPA.
Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                    Page 5
We will also be giving out free membership meeting dinners. We hope you can make it and invite a potential
new member along. We also hope that our new members come and get to know us better. The Board will be
there to answer questions.

Employer Appreciation Night: Appreciation Night is already next month and we have a great location and
speaker. We will be announcing our Boss of the Year and Member of The Year. I hope everyone can make it
out and bring along your boss to show them your appreciation and what we are all about. You still have time to
nominate that amazing boss of yours. Please submit your nomination forms to me by Friday, September 23th.
Your nomination should include the name of your boss, the firm name and location, their specialty, and how
long you have worked for your boss. Then tell us in detail why your boss should win.

Chapter Achievement: Mary Lou Floyd will be taking over Chapter Achievement. This is an LSI sponsored
event, where we get points for attending conferences, attending other association events, submitting article to
The Legal Secretary, etc. If we have the most points in our category we get $250. Our goal this year is to get
45,000 points. Please see the new fill-able form on our website so you don’t have to print and mail anymore.
You can fill out the form on your computer and email it to Mary Lou, her contact information is on the form.
Please review the form and if you have already done something on there, fill it out and send it Mary Lou. If not,
please get out there and participate.

 LSI Quarterly Conference: The LSI conference took place on August 19-21, 2011 at the Hilton Hotel in
Stockton. It was great to get my LSI “fix” as I had not been to a conference in a while. I totally stepped out of
my comfort zone and gave the Inspirational Message at the Governor’s Meeting on Saturday morning and was
very thankful that Brooke Atherton, LSI’s President, asked me to do it. Please see the Governor’s Report for a
full report on the conference.

MDLPA Logo Contest: We are hoping to spruce up our logo. Please submit your ideas to me at The winner will receive free membership for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Thank you to all my chairman who do such a terrific job. Together we will have a very successful year and I
encourage more people to get involved.

As always if you have any questions regarding the above, please email me or go to our website:

~Your President,

Cristina Moreno

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                    Page 6
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 7
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 8
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 9

     The following is a list of other local associations    Schedule of activities sponsored by other local
     and the dates they hold their general                  associations:
     membership meetings:
                                                            Nov. 17 - Alameda County LSA Dinner-Theatre
     Alameda County LSA –                                   Night (see flyer on page 12)
     Dinner Meeting 1st Tuesday
                                                            Feb. 4 – Santa Clara County LPA Crab Feed (see
     Livermore-Amador Valley LPA –                          flyer on page 11)
     Dinner Meeting 2nd Thursday

     Palo Alto LPA –
     Dinner Meeting 3rd Tuesday

     San Francisco LPA –
     Dinner Meeting 3rd Tuesday

     San Mateo County LSA –
     Dinner Meeting 3rd Tuesday

     Santa Clara County LSA –
     Dinner Meeting 2nd Tuesday

     Southern Alameda County LSA –
     Dinner Meeting 2nd Tuesday

                                   You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
                                                – Indira Gandhi

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                Page 10
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 11
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 12
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 13
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 14
                                    Legal Procedures
                                    By Carrie Hughes, CCLS

San Joaquin County Superior Court to Close its Tracy Branch Effective October 3rd

Effective September 30, 2011: Tracy Branch of the Superior Court, County of San Joaquin will close September 30,

Effective October 3, 2011: You will need to file at the following locations:

Unlawful Detainer and Civil Harassment cases for South County will be filed at the Manteca Branch of the Superior
Court at 315 E. Center Street, Manteca, CA 95336. You may contact them at (209) 239-1316.

Domestic Violence cases will now be filed in Stockton at the 540 Annex at 540 E. Main Street, Stockton, CA 95202.
You may contact them at (209) 468-8116.

Civil and Small Claims cases will now be filed at the Stockton Court 222 East Weber Avenue Room 303, Stockton
CA 95202. You may contact the Civil Department at (209)468-2933, and the Small Claims Department at (209)468-
2949. All documents filed after October 3, 20 11 must reflect the new location address. Any documents received
after November 3, 2011 with an incorrect address will be returned without processing.

Questions please contact (209) 831-5910.

Yolo County Superior Court Reducing Hours

Currently the operating hours for the Yolo Superior Court filing windows and phones in the Civil Department,
Criminal Department, and Traffic Division are Monday- Friday from 8:30 am- 4:00 pm, excluding holidays. The
current operating hours for the Court Collections Unit/Payment Center are Monday- Friday from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm,
excluding holidays.

Effective October 3,2011, the operating hours for filing windows and phones in the Civil Department (Room 103),
the Criminal Department (Room ill), the Court Collections Unit/Payment Center (Room 210) and the Traffic Division
(275 First Street) will be Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, excluding holidays.

Over the past three years the California Judicial Branch budget has been reduced by 30%. The Legislature and
Governor recently approved an additional permanent $350 million dollar budget reduction to the Judicial Branch.
Yolo Superior Court must absorb a 6.8% budget reduction for fiscal year 2011-12, a 15.2% reduction for 2012-13,
and over 20% reduction in fiscal years 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Until now the Court has been able to stay within its budget by prudent management and cost saving measures such
as a hiring freeze, voluntary furloughs and reduction in travel and training. However, the current number of vacant
positions coupled with the fact that Yolo Superior Court has historically been understaffed and underfunded has
created an untenable staffing shortage. Reducing the filing window and telephone hours is a necessary and
unavoidable consequence of the unprecedented budget crisis facing the Judicial Branch.

Alameda County Superior Court Reducing Hours

Effective October 3rd all Clerk’s offices hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. A drop box will be available at each
court location to receive documents after 2:30 p.m.
Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                   Page 15
Merced County Superior Court Reducing Hours/Announcing Limited Service Days

Effective October 26, 2011, the Clerk’s office filing windows and telephones will be Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.
to 3 p.m. A document drop box will be available at each court location to permit same-day filing of documents
deposited before 4 p.m.

Also, Merced County Superior Court will have limited service days on November 21, 22, and 23, 2011 and
December 27, 28, 29, and 30, 2011. On limited service days all Clerk’s offices and all but two courtrooms will
be closed. One courtroom will remain open in the Main Courthouse, Courtroom 5, with a judge available to
conduct arraignments and examinations as required by law, and to sign any necessary documents on an
emergency basis. In addition, a second courtroom will remain open in the Juvenile Division to handle time-
sensitive juvenile matters.

Mendocino County Superior Court Reducing Hours

Effective November 1, 2011 the Clerk’s Office hours for the Ukiah Courthouse and Ten Mile Branch Court will
be Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. A document drop box will be provided at each court location to
receive documents after 3 p.m. All documents dropped after 4 p.n. will be received and filed the following court
business day.

San Francisco County Superior Court Reducing Hours

Effective October 3, 2011, the court will indefinitely close 25 civil courtrooms and reduce daily hours in all
Clerk’s Offices. Effective October 3rd all Clerk’s Offices will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Drop boxes will
no longer be available. Anyone not being assisted at a window at 4 p.m. will not be allowed to file their papers
until the next business day.

Kings Superior Changes its Avenal Courtroom's Hours Effective November 2nd

Effective November 2nd, the Avenal courtroom will hold full day sessions on the first, third, and if there is a fifth
Wednesday of the month from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hours that the court’s Clerk’s Office is open at the Avenal
location will remain unchanged.

San Mateo County Superior Court to Close Courtroom G Two Days per Week

Effective November 1, 2011, Courtroom G at the San Mateo Superior Court Central branch location will not be
utilized on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The bench officer assigned to this courtroom will be utilized at other
branches of the San Mateo Superior Court.

This action is made necessary due to the severe and ongoing court revenue reductions from the State. The
current year's reduction brings the cumulative cuts of 30 percent to the judicial system over the last three fiscal

Riverside County: Assessor Parcel Number(s)

Pursuant to Government Code Section 27297.7 and County of Riverside Resolution Number 2011-195, the
Riverside County Recorder's Office will implement a Courtesy Notice Program whereby a "Notice" will be
mailed to the last owner of record when a Deed, Deed of Trust or other similar document is recorded, informing
the owner of the recording of the document.

As a result, effective September 1, 2011, the Assessor Parcel Number(s) will be required to be set out on the
following types of documents:

                   Construction Deed of Trust
                   Deed of Trust

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                     Page 16
                   Easement Deed
                   Partial Easement
                   Partial Easement Deed
                   Reinstatement of a Deed of Trust
                   Trustee's Deed Upon Sale

The Courtesy Notice Program does not apply when property is being granted to a Federal, State, County or
City government agency.

For Title Company submissions the Assessor Parcel Number(s) will continue to be required on the additional
following document types: Agreements and Contracts of Sale, Assignments of Lease/Subleases, Indentures,
Land Patents, Leases/Subleases, Orders (Confirming Sale), Sheriff's Deeds.

For Tax Collector submissions the Assessor Parcel Number(s) will continue to be required on Tax Deed to
Purchaser documents.

U.S. District Courts "Expedited Trial Program Gives California Litigants Options"

“The State of California had recently adopted an expedited trial program and, on the federal side, we were
tasked with examining the idea to see if there was value for our court,” Judge William Alsup said. The
committee was composed of district court judges, lawyers representing a variety of practice areas, the U.S.
Attorneys Office, and the California Department of Justice.

The program is completely voluntary, but binding once agreed to, and the goal is to try a case within six
months. To participate, the parties execute an Agreement of Expedited Trial and Request for Approval. Once
the agreement is approved, expedited time schedules and rules of procedure begin.

Parties may exercise a variety of creative options to customize the trial to their needs. For example, a plaintiff
might be willing to participate if the defendant is willing to waive the right to move for summary judgment, while
a defendant might be willing to participate if the plaintiff is willing to waive the right to seek punitive damages.
The program will be a good fit for any short-cause matter.

Timesavers are built into the program. Discovery is limited to ten interrogatories and 15 hours of deposition
time to be used at the party’s discretion. Experts are limited to one per side, absent agreement of the parties or
leave of the court; pretrial motions also require leave of the court and may not exceed three pages. Each side
is allowed three hours for presentation of its case, including cross-examination. Six jurors are selected and the
judge conducts the voir dire. Post-trial motions are limited to recovery of costs and attorney’s fees, and
grounds for new trial motions and appeals are limited.

In the Northern District of California, nearly 75 percent of the caseload is civil. A small percentage of that
caseload will be affected by the expedited trial program.

The Committee on Expedited Trials is developing a series of continuing education programs to inform and train
the bar in the use of the expedited trial program.

New Access Procedures for Court Records at National Archives Federal Records Center

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is now providing access to court records
exclusively by online ordering or by mail/fax/e-mail. NARA will no longer provide on-site court case review
services to the public at its Federal Records Centers. This change applies to all closed bankruptcy, civil,
criminal, and court of appeals case files that remain in the legal custody of the courts but are physically stored
at NARA's Federal Records Centers. The National Archives is making this change because records can now
easily be ordered electronically. It is no longer cost-effective to operate satellite research rooms to provide
access to these records.

Access to court cases is now available only via online ordering or mail/fax/e-mail at the following facilities:

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                        Page 17
• Atlanta Federal Records Center
• Boston Federal Records Center
• Dayton Federal Records Center
• Denver Federal Records Center
• Philadelphia Federal Records Center
• Seattle Federal Records Center
• Washington National Records Center (Suitland, MD)

Effective October 1, access to court cases will be available only via online ordering or mail/fax/e-mail at the
following facilities:

• Chicago Federal Records Center
• Fort Worth Federal Records Center
• Lee's Summit Federal Records Center
• Lenexa Federal Records Center
• Riverside Federal Records Center
• San Bruno Federal Records Center

To order court records online visit the National Archives "Order Online" page at
hltps://· Click on "Order Reproductions," then "Court Records." Select the
appropriate court (Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, or Court of Appeals). Follow the onscreen prompts to set up an
account and place your order.

To order court records via mail/fax/e-mail: visit the National Archives Court Records information page
(hllp:! /court-records. Download and complete the appropriate request form
(Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, or Court of Appeals). Mail/fax/e-mail the form to the appropriate facility (see page
2 of the request form for contact information).

Customers wishing to access the records in person can do so at the appropriate Court office
(www.uscoul' Please note that fees to obtain copies of court records from
NARA's Federal Records Centers will not change under this new policy.

                                     Stressed Out and Going Nowhere
                                                  By Chere Estrin
             As published at,
Being a tad stressed out lately, I decided to research the topic and, unfortunately, came up with the same old
boring routine run-of-the-mill suggestions. There's nothing worse than for stressed out paralegals and legal
professionals to read another article on stress that tells you to:

a. Take a break. (Right. With that pile of work on my desk, my boss breathing down my neck, I'm gonna take a
b. Take a walk outside. (It's 115 degrees here. You take the walk.)
c. Meditate. (That brings me right back to obsessing on what's stressing me.)
d. Take a bubble bath. (I have arthritis in my knees. You get in and out of that tub. Me? I'm not getting in there
and then
   have to have the fire department come and get me out. No, sir.)
e. Eat chocolate. (Sure. What's another 50 pounds?)

I thought I'd stumbled upon something new when I read one article that said to keep a log. The log should have
three columns: Time, My Plan, What Actually Happened.

So I started the log:

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                  Page 18
9:00 My Plan: Write a Press Release.
What Actually Happened: Client calls. Yaks for an hour. What could I say? It's a paying client.

10:00 My Plan: Write syllabus for OLP eDiscovery Training Course
What Actually Happened: Husband pulls back out of whack while trying to demonstrate how he used to do the
limbo when he was five. Try getting a 6 foot, 249 lb., 58-year-old man up off the floor. Took an hour.

You get the picture. It was only making me more stressed. So I came up with my own ways to just eliminate
stress altogether.

1. Figure out what stresses you. That's right. Half the time we don't even recognize it. For example, it took
me a long time to realize that it wasn't going swimming every day that stressed me out. It was the idea that I
had to get in the car, drive 20 minutes to the Y, get changed in the locker room in front of 47 very elderly
women, all with bluish-gray hair, Cobby Cuddler shoes, and bodies a 20-year old would die for.

2. Eliminate unnecessary commitments. Why, oh why, do we say yes to things when we mean no? I don't
like having lunch with (Jane). She bores me to tears. Yet, I can't say no. So once a month I'm off to have lunch
with her at a restaurant I don't like, can't afford, and swear I won't go to again. It's unnecessary. I'll go every six
months instead.

3. Stop multi-tasking: The buzz word of the '90s and naughts. Who came up with that word, anyway?
Everyone multi-tasks. It seems to me that if we didn't multi-task, rather did one thing at a time until we've
finished it, we might get more done. I'm getting a little bit tired of talking on the phone, drafting an email, eating
my lunch and listening to an eDiscovery webinar all at the same time. My conversations don't make sense, I
make too many typos in my emails, I don't know what I just ate, and, furthermore, I haven't a clue what the
webinar was about.

4. Unschedule. That's right. Stop scheduling so much. Before Outlook days, we used to make a phone call
to someone when the urge or need struck us. Now we have to compose an email to ask for an appropriate
time, send the email, wait for the return reply, go back and forth a bit, book the teleconference and then
confirm - spending half an hour just to get 7 minutes with someone on some unimportant confab we didn't
need to begin with. Make an appointment to make the telephone call? Puleeze.

5. Avoid difficult people. Just avoid them. Who needs that anyway? Some ranting, raving power hungry
person who is passive-aggressive in their emails to you - someone who gives you heartburn just because they
can? No to that. Avoid 'em. Being nice isn't working anyway, and you wouldn't want what you really feel to be
in print. Nope. No answering here.

6. Eliminate energy drains. What is draining your energy? Eliminate it, or them, in your life. People who
insist on drama, situations that call for much more input than you want to give. Yep. Eliminate all of it. Of
course, I consider going to the dentist an energy drain. I might want to reconsider that.

7. Help others. It just gives you a great lift. I found that by helping others I felt great. Even if it was a
temporary lift: giving out a scholarship to a course, helping someone with a resume, sending a note with a few
names that could help someone who is having a rough time. All of that. Takes your focus off of you, even for
just a little while.

8. Slow down. Instead of rushing through life, learn to take things just a little bit slower. Enjoy your food,
enjoy the people around you, enjoy nature. This step alone can save tons of stress. Where I live, I see road
runners, bunny rabbits, crows, owls, and coyotes. Never, ever saw that in the big city when I lived there. Well,
okay, so I have to carry pepper spray when I walk the dog in case the coyotes want to come after him. But the
intent is there.

9. Be grateful. Developing an attitude of gratitude (I sound like a rapper) is a way of thinking positive,
eliminating negative thinking, and reduces stress. Learn to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your
life, and see it as a gift. With this sort of outlook on life, stress will go down and happiness will go up. What
could I possibly be grateful for? Hmmmm......for one, you took just a few minutes out of your busy day, just to
read this. For that I am grateful, and my life is just a little bit less stressful.
Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                       Page 19
                                         10 Unknown Google Tips
              As published at,

Here are new ways to use Google that we all can use:

1. Definitions
Pull up the definition of the word by typing "define" followed by the word you want the definition for. For
example, typing "define bravura" would display the definition of that word.

2. Local search
Visit Google Local Maps , enter the area you want to search and the keyword of the place you want to find. For
example, typing "restaurant" at the above link would display local restaurants.

3. Phone number lookup
Enter a full phone number with area code to display the name and address associated with that phone number.

4. Find weather and movies
Type "weather" or "movies" followed by a zip code or city and state to display current weather conditions or
movie theaters in your area. For example, typing "weather 84101" gives you the current weather conditions for
Salt Lake City, UT, and the next four days. Typing "movies 84101" would give you a link for show times for
movies in that area.

5. Track airline flight
Enter the airline and flight number to display the status of an airline flight and its arrival time. For example,
type "delta 123" to display this flight information if available.

6. Track packages
Enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number to get a direct link to track your packages.

7. Pages linked to you
See what other web pages are linking to your website or blog by typing "link:" followed by your URL. For
example, typing "link:" displays all pages linking to Computer Hope.

8. Find PDF results only
Add "filetype:" to your search to display results that only match a certain file type. For example, if you wanted
to display PDF results only, type: "dell xps filetype:pdf." This is a great way to find online manuals.

9. Calculator
Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search. For example, typing "100
+ 200" would display results as 300.

10. Stocks
Quickly get to a stock quote price, chart, and related links by typing the stock symbol in Google. For example,
typing "msft" will display the stock information for Microsoft.

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                      Page 20
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 21
                                                                        “I have a spelling checker
                                                                        It came with my PC;
                                                                        It plainly marks four my revue
                                                                        Mistakes I cannot sea.
                                                                        I’ve run this poem threw it,
                                                                        I’m sure your pleased too no,
                                                                        Its letter perfect in it’s weigh,
                                                                        My checker tolled me sew.”
                                                                        -Janet Minor
Answers on page 27

Adding Descriptive Phrases

Directions: one sentence in each group has a placement error in it. Choose the incorrect sentence.

1.       (a)       The man in the tweed suit ran toward the departing bus.
         (b)       A woman in a raincoat hailed a passing taxi.
         (c)       The man in the drawer found his handkerchief.

2.       (a)       The grateful retiree relaxed after years of hard work in his living room.
         (b)       The battery in my car died.
         (c)       The woman on the park bench smiled warmly.

3.       (a)       Cher sang as she sauntered across the stage.
         (b)       Shaquille O’Neal will play in next Tuesday’s game.
         (c)       Kim hung on the wall her favorite painting.

4.       (a)       The car drove 7,000 miles in the driveway.
         (b)       The new sports car in the parking lot was stolen.
         (c)       The man in the moon winked at the astronauts.

5.       (a)       The registration desk was located in the gymnasium.
         (b)       Voter registration took place at three o’clock.
         (c)       The voters on the table completed the forms.

6.       (a)       The nervous woman seemed very impatient.
         (b)       Only close relatives visited the very old man.
         (c)       Robert received the job because he was the efficientest competitor.

7.       (a)       Harry Truman read continually.
         (b)       Of the two, Freddie runs quicker.
         (c)       The delightful aroma drifted across the room.

8.       (a)       Ed suggests a better solution.
         (b)       This coffeepot makes the worse coffee I’ve ever had.
         (c)       He handled the bus more skillfully than any other driver.

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                  Page 22
                                            2011 CALENDAR OF EVENTS*
                                               * Dates Subject To Change.

January                                                      July
3    - MDLPA Board Meeting                                   5      -   MDLPA Board Meeting
10   - MDLPA General Meeting / Appoint Audit                 11     -   MDLPA General Meeting
        Committee; Appoint Nominations Committee             20     -   Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
17   - Deadline to submit CCLS exam application.             tba    -   BALF Workshop
20   - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi              tba    -   Deadline to respond to LSI Directives
22   - BALSF Workshop

February                                                     1     -    Renewal of LSS Membership Due
1     - Deadline to respond to LSI Directives                2     -    MDLPA Board Meeting
1     - MDLPA Board Meeting                                  16    -    Deadline to submit CCLS exam application
7     - MDLPA General Meeting. (Slate of                     19-21 -    LSI Quarterly Conf., Stockton
          Officers/Delegates for MDLPA Distributed.)         20    -    Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
20    - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
25-27 - LSI Quarterly Conf., Oroville
                                                             1    - Deadline to submit articles to The Legal Secty
March                                                        5    - Labor Day
1    - Deadline for submission of articles to The            6    - MDLPA Board Meeting
       Legal Secretary                                       12   - MDLPA General Meeting
1    - MDLPA Board Meeting                                   20   - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
14   - MDLPA General Meeting / Election of Officers
         and Delegates.
19   - CCLS Exam                                             October
20   - Deadline for Submission of Articles to Quid Novi      4    - MDLPA Board Meeting
                                                             10   - MDLPA Employer/Member Appreciation
April                                                        15   - CCLS Exam
5     - MDLPA Board Meeting                                  16   - National Bosses Day
11    - MDLPA Installation of Officers. Proposed             20   - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
         Budget distributed.                                 tba - BALF Workshop
tba - BALSF/Annual Seminar                                   tba - Deadline to respond to LSI Directives
20    - Deadline for Submission of Articles to Quid Novi
29    - Deadline to respond to LSI Directives
30    - Deadline for submission of Chapter                   November
          Achievement, Contest entry forms                   1     - MDLPA Board Meeting
May                                                          14    - MDLPA General Meeting
3     - MDLPA Board Meeting.                                 11-13 - LSI Quarterly Conf., tba
9     - MDLPA General Meeting/Approve 2010-2011              20    - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
19-22 - LSI Annual Conf., Los Angeles
20    - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi             December
                                                             6   - MDLPA Board Meeting
                                                             12  - MDLPA Holiday Party
June                                                         20  - Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi
1    -     Deadline for submission of articles to The
           Legal Secretary
7      -   MDLPA Board Meeting
13     -   MDLPA General Meeting
20     -   Deadline to submit articles to Quid Novi

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                         Page 23
  Sun                  Mon              Tues           Wed        Thu           Fri        Sat
                                                                            1         2              3
                                                                Deadline for
                                                                to The Legal
                  4                 5              6          7             8          9           10
                       Labor Day,       Board
                       Courts           Meeting

                 11             12                13         14           15          16           17

                 18             19                20         21           22          23           24

                 25             26                27         28           29          30

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                       Page 24
  Sun                  Mon               Tues           Wed        Thu        Fri            Sat

                  2                  3              4          5          6             7              8

                  9              10                11         12         13            14            15
                       MDLPA                                                                 CCLS Exam

                       Day, Courts

                 16              17                18         19         20            21            22
  Bosses Day

                 23              24                25         26         27             28           29
                                                                              to Quid Novi

                 30              31

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                         Page 25
  Sun                  Mon        Tues           Wed        Thu             Fri            Sat
                                             1          2               3             4               5

                  6           7              8          9             10              11             12
                                                                            LSI            LSI
                                                                            Quarterly      Quarterly
                                                                            Conference,    Conference,
                                                                            Sacramento     Sacramento

                                                                         Day, Courts
            13          14                  15         16             17           18               19
  LSI          MDLPA
  Quarterly    Membership
  Conference, Meeting

                 20          21             22         23             24             25             26
                                                            Thanksgiving,   Courts
                                                            Courts          Closed

                 27          28             29         30

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                        Page 26
                                          STUDY CORNER ANSWER KEY

Adding Descriptive Phrases
1.     (c) The man found his handkerchief in the drawer.
2.     (a) The grateful retiree relaxed in his living room after years of hard work.
3.     (c) Kim hung her favorite painting on the wall.
4.     (a) The car in the driveway drove 7,000 miles.
5.     (c) The voters completed the forms on the table.
6.     (c) Robert received the job because he was the most efficient.
7.     (b) Of the two, Freddie runs more quickly.
8.     (b) This coffeepot makes the worst coffee I’ve ever had.

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                             Page 27
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 28
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 29
              Chairman: Christine Richardson

Please visit MDLPA’s website for the most current employment opportunities.

If your firm is looking for a paralegal, legal secretary, receptionist and/or file clerk, please
contact Christine Richardson at In your email to her, please
include location of your office, how many attorneys supported/size of your office, computer
programs, skills/responsibilities and salary/benefits offered. Thank you.

                                    SUNSHINE AND HOSPITALITY
                                    Chairman: Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS

If you know someone in Mt. Diablo Legal Professional’s Association who is ill, has had a death in the
family, has just had a baby, needs a congratulation card for some grand legal achievement, or just needs
cheering up, please contact Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS, and let her know so she can
send flowers or an appropriate card.

                                      LSI CODE OF ETHICS

          It shall be the duty of each member of Legal Secretaries, Incorporated, to
          observe all laws, rules and regulations now or hereafter in effect relating to
          confidentiality and privileged communication, acting with loyalty, integrity,
          competence and diplomacy, in accordance with the highest standards of
          professional conduct.
                                        Dedicated in Memory of
                                      Joan M. Moore, PLS, CCLS
                                        LSI President 1980-1982

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                          Page 30
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 31
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 32
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 33
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 34
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 35
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 36
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 37
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 38
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 39
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 40
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 41
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 42
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 43
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 44
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 45
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 46
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 47

                                            MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM
While we strive to increase our membership by adding new members, it is our goal to retain all of our current members. We
encourage you to continue your support of Mr. Diablo Legal Professionals Association by filling out the bottom portion of
this form and returning it with your check. You are a very important part of our association’s future growth and success.
Name:____________________________________________________________________ Birthdate: ________________________
Employer: _______________________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________
Work Address/City/State/Zip:__________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address/City/State/Zip:__________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _________________________________________ Fax Phone: ____________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________ Preferred Mailing Address: __ Home / __ Work
Areas of Law You Work In:____________________________________________________________________________________

Please choose any one or more committees which you have interest in serving or would like additional information on:
  X    Committee                      Responsibilities
       Audit/Budget                   Audit previous year’s accounting and prepare budget for new fiscal year.
       Bar/Professional Liaison       MDLPA’s contact with the Bar Association, the Court(s), etc.
       Bulletin Editor                Responsible for publishing our monthly bulletin, the Quid Novi.
       CCLS                           Coordinate study group and assist members in their preparation for the CCLS exam.
       Day In Court                   Coordinate program for members to tour local court.
       Employer Appreciation
                                      Plan/coordinate an annual evening to honor employers of MDLPA members.
                                      Collect/provide employment information to members and the Contra Costa Co. Bar
       Employment Liaison
       Insurance/Credit Union         Responsible for keeping members informed about the insurance and credit union
                                      benefits available to us as members of LSI.
       Interclub/Publicity            Organize a program(s) with sister association(s) and inform members of sister
                                      association events. Promote MDLPA and its events through advertising media.
                                      Responsible for securing advertisers in Quid Novi.
       Historian                      Prepare photo album/historical record of the association to present to President.
       Law Office Products and        Inform members about useful office products and management tools or techniques.
                                      Inform members of current court forms, schedules, rules, procedures and changes in
       Legal Procedure
                                      the law.
                                      Responsible for promoting legal secretarial training by presenting seminars or other
       Legal Secretarial Training
       Program/Reservations           Reserve restaurant for general meeting, coordinate speakers/entertainment for monthly
                                      meetings, and coordinate reservations from members and collect money for dinner.
       Scholarship                    Responsible for awarding MDLPA’s scholarship, including accepting and reviewing
                                      applications, and presentation of the scholarship award. Chairperson also submits
                                      qualified applications to the LSI scholarship program.
       Sunshine/Hospitality           Send cards and/or flowers when appropriate (hospitalization, births, etc.) to members.
       Ways & Means                   Plan/organize/promote fund-raising through projects.
Membership Renewal Fees are $45 if paid by 5/31, $50 if paid between 6/1 and 6/30, and $55 if paid after 7/1. Please send in your
dues now to avoid any late fees. Please provide all information requested below, as it allows us to update our membership roster and
ensure your receipt of the Quid Novi and The Legal Secretary. Questions? Call Tricia at 530-400-6546, or email:
                                  MAIL WITH CHECK PAYABLE TO “MDLPA” TO:
                  Tricia Kim, MDLPA Membership Chairman, 4782 Harrison St., Apt. 2, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                                     Page 48

         If you have, please fill out the following form so we may update our records and ensure your receipt of
         the Quid Novi and any other membership materials.

                              MT. DIABLO LPA CHANGE OF ADDRESS

              Former Name:
              Old Address:

              New Address:

              Home Telephone:
              Work Telephone:
              Email Address:

Please send a copy of this form to the following people:
 Catherine Culver, CCLS                                Tricia Kim                          Cristina Moreno
 LSI Administrator                                     Membership Chairman                 President, MDLPA
 LSI Corporate Office                                  4782 Harrison St., Apt. 2           c/o Angius & Terry LLP
 P.O. Box 660                                          Pleasanton, CA 94566                P.O. Box 8077
 Fortuna, CA 95540-0660                                                                    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
 Telephone: (800) 281-2188 or (707) 725-1344
 Fax: (707) 725-1344

                                              MT. DIABLO LPA
                                            ADVERTISING RATES
                                            Prices Effective 5/1/2009
                             Business Card - $25.00                Quarter Page-$40.00
                             Half Page - $60.00                    Full Page-$75.00

 Prices are for advertising May through April. If you are a member of Mt. Diablo Legal Professionals
 Association, your cost is one-half the rates noted above, with the exception of the Business Card rate.
 Business Card advertising is free to members.

 Please contact Carrie Hughes, CCLS, at 925-930-9090 or for further

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                          Page 49
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 50
Quid Novi – September 2011   Page 51
                             2011/2012 OFFICERS/COMMITTEES
 PRESIDENT:                                 VICE PRESIDENT/ MEMBERSHIP           SECRETARY
 Cristina Moreno                            Patricia (Tricia) J. Kim Walsh       Lucindy (Cindy) Harrison
 Work: 925-939-9933                         Work: 925-932-3311                   Email:
 Email:             Email:

 TREASURER                                  GOVERNOR:                            PARLIAMENTARIAN
 Maria Bishop, CCLS                         Ana Fatima Costa                     Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS
 Work: 925-284-7788                         Work: 925-323-7691                   Work: 707-275-9476
 Fax: 925-284-7789                          Email:              Email:

        COMMITTEE                      CHAIR                PHONE #                         EMAIL

 BALF                          Ana Fatima Costa          925-323-7691
 Bar Liaison                   Wendy Graves Corcoran          
 Benefits                      Nicky Tenney              925-719-7215
 Bulletin Editor               Carrie Hughes, CCLS       925-930-9090
 CCLS/Leg. Secty. Training     Maria Bishop, CCLS        925-284-7788
                               Diana Dempsey, CCLS       925-930-9090
 Chapter Achievement           Ana Fatima Costa          925-323-7691
 Day in Court                  Wendy Graves Corcoran          
 Employer Appreciation         Diana Dempsey             925-930-9090
 Employment Liaison            Christine Richardson      925-256-3300
 Historian                     Maria Bishop, CCLS        925-284-7788
 Interclub                     Diana Dempsey, CCLS       925-930-9090

 Law Office Products           Teresa Beardsley, CCLS    925-689-2936
 Legal Procedures              Carrie Hughes, CCLS       925-930-9090
 Programs/Reservations         Patricia (Tricia) Kim     925-945-1754
 Public Relations/Press        Lucindy Harrison          925-597-0160

 Scholarship                   Libby Vreonis                  
 Sunshine/Hospitality          Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS      707-275-9476
 Ways & Means
 Webmaster                     Diana Dempsey, CCLS       925-930-9090

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                      Page 52
 Welcoming Committee         Annette Hayes             
                             Ana Fatima Costa          
                             Rickie Friedli/Giono      
                             Kathy Hughes              
                             Deanne Kono               
                             Shan Li                   
                             Nicky Tenney              

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                 Page 53
                        AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, A LITTLE HUMOR TO
                        SEND YOU ON YOUR WAY . . .

A transcription of a handwritten letter from a juror to the judge during a civil trial. An authentic look at
what jurors really think (well, at least one juror).

Your Honor,

I am tired of spending day after day wasting my time listening to this bullcrap. This is cruel and
unusual punishment. The plaintiff is an idiot. He has no case. Why are we here? I think my cat could
better answer these questions . . . and he wouldn’t keep asking to see a document.

I’ve been patient. I’ve sat in these chairs for 7 days now. If I believed for a second this was going to
end on Thursday I might not go crazy. This is going to last for another 4 weeks. I cannot take this. I
hate these lawyers and prayed one would die so the case would end.

I shouldn’t be on this jury. I want to die. I want to die!! Well not die for real but that is how I feel sitting
here. I am the judge, you’ve said that over and over, well I am not fair and balanced. I hate the
plaintiff. His ignorance is driving me crazy. I know I’m writing this in vain but I have to do something . .
. for my sanity. These jury chairs should come with a straight jacket.

An entire day today and we are still on the same witness. The defense hasn’t even started yet and we
have 3 days left 3 days my ass. Not that the defense needs a turn considering the plaintiff and his
lawyer (who looks like The Penguin) have no case!!!! Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
Please keep the disordelies nearby. I may need them.

Juror #5

Quid Novi – September 2011                                                                                Page 54

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