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Plan of the Day
   28 August 2012
                The Cadet Creed

            I am a Navy Junior ROTC Cadet.
  I strive to promote patriotism and become an
           informed and responsible citizen.
       I respect those in positions of authority.
   I support those who have gone before me to
defend freedom and democracy around the world.
    I proudly embrace the Navy's core values of
           honor, courage and commitment.
      I am committed to excellence and the fair
                    treatment of all.
• Afterschool Practice Monday to Thursday
  – 1445 to 1700
  – Teams: Drill, Color Guard, PT, Academic, Air Rifle, and
• Be Prepared for Outdoor Activities Every Day
• Return Required Forms ASAP or You Will Not Be
  Field Trip Eligible and Cannot Take Part in ECA’s
  – School Physical, NJROTC Health Questionnaire, and
    NJROTC Release form.
• PT Outfit and Name Tag: $35.00 (Yours to Keep)
• Grades:
  –   Exams: 30%
  –   Quizzes: 10%
  –   Class Work / Homework: 10%
  –   Uniform Inspection (50% Penalty for Each Day late): 20%
  –   Military Bearing (Behave, Follow Rules, Follow Directions): 20%
  –   Class Participation (Follow Directions, Not Lingering, Always
      Prepared): 10%

• Website: Information, Schedule, Forms, Etc.

• Chat Room:
             Upcoming Major Events
•   29 Sep: Eugene Ashley (Drill, Air Rifle, Academic)
•   6 Oct: Clayton PT Meet
•   6 Oct: Big Sweep Clean-Up: Sunset Park
•   7 -10 Oct: Overnight Field Trip ($75.00)
     – Bush Gardens, Norfolk State, Williamsburg,
       Jamestown, Yorktown, Mariners Museum
•   13 Oct: Gray’s Creek (Drill, Field, Academic)
•   20 Oct: Southeast Guilford (Drill, Field, Academic)
•   26 Oct: Annual Inspection
•   27 Oct: Military Ball ($30.00)
           How to Raise Your Grade
•   1. Wear Your Uniform
•   2. Return Your Required Forms
•   3. Participate in Classroom Activities
•   4. Do Your Work on Time and Competently
•   5. Obey the School and Class Rules
•   6. Show Proper Respect to Other Students and Staff
•   7. Move Quickly and Quietly Between Events
•   8. Follow Directions Immediately without Complaining
•   9. Do not Disturb Other Classes
•   10. Do not Disrupt the Instruction
•   11. Raise Your Hand and Be Recognized Before Talking
                   Class Rules
• No Electronic Devices: If seen or heard they will be
• No food or drinks: Only plain water.
• Do not touch windows, thermostats or anything
  else that is not yours.
• No Chewing Gum while in class or in uniform.
• Be respectful to other cadets and school staff.
• Do not disrupt lectures and activities.
• Head Calls will be limited to transition periods
  between events and only for those who earn them
  by being respectful and not abusing the privilege.
Day 3 to 10 Bell Schedule
Regular Bell Schedule
Homeroom Day Bell Schedule
Early Release Day Bell Schedule
1 Hour Delay Bell Schedule
2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule
   Days Objectives
• Course Administration
  – Forms
  – Uniform Issue

• Academic Lecture:
  – NS1:   Uniform Lesson
  – NS2:   Maritime History CH 1
  – NS3:   Sea Power CH 1
  – NS4:   Thinking Ethically

• PT
• Rate Review: Chain of Command
                                            NJROTC Class Schedule

                          Monday                      Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday

1st 15 Minutes        Administration              Administration            Administration            Administration              Administration
                  Muster / Announcements      Muster / Announcements    Muster / Announcements    Muster / Announcements      Muster / Announcements
                       Current Events              Current Events            Current Events            Current Events              Current Events

Next 30 Minutes      Academic Lecture            Academic Lecture          Academic Lecture           Academic Exam                   PT Day
                    CPS Quiz / Classwork        CPS Quiz / Classwork      CPS Quiz / Classwork      CPS Quiz / Classwork          Group Warm-Up
                        [Quiz Grade]                [Quiz Grade]              [Quiz Grade]              [Test Grade]            [Participation Grade]

Next 20 Minutes     Uniform Inspection                PT Day                 School Service               Field Day                   PT Day
                                                  Group Warm-Up                                    (Air Rifle/Orienteering)   Team Sports / Activities
                    [Participation Grade]       [Participation Grade]     [Participation Grade]         [Lab Grade]             [Participation Grade]

Last 25 Minutes        Unarmed Drill                  PT Day                  Armed Drill                 Field Day                   PT Day
                                                     Fun Runs                                      (Air Rifle/Orienteering)   Team Sports / Activities
                        [Lab Grade]             [Participation Grade]         [Lab Grade]               [Lab Grade]             [Participation Grade]
      Basic Uniform Issue and Prices
Must Be Returned Dry Cleaned and Pressed or at least $25.00 Charge
            Khaki Shirt (Includes Patch)        1   $40.00

            Blue Trousers                       1   $45.00

            Shoes                               1   $55.00

            Belts                               1    $6.00

            Belt Buckle                         1    $4.00

            Cap, Garrison                       1   $15.00

            Fouled Anchor                       1    $5.00

            Jacket (Includes Patch and Liner)   1   $120.00

            NJROTC Insignia                     1    $5.00

            Rank Insignia                       1    $5.00

            Sweat Pants                         1   $25.00

            Sweat Shirts                        1   $25.00

        Cadet Name_____________
•   ASVAB Score (AFQT):
•   SAT Scores (Math / Verbal):
•   ACT Scores (English/Math/Reading/Science/Writing):
•   PSAT Scores (Reading/Math/Writing):
•   GPA:
•   College Interest:
•   Intended Major:
•   Scholarship Interest:
•   Graduation Plans:
                         Exam Rules
• Any Problems Raise Your Hand: Make No Sounds
• Do not answer other students questions
   – That is my Job
• Open Book
• Individual Work (If you do any of the following, you are done)
   – No Talking
   – No Looking Around
   – No Passing Stuff Around
   – No Hand / Other Signals
• If everyone answers the question before time runs out I
  will ask: “Does Anyone Need More Time?”
   – Do not say anything: Just Raise Your Hand

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