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					 Solar Water Heating – Energy
Service Company (ESCO) Case
        Studies in India

           July 2010

1. ELPRO Energy Dimensions Pvt. Ltd. - ESCO
   Operation in a Housing Complex
2. Synergy Solar Pvt. Ltd. - ESCO Operation in an
   Educational Institution
3. Trans Solar Technologies - ESCO Operation in
   a Hospital

 ELPRO Energy Dimensions Pvt. Ltd.

ESCO Operation in a Housing Complex

                        About the company

•   Elpro Energy Dimensions Pvt Ltd (Elpro Energy) was founded in 2000.
•   It is an Energy Centre opened with funding from IREDA & is also Business
    Development Associate of IREDA.
•   Elpro Energy is part of the KANSHAL group of companies which comprises
    of 5 companies which are engaged in Energy, Electronics, IT and Building
•   Elpro undertakes Energy Audits, Feasibility report Preparation, Detailed
    Project Reports, Project Integration, Energy Financing, Turnkey Project
    Implementation, Procurement & Tendering, Conferencing & Expositions,
    Research & Development, ESCO Services, Consultancy in the areas of
    energy efficiency and renewable energy.
•   Elpro Energy has implemented more then 15 big projects in the areas of
    energy conservation for industrial and commercial consumers.
•   Elpro Energy has successfully implemented a Solar Water Heating
    project on an ESCO mode for the Jindal Housing Society in Bellary,

    Elpro Energy Business Model for SWH ESCO


        Loan              Repayment


                                      Hot water service   User (JSW Steel
           ESCO (ELPRO)                                   Housing Society)
                                         % of savings

                                           Contract of
                                         Shared savings
                                          10-12 years

      Shared Savings- sharing of energy saved (5-7.5%)
      No O&M Charges
      No upfront payment


•   Solar water heating system size: 23,000LPD
•   Total Project Cost: Rs.23.4 lakhs
•   IREDA has provided a loan of Rs.19.86 lakhs to ELPRO Energy Dimensions Pvt. Ltd.
•   Security has been provided in the form of Bank Guarantee from Vijaya Bank
•   It is a Shared Savings Model
      – A baseline estimation is made of the value of energy consumption in water
      – Savings in the value of energy consumption is computed by using an SWH
      – The savings in the value of energy consumption is shared between the ESCO
          and the User. In this case, 7.5% of the savings were shared with the user.
•   ELPRO would install the solar water heaters and would monitor the energy saved by
      – No upfront payment by the client (JSW)
      – Sharing of energy saved (5-7.5%) to the client
      – No O&M charges to the client
      – Contract period = 10-12 years

ELPRO SWH Installation in Jindal Housing Society

     Synergy Solar Pvt. Ltd.

ESCO Operation in an Educational

                              About the Company
•   Synergy Solar has experience of more than two decades in the field of Renewable
    Energy and have successfully commissioned India's biggest Solar Water
    Heating Systems of capacity 2,40,000 LPD and have also electrified various
    Villages of India with Solar Energy.
•   The company is involved exclusively in the development of Solar Energy and other
    Energy Saving Devices.
•   These products have been installed at Homes, Hostels, Dairies, Swimming Pools,
    Army Establishments, Religious Places, Co-Operative Societies, Nursing Homes,
    Hospitals, Industries etc.
•   The engineering experience of the company comprises of the following:
     –   Solar Water Heating Systems
     –   Solar Power Packs – Rooftop SPV Generators
     –   Solar Lighting – LED and CFL
     –   Solar Steam Generation – Cooking etc.
     –   Solar Cooling Systems – Solar AC & Refrigerator
     –   Solar Farming – Solar Power Stations
     –   Energy Efficient Lighting – LED based indoor & Outdoor
     –   DC Power Systems – Telecom Cell Sites
     –   Outdoor Cabinets – Telecom Cell Sites
     –   Control Systems – Telecom Sites

    Synergy Solar SWH ESCO Project Highlights

•   Nature of Institution: Educational Institution
•   Name and Location : MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh
•   Capacity of System: 4500 LPD
•   Type: Evacuated Tube Collector
•   Usage: For hot water usage in the hostel
•   Total Project Cost: approx. Rs.7 Lakhs
•   Financing: entirely equity financed
•   Contract with the institution for 10 years
•   Payment: 6 months summer charges – minimum charge and 6 months
    winter charges – maximum charge. On an average, Rs.0.45/litre is charged
    for the hot water supply
•   Project operational since 2009

  Synergy SWH
Installation at the
MCM DAV College
  for Women at

  Trans Solar Technologies

ESCO Operation in a Hospital

                       About the company

•   Tamil Nadu based Company
•   Wide range of products and services in power, heating and chilling
•   Committed to promoting Clean Energy Solutions through Wind, Solar
    Thermal & Solar PV
•   Current ESCO Projects
     – Hospital – Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi – 15,000LPD - SWHS
     – School - Rohtak 5 KW Power Plant
     – College -Meerut -10000 LPD –SWHS
     – Hospital – Delhi – 500 TR Chilling
     – Resort- Khajuraho 30 KW Power plant

     Trans Solar Business Model for SWH ESCO

                                          Security deposit

                      Equipment O & M

                      Hot water service

      (Trans Solar)     Performance


•   Name and Nature of Institution: Holy Family Hospital (HFH), Okhla, New Delhi
•   Solar water heating system size: 15,000LPD
•   Usage: 18,000 Ltrs hot water/day
•   Operational status before ESCO
     – Average Gas Bill (PNG) / Month-Rs.65,000/-
     – Maintenance Of Gas Boiler –Additional Cost
     – Staff for Maintenance –Additional Cost
     – Capital Cost on Boiler – Additional
•   Current status after ESCO
     – 15,000 LPD FPC –SWHS installed
     – No Capital Cost to HFH
     – 100% Guaranteed Hot Water
     – Monthly Outflow to HFH Rs.51,000/-
     – Free Equipment after 7 years
     – No additional cost to HFH- (Maintenance)
     – No HFH staff required for maintenance

Trans Solar SWH Installation in Holy Family

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