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 Discover How you can Save Tax with our
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Tax legislation in the UK is ridiculously complex… this year’s Finance Bill has taken the
UK tax code up to just short of 10,000 pages. The UK now has the most complex and
lengthy tax legislation in the world!

                           So what does this mean to you?

Quite simply it creates many, many ways of saving serious amounts of tax legally.

We have teamed up with very best tax experts in the UK to bring leading edge advanced
tax planning strategies to you… strategies that can save many thousands of pounds in tax.

                   Three Simple Reasons why you should attend

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      It will SAVE YOU MONEY - You will never know unless you go.

                                      Event Details

For more information or should you wish to attend please e-mail Thomas Pick from Elan &
Co at stating the Name, Company, Address and Contact details of
those who wish to attend.

Date & Time: Please phone Elan & Co on 0207 403 1500 for date and time
Venue: Elan & Co
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Here is a flavour of the strategies you cold take advantage of……..

Reducing the tax on growing businesses…

For growing businesses launching something new (e.g. a new product or entering a new
market) it is possible to restructure the business in a way so that the end result is that 5-10
years of expansion profits can effectively be earned free of tax. And this new structure
enables businesses to reward, motivate and retain key people.

Advanced remuneration planning for companies

For companies that are looking to pay their key employees/directors in excess of £100k in
discretionary bonuses (and have the cash) there are strategies that could reduce their
personal income tax from about 40% to as little as 2.5%.

Dealing with overdrawn directors’ loan accounts

Many companies pay the directors out of a loan account every month and then look to clear
the overdrawn loan account at the end of the year with either a dividend or bonus. The tax
on a dividend or bonus is high. There is an alternative strategy for clearing overdrawn loan
accounts in excess of £50 - 100k (per company) that saves you tax.

Income tax mitigation for individuals

For individuals with (typically) £100k pa or more income from any source for any of the
last (typically) 4 tax years (and totalling at least £250k in aggregate) there are often
strategies available for completely eliminating tax bills.

Reducing the cost of commercial property

Have you bought or extended commercial property at a cost of £300,000 or more in the last
10 – 15 years? Or thinking about it? It is possible for any taxpayer to claw back (usually)
between 20 – 40% of the costs and reclassifying them as plant and machinery. This can
result in big savings… and sometimes a big cheque from HM Revenue & Customs.

Reducing inheritance tax

There are a range of inheritance tax (IHT) strategies available. For example, simple Will-
based IHT planning can sometimes put as much as £200,000+ of extra cash into your
bank account during your lifetime, and also save your family over £100,000. While more
advanced IHT planning that can result in even bigger savings by reducing IHT liabilities to

Strategies relating to property and the construction industry, including…

Significantly reducing (or even eliminating) Stamp Duty Land Tax on residential and
commercial property transactions over £750,000 – if you’re thinking of buying a property
for £750,000 you could save up to £30,000.

An IR35 strategy for any grouping of 30 or more contractors who earn an average of at
least £50,000 p.a. each.

A strategy for property developers looking to generate profits of £500,000 or more on a
property development which will significantly reduce tax on the profits.

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