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									 Instructional Materials Affiliate Business Meeting

 Thursday, November 6, 2009, 1 – 4 p.m. CST

 Distance Learning – Network Nebraska

 Sites: ESU 1-Wakefield, ESU 10-Kearney,

 ESU 16-North Platte,

 ESU 18/LPS Adm. Building 59th & O

 Agenda posted on ESUPDO site on 8/30/2007

   Call to Order: Sandy White opened the meeting at 1:09 pm.

Roll Call/Introduction of Guests:
Lanita Recob-ESU 1; Bill Menousek-ESU 3; Charles Doyle-ESUs 4,5,6; Beth Kabes-ESU 7; Gloria
Christiansen-ESU 8; Chris Petroff-ESU 9; Susan Sandoval -ESU 10; Nate McClenahan-ESU10; Craig
Peterson-ESU 11; Sandy White- ESU 13; Shane Gerhartz; ESU 15(iChat); Roger Adkins-ESU 16; ; Glenda
Willnerd-ESU 18/LPS

Germaine Johnson-ESU 17; Teri Merriman-ESU 2, ESU 19/OPS

No announcements submitted.

Addition to Agenda:
Bill Menousek- Do any of you know why we haven’t purchased from Weston Woods since 2006?
Committee believes IMAT has purchased all their products. If they have new products we can ask for a

Approval of Minutes:
Motion to approve minutes was made by Susan Sandoval, seconded by Chris Petroff. Vote was unanimous to

Courtesy Report (Craig):
Current Balance is $98.86. A Get Well card was sent to Glenda Willnerd after her surgery, A Best Wishes
on her Retirement card was sent to Vergean Garey, and a Sympathy card sent to Beth Kabes with the passing
of her Father. Expenses included $1.26 for postage and $24.71 for cards to have on hand (4 Sympathy and 4
Getwell). Total expenses since last report was $25.97.

Reports from Sub-Committees:
By-Laws www.esupdo.org (Roger )
Nothing to report at this time.

Information Literacy/NEMA and AASL (Glenda) –
The Information Power Committee met October 15th from 3-5 p.m. with Deb Levitov to learn about the
expectations from the publisher Linworth for the revision of the Nebraska Guide.
The NLA/NEMA Conference was well attended. Conference speakers were Annette Lamb and Ken Haruf.
The NEMA Distinguished Service Award was presented to Mary Reiman, of Library Media Services for
Lincoln Public Schools.
The deadline for AASL Awards and Grants is February 2, 2009. Over $40,000 is available from various
vendors in the form of grants and awards. For more information go to http://www.ala.org/aasl
Two from Lincoln attended AASL Fall Forum. They generally were not as pleased as previous years.

NAMTC-National Association of Media and Technology Centers (Chris) –
No report.

Coop (Craig & Chris) – Website www.neesucoop.org
New Bid Specs are to be submitted by November 14th.
Promethean? Not considering for annual buy, but for quarterly purchases.

ESUPDO I-Mat Project – Collection Mapping (Beth) –
No report.

ESUPDO I-Mat Project – Media Nebraska (Gloria) – http://medianebraska.myelearning.org
Gloria reported that School Library Media Vol. XXV No. 1 Sept. 2008 carried an article by Barbara
Stripling that supports the MediaNebraska project. Beth and Gloria will look over lesson plans submitted by
media specialists and decide if/when to add to the site.

ESUPDO I-Mat Project – Align to L.E.A.R.N.S (Gloria) – http://esumedia.unl.edu

       Revised forms: Memorandum, Claim, Alignment Criteria, and Rubric (Gloria)
       Al Steckelberg replaced forms on Alignment Project.
       Al Steckelberg submitted statement for work on website.
       Gloria discussed possible dates (Dec. 15th or Dec. 16th) for committee to meet with Al to
        discuss how revision of standards will affect the Alignment Project.
       Gloria needs committee members (Gloria, Charles, Germaine, Beth) to e-mail her their meeting
        date preferences. Meeting will probably be held in Lincoln.
       Sandy sent the invoice for Al Steckelberg's services to Norm--on 11/4/08. Norm requested a
        copy of the I-MAT contract with Al for his services as webmaster.
       Does an actual contract for Al Steckelberg exist? Charles replied there isn't. Charles will create
        a simple generic contract for this year.

Database Investigation Committee (Glenda) -
Glenda sent the information to IMAT members she has collected to date. She needs the number of students
involved from ESU #3. If you didn't submit, please check with schools and submit your information. Glenda
pointed out some schools are spending a lot per student. There is a big variance across the state for what
vendors are charging. Conclusions from data so far suggests schools may not be using online databases
because it is too expensive or they're not aware of them. There was discussion if Nettrekker should be
included in this survey. When information is complete and tabulated it will be forwarded to the Nebraska
Library Commission.
Administrative Agency: (Charles)
Becon primary Science titles –
The contract has been approved and signed by ESU 5 as the administrative agency. However, before
production can start Broward County public schools needs to submit the finished contract to their board and
lawyer for their signatures. We are anticipating that with the contracts no longer an issue we should be
receiving product in the very near future. Out intent is to have your masters to you before the winter break.
Includes 16 titles.

Discovery Education digitization rates (vote under Old Business)

PMP technical problems procedures – discussion
   We have been having some local server issues that seem to be on going without a definitive
     solution.Off and on for the past three months several local server users have been and are still having
     problems accessing Nebraska owned titles. The problem seems to occurs whenever we attempt to
     stream the full video. We know that our copy of the video that resides on the local server is not
     corrupted because we are able to download the title to our desktop and play it from there. Some of our
     tech people, Mike and Jeff, say that the problem exist because PMP is over subscribing their service
     and the request to stream the video from the local server is timing out and by default is switching to
     the main PMP server to attempt to stream titles of which it doesn’t have. The Nebraska owned titles
     are only stored on the local server with metadata files stored on the PMP server. Metadata files are the
     files that contain information about the video and are used for searching and listing abstract
       I have been working with PMP on this issue and am hopeful that they will find a workable solution to
        resolve the issue in the near future.
       Meta data files need to be moved over individually.
       Should we look into moving up to 1000K files so movies aren't blurry when viewed full screen?
        Charles will investigate this issue and report back at the January meeting.
149 titles from Spring Buy and Special projects available digitally
     By now your local server contact should have FTP all the video files for the Spring Buy and Special
        projects for 2007 onto your ESU’s local server. If you haven’t already done the down load and don’t
        want to user the FTP process you can request a hard drive from Rhonda that contains all the titles.
     As part of the download Rhonda and Nate found corrupted metadata files for the Nebraska owned
        titles. Rhonda corrected the data file and emailed the corrected file to you on October 30th. She also
        sent a set of directions on how to use the PMP site to upload metadata for complete videos and

Another I-Mat Contract in addition to the portion of the ESUCC contract Questions??
    This is the year of two IMat contracts, I have been asked by members of ESUCC to continue to issue
      a preliminary contract in April for IMat services. The administrators appreciate having the IMat
      documentation to assist in budget planning. The contract you received in October is actually the
      contract and support document that was prepared in April 2008. I didn’t send it out then, because I
      was told that the comprehensive ESUCC contract would replace it. Now and in the future the main
      contract will be the contract issued by ESUCC and signed in July.
    The ESUCC is the actual contract. Charles will still supply a contract to IMAT as a courtesy to assist
      in budget planning.
Scheduling face/dl sessions by the digital focus group before the January meeting
    I hope that I am not out of order, but I am suggesting that at the November 6th meeting we schedule
   several meeting between now and our January meeting to restart the discussion concerning digital media
   delivery and acquisition of new titles. With everyone’s schedules being what they are and with the
   possibility of winter weather canceling face to face meeting, I believe it’s important that we resort to
   using the dl system for these meetings. If we need more than a host and three remote sites we need to pay
   for MCU time to get this process going.
    Charles, Craig, Chris, Bill, & Nate & Doug from LPS are members of the digital focus group. This
   committee will be looking at options of delivering the service that PMP does now, or if we can do it
   ourselves. They will also research if PMP titles can be seamlessly integrated into Angel.

Reports from other statewide groups
Distance Learning (Beth)
    AP Classes deploying NROC Courses. Discussion about a possible catalog listing state level
       AP and Credit Recovery courses that are available. D. Zauha shared the concept of the catalog
       in the Community Group within ANGEL. These courses are void of a teacher. Districts that
       have a course taught by a district teacher and is offered through Renovo was discussed. Renovo
       will be used for synchronous and asynchronous courses.
    Who has AP classes to share via DL? OPS shared some of the courses they would like to share
       via DL
    Posting 2nd semester courses in Clearinghouse. Discussed a cut off date for posting courses.
       The benefits and the pitfalls of a cut off date were discussed at length due to last minute classes
       and block classes. G. Roethemeyer would like to have some type of date for the betterment of
       the districts. Should a link to the Clearinghouse with guest login so that the most current list of
       courses that are available?
    Separate Clearinghouse for Online Courses? Should we purchase a seperate clearinghouse for
       online asynchronous courses. Item was tabled
    Distance Education experience as a graduation requirement? Discussion brought forth by
       Shirley Schall pertaining to a recommendation such as this. Do any of the districts have this or
       possibly is it in the Technology Plan of the districts. Workgroup was created to gather data
    LMS access for every school. More discussion to follow in future meetings.
    Discussion of School filtering of eLearning tools (i.e. Google Docs, Wikis, Blogs, etc.)

myeLearning Advisory (Beth) –
    Sandy e-mailed Doug Zaucha on September 22 with the group's concern about representation
      on the myeLearning advisory committee. On Oct 8 she received his e-mail response to our I-
      Mat representation concern. He said the calendar of events link at http://www.myelearning.org
      has a schedule of the advisory committee meetings.
    Beth will add items from her report.

ESUPDO Coordinating Committee (Sandy, et. al.) - www.esupdo.org
    Sandy cannot attend the November 10 ESUPDOCC meeting. Bill and Beth will attend.
I-Mat questions from the Spring 2007 Survey (We need to decide under new business if we want to use
these same questions or change them.)

Scale:1 Very Satisfied 2 Satisfied 3 Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied 4 Dissatisfied DK Principals
F28A How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for utilization of ESU media and
other resources to support classroom instruction
F28B How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for access to media resources
F28C How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for delivery of media resources
F28D How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for professional development
opportunities to learn about literacy skills
F28E How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for Internet access of standards
based instructional resources and materials
F28F How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for access to Web based
instructional resources, streaming/downloading of media
F28G How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for support for Web based
instructional resources

G17A How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for utilization of ESU video and
other media resources to support classs room instruction
G17B How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for access to media resources
G17C How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for delivery of media resources
G17D How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for professional development
opportunities to learn about literacy skills
G17E How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for Internet access of standards
based instructional resources and materials
G17F How satisfied are you with ESU instructional media services for access to Web based
instructional resources, streaming/downloading of media
G17G How satified are you with ESU instructional media services for support for Web based
instructional resources

The is this survey will not take place. Sandy will email Norm to verify.

NOC (Craig) –
  Meeting was conducted at ESU 15, Trenton October 7th.
  Topics of discussion were:
      Legal issues involving email archiving,
      NROC implementation and Learning Management Systems (Goal: Would be for all schools
       to have access to a LMS),
      Renovo Updates to include MCU support for scheduling,
      Network Nebraska Update to include reduced bandwidth costs (Aggregated bandwidth
       purchase 1.2 Gbs to 1.5 Gbs possible), and K-12 network redundancy.
TAG (Lanita)
   21st Century training work is being done and will be shared
   Dec 15 & 16 Thinkfinity workshop
   Collaborative Gallup training
   ESU 11 1-to-1 laptop initiative collaborative meeting:
   On January 23rd, 2009 at ESU 11 in Holdrege, a meeting for all laptop schools will be held.
      This group is open to those who provide technical, administrative, or integration support to
      Nebraska’s laptop schools in which every student has their own laptop. The agenda for
      meetings focuses on different aspects of having a laptop initiative and is largely platform
   Location: ESU 11, 412 W 14th Ave., Holdrege, Nebraska
      Date:     January 23, 2009 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
      Pricing Information: $5.00 per person (to cover expenses for the room)
      Materials Required: Samples of policies, agendas, and other documentation pertaining to
      your laptop initiative to share with the group.
      Materials Fee: $0.00
      Lunch: paid for by the Nebraska Educational Technology Association
      Registration: by email to Robert Hays, ESU 11, rhays@esu11.org or Phone
      (308) 995-6585.
   Hershey is having their own presentation on November 18th, limited participation- need to
      contact Jane Davis at jdavis@esu16.

  Roger reported one of SDA's primary focus is 21st Century Skills in a curriculum focus. IMAT
      needs to work with them.

No report

Old Business:
   1. Special Projects Votes - No vote but will research PD 360.
   2. Discovery Education digitization rates (Charles)
           Discover Education has agreed to continue to digitize our Nebraska licensed
              product. The new rate for digitizing the entire title without segments went from
              $24.00 to $28.00 per title. If we want the title segmented the cost went from
              $39.00 to $56.00. It is my recommendation that we go forward with the increased
              rates as proposed. For us to do this ourselves or to find another vendor willing to
              do the digitizing seems counterproductive until we know how we want to
              distribute digital titles in the future.
           Following is a summary of the number of titles from SpringBuy 2008 and Special
              Projects recommended for digitizing. Rhonda has broken the titles into two sets
              one that is to digitize the entire video only without segments and the other is for
              digitizing the full video and creating segments. The cost using the new proposed
              rate is outlined below:
40 - Full video only ($28- Spoken Arts titles, Auto-B-Good and any other titles 11 minutes or less)
118 - Full video & Segments ($56)
Total - 158 titles to be digitized

PMP’s Fee           $7,728.00

IMat Production $1,189.00

Shipping Cost          $30.00


Charles will ask PMP to drop 100K and replace with 1000K. It is assumed that digitization for 1000K
is the same as the 100K-300K we are having done now.
Motion to vote from Roger Adkins, seconded by Gloria Christiansen. Unanimous approval to move

3. Payment of Invoice for Media Alignment Site work by Webmaster Al Steckelberg (for 2007-2008)
    Sandy has sent in authorization for payment. If we pay Al for both years, according to our
      budget, it will leave $3,000 to pay teachers for alignment. $3,000 for review: $1,500 for
      last year and $1,500 for this year web master. Motion to vote by Beth Kabes, seconded by
      Craig Petersons. Vote unanimous.
    Sandy will email Norm to ask if IMAT can offer the contract to Al or does ESUAA have

New Business:
  1. Questions for the “new” ESUPDO Statewide Survey
        Survey may not happen, will check at ESUPDO meeting. Same questions should be used to keep
         consistent data from previous surveys.
  2. Using digital media from PowerMedia Plus within a learning management system such as Angel or
  3. Lanita gave me a heads up to this question and wanted to know, how as the administrative agent, I
     would respond.

           Since both Angel and Moodle are both a digital delivery system my first concern has
           to be with access which by contract if the end users have both a user name and
           password we are covered. Access to PMP or our Nebraska licensed product is
           restricted to only those k-12 school that you have authorized for access.
          My next concern is with who the end users are? If indeed, Angel and Moodle are used
           just for Nebraska k-12 teachers and students approved by their ESU for access then we
           are covered. If it goes beyond k-12 and /or Nebraska boundaries we are not.
           Because both systems use a digital delivery for there content, once we lose the license
           to duplicate the product we are required to erase. We have the right with Nebraska
           licensed product to retain tangible copies only.
          Once that content goes beyond our control, who is going to provide oversite? (Product
           that has been cut and pasted to an Angel or Moodle server.)
          Can access to video content be a link to a server controlled by IMat so whenever a
           license expires the link goes away? (At this time I don’t know technically how this
           would work but it is possible. It would require additional resources from someone or
           ESU to ensure that if a link goes away the content requiring the video link doesn’t fail.)
          Which ESU would be willing to give up Internet bandwidth to allow statewide access
           to an IMat controlled local server? (If indeed this is a statewide program and as the
           need for this type of program grows it will require the use of WAN or Internet access
           that someone will need to pay for.)

Discussion ensued on how PMP titles might be used in Angel. It was recommended a committee
formed. NNNC has a committee working on this situation. A solution is to give them a generic login
and password that gives them the privileges to view but not download videos. Further discussion
brought out that this solution doesn't work because this is a two step process. This assignment was
referred to the digital content committee.

Scheduled I-Mat Business Meetings:
    Thursday, Jan. 29 Business Meeting, ESU 13 Satellite Office in Sidney 8:00 – 3:00 (MT)
      Sandy will send out hotel information, directions, Wed. supper plans etc. following the
      November 6 meeting.
      * 5:00 p.m. Supper on Wednesday evening, and discussion session
      * 8:00 a.m. MST (that's 9:00 a.m. CST) I-Mat Business meeting
      * 10:30 a.m. MST (11:30 CST) Joint meeting with DEC Advisory Committee and I-Mat
      * 11:30 a.m. MST (12:30 CST) Break for Lunch on site. (DEC Adv. Working lunch??)
      * 12:30 p.m. MST (1:30 CST) DEC can continue their meeting, and I-Mat people who
      aren't involved in DEC can do committee work OR head for home.
    Wednesday, March 25 Spring Buy and Business Meeting, ESU 9 in Hastings 9:30-3:30

Up-coming Collaborative Affiliate Meetings: See ESUPDO website: www.esupdo.org

Adjourn: A motion to adjourn was made by Roger Adkins, second by Glenda Christenson. Vote unanimous.
Meeting adjourned at 3:34 p.m.



COPY OF AGENDA: The Instructional Materials Affiliates make available copies of the meeting
agenda in each meeting room during the meeting and to each I-Mat member prior to the meeting for
members of the public.

COPY OF THE OPEN MEETINGS ACT: The Instructional Materials Affiliate makes available at
least one current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act in each meeting room at a location
accessible to members of the public.

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