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               email marketing user guide

     login to your account                                   create a campaign
step 1: Open your web browser and go to our          Your branded stationery (the header and footer
website:                     that we uploaded for you) is designed to make
                                                     creating stylish html emails - newsletters,
step 2: Click on the ‘client login’ button (on the
                                                     press releases, announcements and reminders,
log!), half way down the page, on the left.
                                                     an easy process.

                                                     How to create a campaign from scratch:
                                                     step 1: Click on the ‘campaigns’ tab on the top
                                                     blue banner.

                                                     step 2: From the main campaigns area, click on
                                                     your brand stationery icon to the left and a fresh
                                                     template will appear. If you have more than one
                                                     template, click the more stationery options button
                                                     to see the full menu.

step 3: On the right hand side of the page you
will see the client login box. Type your username
and password into the field boxes and click the
‘login’ button.

                                                     step 3: Give your campaign a name and a subject
                                                     line. You can always fine-tune these later.

You are now logged into your email marketing
account, and you should be able to see your
home screen.

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step 3: Just inside the upper left corner of your
brand framework, look for the ‘change’ layout                      using the editor
button. Click it to see a menu of available content
layouts (there are around 40).

                                                        step1: Add your text. [Formatting from Word may
                                                        not carry over, so paste your content in first and
                                                        then format using our editor. HTML formatting
                                                        from outside programs (like FrontPage) should not
                                                        be pasted into the editor. If you’re creating HTML
                                                        content in an outside program, you’ll want to use a
                                                        blank upload-your-own-html template instead.]
                                                        step2: Add styles.
                                                        step3: Add your links.

                                                        IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
step 4: Click on the layout of your choosing. It will   PC users will need to use Internet Explorer 6 or
update the template behind it.                          Mozilla’s Firefox browser (available for free at
step 5: Begin adding your text and images. Click and Mac users will need to use
edit message to add text, and any your image here       Firefox. Unfortunately, Safari and Netscape are
button to add an image.                                 not fully javascript compatible at the moment and
                                                        can’t be used.

                                                        Keep it simple!
                                                        Remember that too many fonts and colours, or
                                                        too many 18-point over-the-top exclamations, can
                                                        overwhelm your reader. Use a consistent font and add
                                                        bolds and colours wisely for a campaign that’s easy on
                                                        the eyes.
step 6: Save your work frequently. Continue
hopping back and forth between edit and preview         Don’t re-use old campaigns over and over
until you’re happy with your campaign.                  While it’s perfectly fine to work off a previous campaign
                                                        to make minor updates, re-using a past draft over and
                                                        over again can potentially lead to html code buildup
                                                        (the horror!) and quirky formatting behavior. So when
                                                        possible, start with a fresh template.

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editor buttons:
                  Links your text to a Web page,                        Creates a numbered list.
                  email address, document or
                  bookmark.                                             Creates a bulleted list.
                  Removes the link from your text.
                                                                        Indents highlighted text.
                  Inserts a bookmark
                  (or anchor link) that can be linked                   Un-indents highlighted text.
                  to from another spot in your
                                                                        Applies a background colour to
                  email. Great for creating a menu
                                                                        highlighted text.
                  of headlines at the top that link to
                  corresponding stories below.

                  Inserts a horizontal line.

                  Opens a menu of special characters
                                                                    adding images
                  and symbols.
                                                         step 1: Start by choosing a layout that includes
                  Spell-checks your text.                image slots. Use the change layout option located
                                                         just under the top left corner of your brand
                  Inserts a field that’s personalised    stationery to see the menu of available layouts.
                  for each recipient.
                                                         step 2: Click on the your-image-here button of your
                  Opens your text area in a full         choosing.
                  (pop-up) window.
                                                         step 3: Browse and find your image (on your
                  Displays the html code behind your     desktop or network).
                  formatted text.

                  Removes all formatting from the
                  highlighted section.

                  Opens the editor help screen.

                  Applies the selected font to
                  highlighted text and features a
                  menu of Web-standard fonts.

                  Sizes highlighted text.

                  Applies colour to highlighted text
                  and features standard, grayscale
                  and gradient colour menus.

                  Makes highlighted text bold.

                  Italicises highlighted text.

                  Underlines highlighted text.
                                                         IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
                  Strikes through highlighted text.
                                                         Your image will need to be a .GIF or .JPG.
                  Left-aligns highlighted text.          You can’t upload a PDF (which is not an image)
                                                         or other file formats, and you’ll also want to make
                  Center-aligns highlighted text.        sure your image is saved in RGB mode
                                                         (as opposed to CMYK). Check your image format
                  Right-aligns highlighted text.         and file extension before you upload, as an
                                                         incorrect format can lead to image upload failure,
                  Justifies highlighted text.            the most painful of all image ailments.

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step 4: If your image is larger than you’d like,
select a smaller option in the resize menu.                     link to a document
                                                        Attachments are not supported by the email
                                                        marketing software. This is because many servers
                                                        block emails with attachments on entry (potential
                                                        for viruses is also greater). Instead, you can upload
                                                        files to the software server and link the recipients
                                                        to the files.
                                                        step 1: From your main campaign menu, look
                                                        for the document library icon on the left side of
                                                        the screen. Click that, and your library will open.
                                                        Browse to find the file on your computer or
                                                        network, and upload it. Your file will appear in the
                                                        library’s menu.

step 5: Add a link in the link field if you’d like
people to be able to click on the image and be
directed back to a web page.
Add a description that will serve as the alternative
text for anyone who can’t see the image.
step 6: Save, and if this is an image you plan to use
again, check the option to add it to your image
library for quick access.
[To get to your image library, click on
‘select another’ at the top of the window]

                                                        step 2: While editing your email campaign,
                                                        highlight the text (like ‘click here for Information
                                                        Sheet’) to be linked. Now click the toolbar’s link
                                                        icon and choose to link to a document. Select your
                                                        document from the list. When a recipient clicks the
                                                        linked text, it will take them to your document.

[Alternatively, on the main ‘campaigns’ home,
there is an option to view your image library and
document library (which will be explained in the
next section...)]

                                                                                                         page 4
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step 3: Test your link in preview, and send yourself   Another note: If you’re creating your own freestyle
a test mailing to double-check the link from your      html campaign (with no help from our editor),
inbox. You may add documents to your library over      you’ll want to insert your own personalisation tags.
time, and remove old files to free up space for new    Here are those tags:
ones (or increase your library’s storage).
                                                       field                 corresponding tag:
                                                       email address         [member_email]
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:                                 first name            [member_name_first]
Please note: There is a charge to upload               last name             [member_name_last]
documents to the system. Please refer to our price
list for details.                                      address               [member_address]
                                                       address 2             [member_address2]

    personalise your email                             city                  [member_city]
                                                       state                 [member_state]
You can personalise your campaigns to greet your       state/province        [member_state_province]
recipients by first name or otherwise personalise
                                                       zip/postal code       [member_postal_code]
the information in your email using the fields of
information you’re storing about recipients. When      phone                 [member_phone]
done well, it’s a nice move that can impress your      company               [member_company_name]
audience and increase your response rates.
                                                       confirm opt-in        [optin_confirm_url]
step 1: With the message editor open
(accomplished by using the click to edit button        email preference      [member_plaintext_preferred]
in the edit mode of campaigns) and your cursor         manage your           [manage_url]
placed where you’d like the name to appear, click      preferences
on the personalise dropdown menu in the toolbar.
                                                       opt out               [unsub_url]
                                                       sign up               [signup_url]
                                                       send to a friend      [fwd_url]
                                                       view campaign         [webview_url]

                                                              edit plain-text version
step 2: Select your personalisation field,
                                                       step 1: Prepare the html version of your campaign.
like first name, from the menu that appears.
                                                       When it is completely ready, go to the preview
The corresponding personalisation tag - like
                                                       screen. (It’s best to wait until your html campaign
[member_name_first] - will appear in your
                                                       is done so that all the text you’ve added can be
                                                       carried over to the plain-text to get you started.)
step 3: Since not every member in your list may
                                                       step 2: Click the plaintext tab.
have a first name, you’ll want to add a default
placeholder just in case. After saving your text,      step 3: Choose to either refresh your plaintext
scroll to the very bottom of your campaign (while      to match the changes you’ve made to the html
still in edit mode) and add a placeholder there.       version, or edit manually to make only selective
For example, a placeholder of “Colleague” will         changes.
say Dear Colleague for any recipient who can’t be
                                                       step 4: Clean up paragraph and line breaks and
addressed with “Dear Bob.”
                                                       other formatting as necessary.
step 4: Test your personalisation by sending your
                                                       To see what the text version will look like in a
campaign to yourself or your test list.
                                                       recipient’s in-box, you may change your email
Note: Personalisation will also work in the            client’s format to ‘text’ OR you might set yourself
plaintext version of your email.                       to ‘text’ format prior to sending to your test group.

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                                 sending your campaign
You can choose to send a campaign now, or schedule a send-off for later.
How to send a campaign now:
step 1: From the main Campaigns screen, select the campaign you’d like to send.
step 2: Click the send button.

step 3: Set your ‘from’ name and address, choose the group(s) you want to send to, and click continue.
step 4: Verify that everything is correct, and hit send now.

How to send a campaign later:
Follow steps 1, 2 and 3, then at step 4, use the send later feature and schedule a future date and time for
this mailing to begin. You can also choose to be alerted when the send-off begins. Campaigns scheduled for
send-off will appear at the top of your main Campaigns screen, and you can cancel the send-off any time
prior to the scheduled time from that main screen.

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                        your response (tracking results)

Here’s where you’ll learn how your audience is
responding to the campaigns you’ve sent. At              tracking at server level
a glance you can see the campaigns currently
in progress, and results from previously sent        emails sent: the number of emails we attempted
campaigns are organized into tabs for easy           to send.
                                                     If you selected a group of 1,000 people to send
As soon as people begin receiving and reading your   your campaign to, then your sent total should
emails, our response tracking will kick in. You’ll   eventually be 1,000. Remember that we’re only
learn how many people opened your campaign,          going to attempt to reach the active members of
clicked on the links, forwarded to a friend, among   an audience group, and that your totals for sent,
other things. Many of the numbers on your            received and bounced will take at least 24 hours
response screen are clickable (they’re blue and      to fully tabulate. That’s because we’re continuing
underlined), letting you click on the total to see   to try to reach people over a period of hours if the
who opened, or clicked, or forwarded, etc.           first several attempts fail.
Note: While most of your response will occur         Each mailing you send takes just a few minutes to
within the first 48-72 hours after you’ve sent,      prepare before heading out the door. During this
those totals will continue to tabulate for days.     brief window of time (often just a few seconds),
Bounces in particular take at least 24 hours to      your campaign will display as building... on the
finish processing, so give your mailing plenty of    response overview page. If you’ve waited a few
time before considering any results official.        minutes and still don’t see your campaign listed

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under the Mailings in progress section, it may             We’re able to track two kinds of opens: when
not have gone out. Contact us to be sure before            someone views the html version of your campaign
attempting to send again.                                  (including the images), or when someone receives
                                                           the plain-text version and visits at least one of
emails received: the number of emails that
                                                           your links.
were successfully received by the servers on
the other end.                                             We can’t track an open if someone receives the
                                                           plain-text version and doesn’t do anything with it,
emails in progress: the number of emails currently
                                                           if someone views an email offline, or if someone
in line to be sent or retried.
                                                           views a limited-html version that doesn’t contain
Immediately after sending a campaign, you’ll see a         the images. For this reason, it is highly likely that
line in your response breakdown showing you the            your true open rate is higher than can be reported
number of emails ‘in progress.’ That number will           (by us or anyone), and that some people who
quickly diminish as we deliver your campaign to            won’t appear in your open list have indeed opened
the recipients on your list or mark email addresses        and seen your email.
as bounces.
                                                           clicked: the number of people who clicked at least
You may see emails in progress for up to 24 hours,         one link in your campaign.
as we make four follow-up delivery attempts to
                                                           This is, quite simply, the number of people who
addresses whose servers may have been busy,
                                                           clicked on at least one link in your campaign. Links
down or unresponsive on our first try. Any email
                                                           are routed through our server on their way to their
addresses still bouncing after four attempts will
                                                           final destination, allowing us to record the click.
be marked as a soft bounce, and your mailing’s
                                                           (The process happens very quickly and is virtually
delivery will be complete. To check the number
                                                           invisible to the person clicking the link.)
of attempts made so far and the addresses we’re
retrying, just click the number of in progress emails      Unlike the link-by-link breakdown of clicks further
to see more details.                                       down the response screen, the ‘people who clicked’
                                                           total does not register multiple clicks for one
bounces: emails that were kicked back as
                                                           person - everyone is counted just once, even if
undeliverable by the receiving server.
                                                           he or she visits multiple links or clicks the same
Before an email can reach someone’s inbox, it has          link multiple times.
to be accepted by the host server. Emails that are
                                                           Note: The ‘Mailing Links’ link-by-link tracking
rejected at the server level are called bounces, and
                                                           at the bottom of the response screen gives
there are two types:
                                                           you a more detailed breakdown of how many
A soft bounce is usually more temporary in nature:         people (and who) clicked each specific link in
an overflowing inbox, a temporary server problem,          your campaign.
etc. Soft bounces remain in your active list and will
                                                           people who forwarded: the number of people who
be tried again the next mailing. If they fail to get
                                                           used your campaign’s send-to-a-friend option to
through for four consecutive mailings, soft bounces
                                                           forward this campaign.
are then moved to the error bin.
                                                           While it’s impossible to record forwards any time
A hard bounce indicates a more serious delivery
                                                           someone uses their own email program (like
issue: the recipient’s address is invalid, the server is
                                                           Outlook) to do it, we can track forwards sent using
rejecting your email as junk mail, etc. Hard bounces
                                                           the built-in forward feature of your campaign
are immediately moved to the error bin of your
                                                           and template. We don’t record the addresses of
list for you to deal with accordingly. They won’t be
                                                           the people who receive the forwards (for privacy
emailed again unless you re-activate them.
                                                           reasons), so the hope is that those recipients will a)
                                                           read your campaign and b) maybe even sign up to
                                                           receive your future mailings.
                                                           Note: If you really want people to forward your
 tracking at recipient level                               email, it’s always a good idea to remind them
                                                           to use the send-to-a-friend feature. It gets them
                                                           thinking about it AND encourages them to
opened: the number of people who opened your               forward in a way that delivers a clean, fresh copy
campaign in a trackable way.                               of the campaign to their forwardees.

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opt outs: the number of people who opted out
of your email list.                                          save campaign as new
Should someone desire to leave your email list
(not that they ever would, of course), the               You can work off a previous campaign and rename
self-removal process is instant and permanent.           it to save a new copy. This is particularly helpful
They click the opt-out link at the bottom of your        if you’ve got a newsletter whose format doesn’t
campaign, confirm their intention to opt out on          change a lot from one email to the next.
the screen that appears, and voila, they’re set to       step 1: Open the campaign you’d like to work off.
opt-out status and removed from the active
section of your audience.                                step 2: Change the name to something different.

Our opt-out process, called TrueRemove®,                 step 3: Click save and preview to create a new
acts as an independent service that instantly            campaign (that will be added to the campaign list).
and permanently removes people from your                 step 4: Return to edit mode and continue working
active audience. It protects your subscribers and        on your new campaign.
it protects you.
Note: If someone emails you directly asking that
you opt them out (instead of using the opt-out           For any more information, please visit the
link to do it themselves), remember to honor those       ‘self-help section’ that is built into the Email
requests immediately by logging in, finding that         Marketing software. It contains a very helpful
subscriber’s record, and changing his or her mailing     troubleshooting section as well as detailed aspects
status to opt out.                                       of the sections that appear on this helpful guide
                                                         to your Email Marketing.
signups: the number of new people who joined
your email list using the sign-up link at the bottom     Note: You can find this ‘self-help section’ on the
of this particular campaign                              right hand side of the screen, whilst in any of
                                                         the three sections of the software (audience,
                                                         campaigns, response).

 tracking at recipient level
After you send your campaign, you may decide to
follow up with those folks who opened, clicked a
particular link, or bounced. You can easily target
those people by saving them as a search group. On
your response overview, just click the number that
shows the responders you want to target. Near
the top of the next screen, you’ll see the option to
target these people by saving them as a search. Use
the pre-filled search name or customize your own
-- either way, it’ll be saved in your audience section
for easy reference and resending.

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