Constant Contact Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing™ by b6nm76weri


									      & Constant Contact Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing™
Build Your Email List                          Create Eye-catching                              Track Your Results
                                             HTML Emails in Minutes

Customizable Signup                               Wizard letter editor                           Real-time reports
                                             ~ 75+ Ready-to-use templates are easily          ~ Easily   manage bounced emails
~ Add a “Join my List” tag to your site to    customized
~ Collect site visitor addresses and more                                                     ~ Track your subscriber count
                                             ~ Select your targeted audience and              ~ Find out how many subscribers
~ Easilyimport names from in-house lists      delivery date and time
~ Permission-based - Not SPAM
                                             ~ Customize your message in the text
~ Customizable   visitor signup form          boxes provided                                  ~ Seewhich customers clicked on
                                                                                              each link
    – Add unlimited interest categories      ~ Personalize  each email with recipient’s
    – Collect demographic data                first and/or last name                                which emails result in the
                                                                                              ~ Learn
                                                                                              most visits to your site
    – Tailor your mailings by interest       ~ Easily   add product images and links
    – View subscribers and their interests   ~ Automatic    formatting and delivery           ~ Compareyour results with other
                                                                                          ~   Constant Contact customers

            Web-based, no software to manage or install. Low monthly fees.
 Keep customers
and visitors coming
 With eye-catching
  and promotions
      like this
                          60 Day                 Build Customer
                        FREE TRIAL                 Loyalty and
                      Send as many emails
                      as you like to your list
                         of up 100 email

                       Low monthly pricing
                          starts at just               With
                              $15!               Constant Contact
                                                 Email Marketing™

…that you create in
     Minutes          1-877-GAPC-HEL(P)

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