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									Invitation to bid               Westwood Estates Snow removal 2009/2010
Westwood Estates invites your firm to submit a proposal in accordance with this Request for Proposal (RFP). Your
response to this request will be evaluated to determine the qualifications of your firm. Proposals must include
pricing to be entered on the form provided. IN addition a company specific contract reflecting the requested pricing,
company information and any specific conditions related to this contract is to be provided by the vendor. Proposals
will not be evaluated unless all parts requested are submitted in a complete package.

The date of Solicitation:       November 11, 2009
The Project:                    Snow Removal Westwood Estates
Project Name:                   Westwood Estates Subdivision
Project Address:                51194 Romeo Plank Rd. #232
                                Macomb Township, MI 48042
Web Site:             

Any questions concerning this RFP and all correspondence must be submitted in writing via fax or e-mail to the
following contact:
Contact:        John Pallach                            Contact:       Sara Potter
Contact Phone: 586 295 2228                             Contact Phone: 586 872 4475
Contact E-Mail                 Contact E-Mail

Questions may not be submitted by telephone. All questions must include: Contractor’s name, Contact name &
e-mail; reference to the specific section of the RFP in question. Questions from RFP participants and the
corresponding response will be shared with all bidders via email. All questions shall be received at least 48
hours prior to bid date and time. Questions submitted after that time shall not be addressed.
In order to qualify for the work on this project, bidders must submit all information requested to include; the
attached Westwood Estates subdivision bid sheet and a signed Contractor formatted bid sheet/contract.
All proposals must be received by November 2 2009. Bids will be received at: 51194 Romeo Plank Rd. #232,
Macomb Township, MI 48042. All proposals must remain in effect for at least 30 days from submittal. The
Westwood Estates Board has the sole discretion to: (a) reject any and all bid proposals, and (b) negotiate the
modification of any and all proposals with any bidder in whatever manner it deems in its best interests. There is
no guarantee, either expressed or implied, that award of a landscaping contract will be made to any firm.
Work covered shall be performed by a single firm experienced in snow removal maintenance of a similar nature
and scope. By submitting the bid, the Contractor certifies as to meeting the following requirements:
The Contractor maintains a permanent place of business, with a minimum of three (3) years in business, has
access to all necessary equipment and has organizational capacity and technical competence necessary to do
the work properly and expeditiously. Workers shall have valid State of Michigan Drivers License. Throughout
the term of this agreement, the contractor shall maintain at his sole expense, effective insurance covering his
activities at the project premises. The Contractor shall furnish the owner with documentation of this insurance
General Liability Insurance: Such general liability coverage shall include employees of the Contractor as
Auto Liability Insurance: Contractor shall procure and shall maintain during the life of the contract, commercial
automobile liability insurance for all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles that are used in carrying out the
contract. Contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance from a company licensed to do business in the state
of the project locale indicating coverage is in place at the limits set forth in this article.
The term of the agreement shall be for a period defined as seasonal (6) months.
Quotes are requested in 2 formats:
     1. For services per push
     2. For a seasonal contract package price identifying a specified number of occurrences/services per
Response Time and Hours of Service: Service shall be furnished 7 days a week. Most plowing and hauling
will be performed during late pm & early a.m. hours.
Service Action: Snow removal shall occur based on a 2” (inch) accumulation of snow or on request from one
of the Board member contacts identified.
Streets: Snow will be removed from all streets as identified in the Westwood Estates Subdivision street map
provided as document A. ( Westwood, Jack Pine (partial) Shadywood, Birchgrove (partial) , Willow Springs,
Cedar Springs , Pinecone (partial), Watkins Glen, Ironwood, Monaco, Vinewood (partial)
Sidewalk: The side walk north of 23 Mile Road, east and west of the main entrance shall be cleared of snow at
the time the street snow removal service occurs.
Sidewalk at intersections: On request by the Board to remove snow from the sidewalk intersections after
snow plowing to clear those sidewalks for access by residents, children, buses.
Deicer application:
Main entrance: Salting of the main 23 Mile Road entrance/exit will occur only as necessary to
maintain clear egress to the areas immediately to the east and west of the entrance /exit boulevard.
Side walk: Application of a deicer will occur north of 23 Mile Road, east and west of the main entrance.
Intersections: Apply salt applications ON REQUEST to 11 street intersections.
Contractor Damages: Contractor shall be responsible for and will be notified by the Westwood Estates Board
of all damage to curbing, signs, lawns etc. as it is discovered until the end of the snow season. At the end of
the snow season, the Contractor shall be solely and wholly financially liable for any reported damage and shall
comply with the instruction of the Westwood Estates Board in returning property to its pre-season condition. The
Contractor is responsible for any lawn repair related to snow removal damage no later than May 30 . The
Board will identify damaged areas with input from the Contractor. Any mail box damage will be managed
through the Westwood Estates Board and not through the individual property owner.
Special Conditions: The Contractor will identify any special conditions and related costs; extra fees related to
excessive snow fall/blizzard conditions and return visits related to continual accumulations
The Contractor will be responsible for the removal of excessive snow accumulations caused during the snow
removal process creating visual obstructions, safety hazards, blocked mail boxes etc as identified by the Board.
The Board will try to maintain a vehicle free street condition for effective snow removal. Snow not removed due
to vehicular parking will be scheduled for removal between the Contractor and the Board at the expense to the

  Westwood Estates Subdivision Snow removal bid sheet

 Firm Name                                                                       Address

 Telephone                                                                       City, State,

 Authorized Signature/Name & Title of Signatory                                  Date

 WORK                                                              Costs Per     Contract seasonal
 DESCRIPTION                                                       Push
 1. Cost for snow removal service for all streets in the                                          Inc
 subdivision per push 2” minimum                                   $
 2. Cost for 23 Mile Road sidewalk snow removal at time of                                        Inc
 street snow removal services                                      $
 3. Cost for Sidewalk deicing application per event                $                              Inc
 4. Salt application to the entrance and exit of the subdivision                                  Inc
 Total                                                                                            Inc
 5. Costs for excessive accumulations special conditions           $                              Inc
 Total per push                                                                  Contract Cost

 6. Salt application subdivision street intersections x 11 on                                     Add $
 request                                                           $
 7. Sidewalks at intersections snow removal on request             $                              Add$
 8. Return visits on request                                       $                              Add $

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