How to Build Self Confidence

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					How to Build Self Confidence
If you are currently dealing with hearing loss, it can be difficult to feel confident about yourself. There
are many things that can keep you from feeling confident.

You may feel embarrassed because you cannot hear other people talking as well as you would like to.
You may avoid regular conversation because you know situations where regular conversation is taking
place can be very uncomfortable for you.

Whatever the reason, it is likely that if you are hard of hearing, you may be experiencing low self-
confidence. You do not have to keep on living with this low amount of self-confidence, however.

Increasing your Self Confidence
There are things you can do in order to increase your feelings of self-confidence. First you must realize
that confidence can be learned, and it is not just a gift you’re born with that you either have or don’t

                                                     While you may not have great self-confidence now,
                                                     you can get it in time. One of the first things you
                                                     should do when giving yourself a self-confidence
                                                     makeover is to make sure you’re dressing sharp.

                                                     You do not necessarily have to buy expensive clothing
                                                     to do this, which is a common misconception. You
                                                     should try, however, to dress according to your age
                                                     and in clothes that flatter your body type.

                                                     Sometimes buying clothing that is basically an
                                                     extension of your personality can be beneficial in
                                                     helping you look more put together. It should be
                                                     noted that there is a delicate balance with these
                                                     things that you must strive to maintain.

                                                 The balance that you must work to maintain is the
balance of caring too much what other people think vs. not caring enough what people think. When you
care too much about what other people think, you essentially are letting other people tell you what to

You are also basically asking them what they think of you and then taking what they say as the gospel
truth. Confident people take into account the opinions of others but ultimately make their own
Signs of Confidence
Confident people also do not seek advice from just anyone. They will seek advice from their closest
friends and family members, people whose opinions they deeply trust.

Another great way to build your confidence is by having good posture. If you have good posture, that
instantly sends a message to other people via your body language that you are confident and secure in

An additional great way to build confidence is complimenting other people. This may seem
contradictory, but when practiced, it actually works.

It is a commonly known fact that looking for the good in others helps us to see the good in ourselves.
Helping to build other people up will help you to be well-liked by your peers, which will then help build
your self-confidence.

If you are hard of hearing and/or dealing with hearing loss, you may be experiencing a lack of overall
confidence, particularly when communicating with people. If this is the case for you, you should
consider getting a captioned telephone to help you with your communication.

A captioned telephone is like a regular telephone, but with captions like a TV that spell out what the
person on the other end of the phone is saying. Having a captioned telephone can help you to feel more
confident in general with your daily conversations.

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