Safely Operating Your Garage Door

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					Safely Operating Your Garage Door
For most homeowners, their garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in their home. For
this reason, it is very important for families to talk about garage door safety.

Many people may find it silly to pay so much attention to garage doors. They may not pay much
attention to their garage door, and so they think that there is no way that a garage door could be

However, quite the contrary is true. Many accidents occur every year because people are not aware of
how dangerous garage doors can be when not operated properly.

Taking Care of your Garage Door
This is why it is crucial for families to begin a conversation about garage door maintenance and safety. If
families are open about garage door safety, the accidents that involve garage doors will greatly diminish.

                                                                         One of the most important
                                                                         things parents can discuss with
                                                                         their children is that garage
                                                                         doors and door operators are
                                                                         not toys. They are heavy and
                                                                         serious machines that can cause
                                                                         injury and possibly even death.

                                                                         Children sometimes find it fun
                                                                         to press the button on a garage
                                                                         door opener and watch the door
                                                                         go up and down. However, if
                                                                         someone is not watching the
                                                                         children, a child could get under
                                                                         the garage door with no one

While another child is playing with the button to make the door go up and down, the child under the
door could sustain serious injury or death. This is why you should teach your children that garage doors
and door openers are not toys.

Keeping your Garage Door Safe
Related to the above piece of advice, children should be taught to never play near or around a garage
door, especially if it is moving or open. Serious consequences could ensue if a child is caught underneath
a garage door when it is moving.
If you have a garage door controller mounted to the wall by your back door, make sure it is mounted
high enough so that it cannot be reached by children. Although you may teach your children to strictly
never touch the door controllers, there is still a chance that they will want to touch them and push the

Putting the garage door controllers up out of your child’s reach will eliminate any chance that they could
hurt themselves or others by pressing one of the buttons. Another crucial thing to remember is that you
should always keep your garage door well-maintained and working properly.

It is recommended by professional that homeowners get their garage doors checked at least annually in
order to make it is in working order. If you need a technician to come look at your garage door in
Sacramento, you can call Delta Door Company and they will send someone out quickly to help you.

Your garage door in Sacramento definitely needs to be checked yearly to make sure it is working
properly. Although it may seem like an unnecessary hassle, keeping your garage door maintained will
help keep you and your family safe from harm.

 People everywhere are getting their garage doors checked today in order to better protect their

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