Caring for the Garage Door by mcclainmy


									Caring for the Garage Door
Garage doors in Sacramento are some of the most looked over, taken for granted, left alone pieces of
heavy equipment in the home. Often the smallest appliances, like a kitchen microwave, receive more
attention from the homeowner than does the home’s garage door.

The Importance of the Door
Being by far the largest functioning appliance in the most homes, one would think that the home’s
garage door would be better looked after, but rarely is that the case. The large and moving parts of the
collective machine known as the garage door is often left to its own decay, doomed to wither in front of
                                                                     the homeowner without even a
                                                                     glimpse of concern.

                                                                     The garage door goes up when
                                                                     someone hits the button and it goes
                                                                     down again when the button is
                                                                     depressed a second time, and that is
                                                                     all that the homeowner cares about.
                                                                     Well, until it comes time to replace
                                                                     the garage door in Sacramento, or
                                                                     when repairs on the garage door are
                                                                     needed, then the homeowner pays
                                                                     much more attention to the garage

                                                                      Preventing the eventual decay of
the garage door is in impossible task as the end for every door will come in time. However, by
performing regular maintenance on the garage door operating system and by giving the garage door
even half the care that the coffee maker gets, a homeowner will be able to greatly increase the life span,
effectiveness, and safety of their home’s garage door.

Taking Care of Your Garage Door
The first and best place to start giving the garage door the proper maintenance it requires is by simply
giving it a monthly visual inspection. By simply looking over the mechanics of the operating system and
the door itself every month, a homeowner will be able to detect arising issues with the door before they

For more accurate inspection of the garage door, a homeowner may wish to perform a balance test on
their garage door every other month. Performing a balance test on the garage door means that one
disconnects the door from the automatic opener and manually opens the door to check the doors
With the door shut and the automatic opener disconnected, a homeowner should be able to manually
open the garage door with little resistance. Likewise, the door should remain open, even when
disconnected, if properly balance.

If the door has a difficult time opening manually this could be an indication that there is an obstruction
in the tracks, that the wheels on the tracks are not functioning, or that the door itself is off balance and
therefore not running along the tracks as they should be. If the issue with the balance test is not
resolved, a homeowner may want to consider contacting a service professional to diagnose and fix the
door properly.

Additionally, for the safety of those in the home and of a person’s property, a monthly test checking the
maitanance and working function of the garage door’s motion sensor should be undertaken. The
motion sensors attatched to a garage door enable the door to stop from closing if something or
someone passes below the shutting garage door.

To perform this safety test on the door, simply close the garage door and break the plane of the motion
sensor to see if the door will stop and reverse its closing motion. By properly maintaining the home’s
garage door, a homeowner in Sacramento will be able to ensure the safe operation of the door for years
to come.

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