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									Safely Using a Bouncy House You Rent
If you are planning on renting a bouncy house in
Utah, you should be sure that you can use the
bouncy house properly. Taking time to prepare
for the bouncy house will ensure that those that
are inside of the bouncy house ae going to be
safe while they are jumping and playing.

Make space

First, you should have enough space to set up the
bouncy house. Talk with the company that you
are renting the bouncy in Utah from to ensure
that you know the exact dimensions that are required to set up the bouncy house properly.

You will want to differentiate between the size of the bouncy house and how much space you are
going to need to set the bouncy house up. Some people do not have the space that is required to
safely set up a bouncy house in their yard.

If you do not have the space, you will want to find a local park or a neighbor that has room in
their yard. Get the proper permission to set up a bouncy house, you may have to sign liability
papers to ensure that the property owners are not responsible for any damage.

When you have the room to set up the bouncy house rental in Utah, you will then want to make
sure that you are reading through guidelines for the bouncy house. The guidelines that are given
to you will provide you with the guidelines you need to provide to your guests.

Rules are important

Creating a comprehensive and condensed list of rules for all the guests that will be in the bouncy
house. When you have your list, you will then want to make sure that all of the parents of the
minors sign the rules and a release of liability.

This way, you do not have to worry about being sued by anyone that is injured while they are
                                              inside of the bouncy house. The adults that are
                                              inside of the bouncy house should have signed
                                              the release as well, this way you can be sure that
                                              you are not going to be sued.

                                                When you are enjoying your time in the bouncy
                                                house, you will want to make sure that you do
                                                not stay in the bouncy house when the wind
starts to blow. If the wind is going to start blowing at more than 15 miles per hour, you will
want everyone out of the bouncy house.

If the wind starts to pick up you will be at risk of the bouncy house blowing over. If the bouncy
house starts to lean or blows over, you will find that those inside can be very dangerous for those
that are within the bouncy house.

Finally, as you are taking your bouncy house down, you should understand how the company
that you rented it from wants you to take it down. When you are taking it down, you want to be
sure that you are prepared to fold it up properly and follow all of the proper instructions.

While you are following the instructions, you may need some guidance. Work with someone
else if you need help.

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik, Larkin.Family

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