Graduation Requirement Chart by s42gs6


									Table III Master's Programs 9               Transition Economy Program
Category                    Course No.           Course Name                                                      Instructor                Term                        Credit

                            ECO100EB             Microeconomics I                                                 Xing                      Fall (Session I)              2

                            ECO106EB             Macroeconomics I                                                 Rhodes                    Fall (Session I)              2
                            ECO200EB             Microeconomics II                                                Xing                      Fall (Session II)             2
                            ECO206EB             Macroeconomics II                                                Rhodes                    Fall (Session II)             2
                            ECO340E              International Economics                                          Xing                      Spring (Session I)            2          18
Required Courses
                            ECO384EB             Development Economics                                            Wada                      Winter                        2
                            PAD261E              Demand Management: Fiscal and Monetary Policies                  Yamanishi                 Fall                          2
                            PAD264E              Structural Reform and Privatization                              Tanaka Hideo              Fall                          2
                            TEP501E              Independent Study (Policy Proposal Paper)                                                                                2
                            ECO272EB             Introduction to Applied Econometrics                             Pfau                      Fall                          2
                            ECO300E              Mathematics for Economic Analysis                                Yoshida                   Fall (Session II), Winter     2
Recommended 1               EPP301E              Application of Economic Analytical Tools for Policy Making       Wakiyama                  Winter                        2      6
Quantitative Courses        MOR100E              Introduction to Quantitative Methods                             Morohoshi                 Fall (Session I)              2
(minimum 3 courses)
                            MOR101E              Statistics                                                       Miyata                    Fall                          2
                            MOR250E              Operations Research                                              Oyama                     Spring                        2
                            ECO160E              Monetary Economics (Money and Banking)                           Pfau                      Fall                          2
                            ECO202EB             Government and Market                                            Kidokoro                  Winter                        2
                            ECO314E              Public Economics                                                 Pfau                      Spring                        2
                            ECO345E              International Finance                                            Hsu                       Spring                        2           8
III                         ECO381E              Economic Development of Japan                                    Ohno Kenichi              Spring                        2
Recommended 2
(minimum 4 courses)         GOV258E              Structure and Process of Government                              Horie                     Spring                        2
                            PAD251E              Accounting and Financial Management I                            Lee                       Fall                          2
                            PAD252E              Accounting and Financial Management II                           Lee                       Spring                        2
                            PAD265E              Modernization of Financial Sector                                Yamamoto                  Spring                        2
                                                                                                                  Ohno K., Ohno I. &
                            PAD302E              Policy Design and Implementation in Developing Countries                                   Spring                        2
                                                                                                                  Shimamura M.
                            ECO290E              Game Theory                                                      Yasuda                    Winter                        2
                            ECO315E              Local Public Finance                                             Kook                      Spring                        2
                                                 Public Policy and Finance: Japanese Experiences and
                            ECO316E                                                                               Tanaka Hideaki            Spring                        2
                                                 International Comparison
                            ECO317E              Labor Economics                                                  Kurosawa                  Fall (Session II)             2               38
                            ECO320E              Economics of Law                                                 Hatanaka                  Winter (intensive)            2
                            ECO351E              Environmental Economics                                          Munro                     Spring                        2
                            ECO363E              Japanese Financial System                                        Rhodes                    Winter                        2
                            ECO382E              Economic Modeling for Development Economics                      Hosoe                     Spring                        2
                            IDS272E              Development Project Analysis                                     Kalirajan                 Winter                        2
                            IDS280E              Japan’s ODA                                                      Aoki                      Spring                        2
                            IDS283E              Environment and Sustainable Development                          Otsuka                    Spring                        2
                                                                                                                  Akiyama, Hasegawa &
                            IDS285E              Japanese Development Cooperation                                                           Winter                        2
                            LAW201E              International Economic Law (Globalization and Regionalism)       Yamane                    Fall                          2
                            PAD101E              Social Science Questions and Methodologies                       Amoroso                   Winter                        2
                            PAD254E              Development Assistance by International Organizations            Hirono                    Fall                          2
                            PAD255E              Foreign Direct Investment                                        Yoshitake                 Summer                        2
                            PAD257E              Seminar in Industry and Trade Policy                             Tanaka Masami             Spring                        2
                            PAD263E              Public Investment                                                Tanaka Hideo              Spring                        2
                            PAD267E              Public Expenditure Management                                    Tanaka Hideaki            Fall                          2
                            PAD281E              National Land Policy                                             Shimomura                 Fall (Session I)              2
                            TEC251E              Science and Technology Policy                                    TBA                       TBA                           2
                            TEC252E              Small and Medium Enterprise and Technology                       Hashimoto                 Fall                          2
                                                 Selected Topics in Policy Studies I - IV*                                                                                2
                            Courses unlisted in this table

                            LAN001J              Japanese Language I**                                            Kondoh, et al.            Fall                          2
                            LAN002J              Japanese Language II**                                           Kondoh, et al.            Spring                        2
                            LAN001E              Understanding Academic Readings**                                Petchko                   Fall                          1
                            LAN002E              Academic Presentation Skills**                                   Petchko                   Winter                        1
                            LAN003E              Academic Writing**                                               Petchko                   Spring                        1
1. This table applies to students in the Transition Economy Program.
2. Graduation Requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 38 credits,
   18 of which must come from Category I, 6 from Category II, and 8 from Category III. The remaining 6 credits may be taken from Categories II, III, or IV.
3. Courses offered in the Program are subject to change.
4. If a student takes the same course in both English and Japanese, only one course (2 credits) will count toward the degree.
5 * Course Number, Instructor, and Term for these courses will be announced when the course is offered.
6. ** Credits earned in these courses cannot count toward the degree.

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