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					Booming Airport Lighting Market- A Successful Future in Store

The design of the modern day airport lighting affirms utmost safety of the airports and aircrafts operations.
Conditions like reduced visibility due to climate conditions or night gain advantages of these highly complex
designs. Since the economic crisis of 2008, lighting system for airfields has come a long way. The airport lighting
system market is steadily growing alongside the entire aviation industry. Naturally, market reports for this industry
have great news in store for all the businesses seeking strength and profit.

Lighting has a strong association with commercial and public buildings and airports are not an excuse for it.
Commercial buildings use more than 25% of overall electricity consumption. This consumption increases up to 40%
in case of airfields and airports. This excludes electricity consumed for airport operations and maintenance. Saving
electrical power at both small and large terminals has become the need of the hour. This need is behind various
technological advancements in the field of airfield light fixtures in the recent past.

Retrofits of energy efficient light fixtures can store up the power, which can be utilized for other expensive areas
including boilers and ventilators. Hence, lighting improvements, retrofits and upgrades hold the key to growth and
opportunities in the Airport Lighting Market. Apart from the quest for energy efficient sources, new terminals,
airports and up gradation of the existing ports are the basic reasons for such an overwhelming growth in this

Airside, landside and ground access areas are the three functional areas for airport lighting systems. Majority of
solutions are available at the airside, which is followed by landside and other access areas. The types of light
fixtures and their location depend on the type of aircrafts. As far as the type of lamp fixtures is concerned, most
energy efficient electricity sources including CFL, LED and HID lamps are used on various places. Apart from runway
and taxiway, central automated lighting system gives centralized control to all the fixtures.

According to the forecasting reports for the commercial airport lighting market, Middle East region will emerge as
the leading forces as far as demand and overall growth in revenue channels in concerned. The global market on
the other hand will increase at the CAGR of 6.07%. At this rate, it will reach from USD 909.9 million (2013) to USD
1,221.7 million by the end of 2018. These estimates are heartening for the businesses looking for opportunities
and growth on the global platform.

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