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									Registration Procedures For a Company in India
Whatever the place or city you select for starting your new business, you have to
submit the required documents for your company registration in India.
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Company, an association of individuals, is formed to do a business. The members of a company
share a common purpose and are united to focus their varied talents and organize their available
resources or skills to attain specific or declared goals. Companies have various forms like company
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1) A group of soldiers

2) Business entity with a goal of gaining profit

3) Financial entities and Banks

4) Voluntary associations which may be registered as a nonprofit organization

There are various types of companies that are known as Private companies limited by shares,
Property management companies, Companies Limited by guarantee, Public limited companies
(PLCs), Unlimited companies, Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO), Limited Liability
Partnerships (LLPs), Community Interest Companies (CICs), Right to manage (RTM) companies and
Conversion from one type of company to another company registration bangalore.

When you form a company, it requires its registration and the company registration in India is done
as per the Company Act 1956. Registering your company is beneficial as the company registration
india gives you a lot of benefits. It helps you in opening a business account and makes easier to get
loans to start your business. Further, it leaves positive effect on your associated clients and helps
you in getting discount from suppliers. It increases the faith in your customers and helps in hiring
employees. So, go ahead in the way of company registration in India.

List of Document which Require for Company Registration in India

Whatever you do you require some documents. As for instance, you apply for a loan to start a
business or buy a home, you have to submit some required documents in the bank where you apply
for the same. In the same way, company registration in India requires some documents that are
essential to submit for the registration of your company. According to the Company Act of India
1956, some documents are essential for company registration in Bangalore or any part of the
company. Study the Company Act, follow the guidelines, collect all required documents and submit
the same to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Wait for the verification of
documents in the process of your company registration in Delhi. The list of documents that are
required for the company registration in India is as follows company registration punjab:
PAN Card - All the directors of a company have their own PAN Cards. Submitting the copy of PAN
Card after self attestation is essential.

Personal Address Proof - The directors of your must have any one of Voter ID Card, Driving License,
Passport, Mobile Bill, Bank Statement, Rent Agreement, etc showing their current address
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Business Address Proof - You have to submit a document which shows the address of your
company the place you are going to start your business. It can be a rent agreement, electricity bill,
broadband bill, etc.

Photographs - Submit the passport sized photographs of all the proposed directors for your
company registration.

Copy of Occupation - You will have to submit a document showing the occupation of the proposed
directors of your company.

Articles of Association - Draft the articles of association that describe the details about association.
These articles should be clear and well drafted.

Memorandum of Association - You must prepare a memorandum of association and submit the
copy of the same.

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