Visio-FAS Interim Org Chart-101509.vsd by s42gs6


									                            UCSF Financial & Administrative Services
                                 Interim Organizational Chart
                                       October 15, 2009

                                            Susan Desmond-Hellmann

 A. Eugene Washington
Executive Vice Chancellor
      and Provost                                                                                             Steve Barclay
                                                                                                             Special Assistant

                                                    Randy Lopez
                                              Interim Vice Chancellor
                                             Finance & Administration

                                                                          Immediate Office

       VACANT                Stella Hsu – Assoc VC                                                         Eric Vermillion –
                                                                        Abby Zubov – Dir.
       VC & CIO               Campus Life Svcs &                                                            Associate VC
                                                                        Audit & Mgmt Svcs
        OAAIS                   Facilities Mgmt.                                                               Finance *

                                                                                                          Angela Hawkins –
                               Stella Hsu - AVC                         Mike Tyburski – Dir.
                                                                                                            Exec Director
                               Campus Life Svcs                         Human Resources
                                                                                                              Budget *

                                                                        Pam Roskowski –                    Cecilia Hamilton
                               Maric Munn – Dir.                             Chief                        Controller/Asst VC
                               Facilities Mgmnt.                        UCSF Police Dept.                    Controller

                                                                                                          Jim Hine-Exec Dir.
                               Rebecca Daro -                                                                  Campus
                                                                         Mara Fellouris –
                                  Coordinator                                                               Procurement &
                                                                            Exec Dir.
                               Office of Strategy                                                          Bus. Contracting
                                                                        Prog. Mgmt Office
                                                                                                          Bruce Flynn – Dir.
                                                                                                            Risk Mgmnt &
                                                                                                           Insurance Svcs

                                                                                               * Reports to Special Assistant
                                                                                                 Steve Barclay for Resource and
                                                                                                 Budget Management only

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