Abstract Art and Minimalist Designers Trey Coppland by sairanaeem


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									                                 Abstract Art and Minimalist
                            Abstract art uses color and lines
                            to create a unique
                            representation of visual
language that exists independently of visual references
from the world.                            The term is
derived from the                           term abstraction
which is used to                           show that it is
departed from                              relativity in the
visual impact it                           creates. Some
pictures that alter                        the color from
normal reality can                         be referenced and
partially abstract. The aim of this type of art is to
stimulate and individual’s emotions and
imagination which can lead them down
different paths depending on what
settling the artist is trying to create. This
can help people connect with the artist

                         for those that understand what
                         emotions are being brought out from
                         the work. This type of art can be
                         described as a specialized skill that
                         allows that artist to transform their
                         emotions into reality.
There were three main art movements that can be said
to have contributed to the development of this abstract
style of art which are Romanticism, Impressionism and
Expressionism which advanced considerably during the
19th century.
Minimalist designers encompasses the use of music and
visual art to portray the identity of a subject. This type of
design uses very few elements but aims to product
                      effect with the
                      tools it uses. It
                      uses simple

                  shapes to help depict specific forms of
                  objects and is described as a form of
                  abstraction. Minimalism was most
                  popular in the 1960s to 1970s but
                  many of the people involved are still
                  around to this day. This style of art uses
key characteristics including simplicity, no anecdotal
references or content, has strong
emphasis on shapes and is
monochromatic surfaces are
often used in the process. Some
of the best know minimalists
include Michael Heizer, Ronald
Bladen, Dan Flavin and Sol LeWitt but there are many
others that have been recognized for their work.
Both these                                     styles of art
have been used                                 by artists to
display their                                  emotions,
creativity and                                 skills and are

                  why they continue to
                  be popular even today.
                  The fact that they are
                  so simple but signify
                  such meaning so they
                  can be interpreted by
different people in a whole variety of different ways is
                    why their value has
                    increased and
                    continue to do so.
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