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									  T17-03 LasPeyres Weighted Aggregate Relative Index
Purpose       Allows the analyst to analyze a time series by creating a
              Las-Peyres (base period weights) weighted aggregate
              relative index for up to 5 weighting factors and a user
              selected base year.
Inputs        Time Label & Time Values
              Weighting Factor Labels & Weighting Factor Values
              Base Value Factor Weights
              Base Value

Outputs       LasPeyres Weighted Aggregate Relative Index for each Time Value

Limitations   60 Time Series Observations

                                                                     T17-03 - 1
      Annual Automobile Operating Expenses
The factors below contribute to Annual Operating Expenses of an
automobile. The price for each factor is shown for years from 1982 and
1996. The quantity of each factor is also shown.
Calculate the LasPeyres Weighted Aggregate Relative Index using
1982 as a “Base Year”.

                                                                T17-03 - 2
                     Laspeyres Price Index

A Laspeyres price index is a weighted aggregate index which
compares total prices based on base period quantities.

                                                              T17-03 - 3
Input the Time Label in the bright yellow cell, Time Values in the light yellow
cells, Weighting Factor Labels in the bright green cell, Weighting Factor
Values in the light green cells, the Factor Weights in the light green cells, and
the Base Value in cell I3.

                The Weighted Aggregate Relative Index
                is automatically calculated for each year.

                                                                        T17-03 - 4

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