Whitening Teeth With Carrots

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					Whitening Teeth with Carrots
Every day you eat, you put your teeth in harm’s way for stains. The left over residue from many foods
sits on your teeth, slowly yellowing them.

Over several years that color starts to show: creating a yellowed and often embarrassing smile. Luckily,
the stains don’t have to be permanent.

Through modern dentistry and a conscious change of diet, you can return the brilliance of your smile to
the white glory it used to know. Start with your dentistry options.

Two Options for Fast Whitening
Your dentist can offer you two options for fast whitening: bleach, and toothpaste. The bleach is often

After a few visits or thirty whitening strips you’ll notice a visible difference in color. Tooth whitening
                                                                          toothpaste can often be effective as

                                                                       It requires quite a bit of time to see
                                                                       the full whitening effects, but you
                                                                       make progress every time you brush.
                                                                       While these are excellent man-made
                                                                       ways of whitening your teeth, what
                                                                       are the natural ways you can do it?

                                                                       Can you truly fight food stains with
                                                                       more food? You can, and here’s what
                                                                       you need to know.

Foods for Healthy Teeth
There are a number of natural foods that can perform one of two functions: whiten your teeth or keep
other stains from forming. The teeth whiteners include the following two.

Lemons contain an enzyme known as malic acid. Malic acid is a natural teeth whitener.

It works by breaking down the discolorations. Let the juice of a lemon sit on your teeth for about five
minutes and then rinse it out to let it have its effect.

Like the toothpaste, this whitening takes time and consistent effort. Strawberries and grapes also
contain malic acid in case you don’t like lemons.

Pineapples contain a different enzyme known as bromelain. It also works to remove stains, but has the
added effect of breaking up plaque.
Not only do you get whiter pearls, but you cleaner ones too. These are a few of the stain removers.

Take a look at a few of the stain preventers to keep discoloration in line once the yellow is gone. Green
vegetables provide the nutrient iron.

Iron helps supplement the protective film that protects teeth enamel. Carrots provide two great

First, they help remove plaque buildup from the teeth due to their hard, fibrous makeup. Second, they
provide the body with Vitamin A, which will help you maintain a healthy tooth enamel.

Celery and apples are equally effective at doing this as well. Shitake mushrooms can actually slow down
bacteria growth in your mouth.

They keep the tooth stains at bay until you can get a toothbrush in there to finish the job. Food can
make quite a mess of your teeth.

Luckily there are a number of natural foods to counteract that mess. If you’re looking for a more natural
way to combat enamel stains, try changing up your diet a bit.

To remove large stains quickly, take a visit to your Santa Cruz dentist to see what affordable options are
available to you. Your smile is a part of your image so be sure to make it its best.