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                             May | June 2013
                Turkish milling industry review

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                                    Turkish                                                          milling
                                                                                             industry review
                                                                               by Tom Blacker, directories
                                                                                    coordinator, Perendale
                                                                           Publishers Ltd, United Kingdom

                                                                                                                 PART 1
         rain & Feed Milling Technology           Turkey is developing quickly and its grain         interests but both Obial and Alapala meet
         magazine is keenly aware of the          milling industry is a part of it. The OECD's       a core value of meeting customers’ needs
         rise of Turkey. In modern times,         assessments backing up these viewpoints            too. There is trade to be done in Turkey but
especially since the start of the 21st century,   are interesting, see www.oecd.org/turkey for       exploring the exports together can be a real
Turkey has become more and more                   more information.                                  team effort with plain success.
important to the region and beyond.
                                                  Core competences                                   Eastern/Western
     Turkey is a remarkable centre of milling          The markets Turkish milling manufactur-           There are many more surprises about
located in a region best called Eurasia. It       ers enter into are impressively diverse. In        Turkish milling manufacturing. Another is
has a rich collection of people, cultures and     order of importance customers are based            that there are long-term investments taking
ambitions for milling across all sectors of       across the Middle East, North Africa, South        place for future growth. Genc Digirmen and
skills. Turkish manufacturing has been com-       America, Central Asia, India and Europe.           GDM of Konya have brand-new factories
monly viewed as secondary to the larger and       In this spread of markets, many American           and are planning further development to
better known brands for reliability, quality      and European products are not as well              meet large demands in the future. They
and trust can be found in Europe.                 established as in their own domestic regions.      value these investments as tools that enable
                                                  Turkish companies have recently stolen a           their products to compete with the market
Development in the last decade                    march in other milling markets like Iran but       at large and suit customers needs better than
    We know that the last 10 years have           we heard that recent international financial       ever before.
been some of the most crucial in Turkeys          sanctions on Iran have shelved projects                Some companies in Turkey privately
development. For example, Binali Yildririm,       already.                                           acknowledge that they were influenced by
Turkish minister of transport, maritime affairs        Also, reports from the United Nations’        leading European companies in the past
and communication, says, "before 2003, the        FAO show that Turkish purchase prices of           but can now engineer new and effective
total length of divided roads in Turkey was       wheat, barley, rye and corn have all risen         solutions for themselves. The emphasis on
6,101 km and we increased this figure to          recently. The price per tonne has increased        research, development and customers has
22,300 km".                                       many times over since the last decade              rightly earned a top priority for all of the
    As you may know, GFMT exhibited at            compared to the figures ending in 2010. This       largest manufacturers we spoke to. It comes
IDMA, Turkey's largest milling exhibition but     tallies with the large growth in the recent        down the simple business practice that
we also looked to hear about the markets,         decade whilst western economies have suf-          Turkish firms want to earn loyalty themselves
developments and innovations from the             fered from the global financial crisis; Turkey’s   and that their products will deliver.
leading companies at this event and arrange       prices have expanded with the growth in
visits and meetings after the show.We hit the     the market and its grain has become a more         A uniquely Turkish story?
road, 2,000 km of it in fact, to visit a range    costly commodity.                                      Other factors relate to some Turkey-
of offices, factories and laboratories and saw         From our point of view, it comes down         specific background reasons. Costs are rela-
many mills, farms and grain cooperatives.         to simple economics as well as a flex-             tively low for employment, raw materials and
We met with leading Turkish organisations         ible amount of collaboration in a com-             transportation. The new road network, men-
in all these fields and even the TMO (Toprak      petitive market. The market has had to help        tioned at the beginning of this article, has
Mahsulleri Ofisi/Turkish government grain         itself collectively as well as in competition.     improved links between factories, laborato-
board). TMO help by acting as a com-              Certain firms like Alapala will work with          ries and mills. Mersin is a southern Turkish
pany that supports machinery manufacturers        firms like Obial for a mutual interest in dis-     port that is used by milling manufacturers to
domestic customers.                               tribution load and for serving customers in        connect Turkey to the west and east from
    Throughout the time in Turkey, we heard       a productive way. This style of competition        a single port.
how Turkey has been a largely self-made           mixed with collaboration is effective for all.         Other contributing factors such as the
miracle from many sides of the industry.          There is seemingly no conflict of business         size and geography of Turkey matter to the

46 | may - June 2013                                                                                          Grain &feed millinG technoloGy

milling and feed industry. Developed cities      with milling companies and model mills            nations are less confident. Good technology
such as Istanbul and Ankara take the business    where they test and experiment for all sorts      enables millers to become more effective
limelight for many other industries, and so it   of purposes.                                      and better overall at their jobs. Customers
                                                     Some firms are still family owned in          looking at Turkish products have a larger
                                                 Konya, which differs from the common              amount of choice than ever before and this
                                                 model of many similar western firms. Trends       is why we really believe that the future is
                                                 have caught on quickly and Konyas millers         bright for Turkish milling.
                                                 were seen by others in a growing market
                                                 and others joined. This means there is
                                                 healthy rivalry in this town but others are
                                                 playing a game of catch-up.
                                                     Konya has opened many doors for local
                                                 engineers, electricians, labourers and millers
                                                 to join forces. Skills such as trade labourers,
                                                 marketing and sales, project management
                                                 and degree qualifications from local universi-
                                                 ties in courses such as Food Engineering
                                                 have combined well in the industry. Konya
                                                 has drawn these people together like no
                                                 other city in Turkey. There is great activity       Milling machines made by millers
                                                 in the milling industry here and there were         On April 8, 2013, Eng Munir Yousif ElHakim, Islamic
                                                 genuinely inspiring moments, such as seeing         Development Co. Ltd, Sudan and Mr. Ismail Alapala,
                                                 Molino’s scale model mill, archives and lus-        Alapala, Turkey met to finalise a business deal of 21
                                                 ciously green and tropical offices; the ancient     roller milling machines to be produced by Alapala
                                                 mosques and sights of Konya’s town centre           for the Islamic Development Co. Ltd.
                                                 and the high levels of hospitality afforded to      The deal is part of a longer-term partnership
                                                 us by the locals of Konya.                          between the Khartoum-based flour miller and
                                                                                                     the Corum-based manufacturer.
                                                 Conclusions                                         Eng Munir Yousif ElHakim said that Alapala are
                                                     This feature aimed to have joined the           one of the top three companies in this field in the
                                                 dots on the understated and quiet nature of         world making these kind of machines. He chose
                                                 Turkey’s growth in milling. As any far-fetched      Alapala because, "milling machines have to be made
                                                 conclusion can be made for the future, it           by millers. If not, you cannot succeed".
                                                 may be simpler to be certain that we believe        “Alapala also have a good technical team for
                                                 at the next event, IDMA, Turkey will look           the machinery upkeep and running," he added.
                                                 not just to the Middle East and Africa but          Staff will receive training for using these new
                                                 further afield. There will be firms looking to      machines. Capacity is vital to his company as well
                                                 embed themselves more fully into Europe             as the biggest flour miller in Sudan.
turns to cities like Konya to be a magnetising   and competing with mills, laboratories and          Ismail Alapala added that, "Alapala leads where
location for this industry.                      factories in Europe and beyond. The great           others follow with innovation and practicability.
   TMO has a large grain storage facility        number of advantages including TMO assist-          Machinery has to be a holistic solution. Others
on the side of the highway as you enter          ance, boldness in business to sell milling          have no idea for spare parts whereas Alapala
the outskirts of Konya that really strikes an    machinery to countries across the Middle            produce their own machines with their own
impressive chord. The industrial parks teem      East, Africa, Russia and others where other         supply chain."

     Alapala                             sacrifice quality and customer         For 59 years we have kept        ciples. We will also continue
     Living a world of                   satisfaction. Our devoted and       our aims high which we will         introducing different markets
     fluctuations                        effective human resource,           continue to hold. We will           to Alapala quality by adding
                                         powerful technological infra-       continue providing the best         new references to the present
     On our visit to Alapala's Çorum     structure and passion for           products and services to our        ones over 75 countries along
     office, Görkem Alapala, stategy     work have enabled Alapala           customers thanks to our per-        with our international associ-
     director, gave us the lowdown       Group to become one of the          sonnel who have adopted             ates.
     on how the company responds         two largest firms of the world      creativity, cooperation and             Strategy director
     to a changing world                 in this sector.                     perfectionism as their prin-            Görkem Alapala
         We are living in a world
     of fluctations. Old technolo-
     gies are replaced by the new
     ones and such changes and
     fluctuations in the market
     naturally lead you to con-
     tinuously create fresh ideas.
     As Alapala Group, we are
     working in sustainability and
     development-oriented man-
     ner. In this process, we never         Görkem Alapala

48 | may - June 2013                                                                                        Grain  &feed millinG technoloGy

 IDMA Event Review
 A showcase for the Turkish industry on the international stage

   DMA took place at Istanbul's     immensely with Turkish visitors
   Expo Center across three         to our exhibition stand.
   halls from April 4-7, 2013.
The organisers have reported           On the opening morning, we
there were 8,052 visitors from      sat behind the Turkish Grain
94 different countries and          Board on the second row at the
236 exhibitors came together        opening reception with many
over 21,000 square metres.          speeches bringing the corporate
The exhibition had extra side       nature of milling today to the
conferences, presentations and      fore. The ribbon cutting exercise
meetings that were very well        was simultaneously completed
attended. Grain & Feed Milling      by around a dozen dignitaries
Technology exhibited again at       resulting in a moment of fun

                                                                         from the heat! Other exhibitors      ing and discussing our magazine
                                                                         came from far and wide but the       whether they were regular read-
                                                                         heart of the event was proudly       ers, writers or advertisers. Some
                                                                         Turkish. We enjoyed hearing          stands were large and impressive
                                                                         about the aims, hopes and con-       and had had much work put
                                                                         cerns of local companies exhibit-    into them - Bühler, Alapala and

this biannual event that really     with a severely severed red
is acknowledged as the premier      ribbon. From this moment on,
milling industry event in Turkey    IDMA had begun.
and the region. Darren Parris          From the moment of arrival
and Tom Blacker from the sales      the day before the event started
department were excited to          to the final moments, the atmos-
participate, along with our event   phere was sociable, upbeat and
helper, Selin, who had a native     exciting. We were glad that our
level of Turkish which aided us     stand was in the coolest hall away

       Molino                            official documentation and,         another signature on a bank        in Turkey. He has taught in
       Molino's historical               acting on impulse, produced         note but this time it was a        academia and been a real
       beginnings                        a 10 franc note. This was           formality. A larger order fol-     father of the Turkish milling
                                         signed by the customer to           lowed and from this moment         industry. At IDMA Molino’s
       Molino's amazing beginnings       seal the deal.                      on Dr Omer was sure of the         large stand showed the
       started with a 10 franc note          A year later, another order     success of Valex.                  progress Molino have made
       in France in 1981. Dr Omer,       for more Valex machines from           He now is president of          since these first orders for
       then operating independently,     the same customer resulted in       Molino and is based back           Valex in 1981.
       met a buyer for a self-
       invented, designed
       and manufactured
       milling machine called
       'Valex'. This mill-
       ing machine is still a
       product of Molino's
       and he requested to
       place an order. Dr
       Omer did not have
       an order form or any     Dr Omer

    Grain&feed millinG technoloGy                                                                                          may - June 2013 | 49

     Bühler                                  has only raised the standards yet     their reliability, highest sanitation   machinery. In three simple steps,
     The talk of IDMA                        further of Buhler's equipment, if     standards for guaranteed product        Buhler process and energy experts
                                             ever that was possible.               safety, superior design, maximum        show how its customers can save
     It was no secret that Buhler had        Staying ahead of innovation is        capacity for high product require-      money and reduce their envi-
     arrived! From the moment the            what keeps the Buhler Group at        ments, high system availability and     ronmental footprint. Then after a
     shell of their stand was erected        the top of innovation in milling.     high flow rate, it was no great         complete plant audit, Buhler will
     over 338 square metres of exhi-         With leading technology such as       surprise that Buhler were the talk      calculate a customers ROI and if
     bition hall space and the security      50 percent energy savings over        of this year's show.                    accepted will implement on site.
     guards took up their positions,         comparable machines in its Vega       In the current global economic          Customers often say, quality
     it was as if this was The Return        Performance Grain Classifier, and     downturn, no better message can         costs money, Buhler customers
     of the King.                            their Antares Roller Mill providing   be sent to an industry than sav-        says quality saves money. It was
     Often referred to as the King of        100 percent product safety and        ing money through energy saving         great to have Buhler at IDMA
     Innovation, the Buhler Group is         state of the art service manage-      applications. Buhler offers new         2013, we look forward to their
     proud of its innovative heritage        ment systems with WinCos Care,        ways of improving energy effi-          presence at the 2015 event.
     and as such, likes to keep the          Buhler is truly Innovating for a      ciency – without replacing existing     Long live the King.
     inner workings of their leading         better world.
     technology secret. Hence the            IDMA welcomed
     24-hour security presence.              Buhler with open
     Marcus Aurilious in 1708 said,          arms and as if to
     “Imitation is the sincerest form        honour its arrival
     of flattery” and never was there        many paid tribute by
     a more apt statement to sum up          using the distinctive
     the effect Buhler has had on the        Buhler colours to
     milling industry in Turkey. So much     decorate their own
     so that no one is ashamed to            stands and machines.
     admit they have taken ideas from        All joking aside
     Buhler. Although 20 years on, the       Buhler rolled out an
     Turkish industry is starting to inno-   awesome display of
     vate and develop and research in        quality machinery.
     their own right. Their quality and      With global stand-
     technology has improved which           ards     recognising

Molino were especially dominant in size and          exhibiting at IDMA were due to exhibit the               The other great feature of IDMA was
Alapala were exhibiting in two out of the            following week at a grain event in Ukraine.           the array of machinery, feed products and
three halls!                                             We saw a difference with IDMA compared            amount of information many of the exhibi-
    The most interesting comments about              to other exhibitions in the new exhibitors who        tors had brought with them. There were
the show were about how focused on milling           came to IDMA for the first time from across           many colours of course in each hall but we
it has stayed but also how international it has      Turkey to gain customers. The established com-        noticed a certain turquoise colour dominant
become over the last few years. International        panies were gaining repeat custom and would           amongst all companies. We all know it
companies are exhibiting in Turkey to boost          often serve copious amounts of Turkish tea and        began with Bühler, but does this now mean
their presence in this newer market. Turkish         coffee to all customers wishing to meet in the        that the industry standard colour for milling
companies are expanding from a domestic              large stands that were like small buildings with      machines is a bright turquoise, like construc-
market and we know several companies                 different floors and rooms constructed within.        tion industry vehicles, which are painted in a
                                                                                                                            standard yellow?
                                                                                                                                IDMA was a well-run
                                                                                                                            event which went quickly
                                                                                                                            considering it was four days
                                                                                                                            long - Saturday seemed the
                                                                                                                            longest and busiest day but
                                                                                                                            we enjoyed meeting a wide
                                                                                                                            variety of people, their lan-
                                                                                                                            guages (German, Russian
                                                                                                                            and French were adopted
                                                                                                                            to complement English with
                                                                                                                            some exhibitors). If you
                                                                                                                            were there, we hope you
                                                                                                                            took one of the thousands
                                                                                                                            of copies of our publications
                                                                                                                            and had a successful show
                                                                                                                            as well.
                                                                                                                                You can also take a look
                                                                                                                            at our photos on the GFMT
                                                                                                                            Facebook page.

                                                                                                                                  See PART 2 of this
                                                                                                                                  feature in the next
                                                                                                                                   edition of GFMT

50 | may - June 2013                                                                                                  Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
                                                                                STEEL SILOS
                                                                                Symaga, a Spanish company
                                                                                specializing in the design, manufacture
                                                                                and supply of steel silos for storing
                                                                                seeds, cereals, malts, oilseeds, grains and pellets, rice and, in general, for the agriculture,
                                                                                agro-industry, biofuels and biomass, and with more than 30 years’ experience and

                                                                                over 15 million m³ of storage space worldwide, ensuring our capacity to tackle any


                                                                                Symaga supplies a wide range of silos, flat bottom up to 25.000
                                                                                m³ and hopper silos, reaching 12 m. diameter with 45° hopper
                                                                                and 2.649 m³ capacity, completely galvanized and the double
                                                                                welded compression ring. We provide Z600 gr/m² galvanization
                                                                                ensuring the highest service life of the market, we continue
                                                                                investing in research and development, allowing us to develop
                                                                                new products as ventilated cones and fully perforated floor, to reach customer needs.


                                                                              VIGAN manufactures dry agribulk materials handling
  Silos Cordoba has developed a new model of silo with 41.25m of              • Portable Pneumatic Conveyors or Grain Pumps
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  Cordoba and the biggest silos assembled in Europe.                            Ship Unloaders (160 - 800 tph);
                                                                              • Mechanical Continuous Ship
                                                                                Unloaders (up to 1,500 tph);
                                                                              • Mechanical Loaders (up to 1,200
                                                                              as well as complete storage systems in ports and the
                                                                              agricultural industries.
                                                                              From project design to complete turnkey bulk handling
                                                                              solutions and port terminals with mechanical and/or
                                                                              pneumatic reliable and cost effective equipment.

    www.siloscordoba.com                                                                         www.vigan.com

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Wide production range - Controllable temperature, pressure and
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