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					My shop, Tune Tech Automotive in Aurora, has been in business since 1995. We are a family owned and
operated automotive service center that provides repair, tune ups, belt and hose replacement, to major
engine repair and transmission replacement. The technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
certified and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on domestic as well as foreign vehicles.
Tune Tech is a certified NAPA AutoCare Center. Since opening my business in 1995 I have answered many
questions about automotive repair, and some of the most commonly asked questions are in regards to oil

I was asked about why it's important to change your car's oil. As your engine runs the oil collects
contaminants, that get absorbed by the oil, so it loses it's ability to lubricate. Oil is the essential lubricant for
your car's engine, and it lets metal work against metal. Oil picks up not only the dirt, but small metal
particles and and other impurities from the engine and circulates them to the oil filter so they don’t damage
your engine. Contaminants like these can interfere with the regular workings of your engine because it
becomes thick and abrasive over time.

Oil doesn’t just help filter out dirt and contaminants. It also acts as a coolant for the engine. It lowers the
friction between the metal parts in your engine. Your engine also moves oil that’s sat in the oil pan, allowing
it to cool off. Sometimes vehicles also move oil through a tube in the radiator where it’s cooled off even
more efficiently.

Without oil, a car's engine could seize, causing costly repairs for the owner. I can’t stress how important this
simple component is to the life and quality of your vehicle. It’s relatively inexpensive, as well.

It's best to change your vehicle's oil according to the manufacturer's guidelines set forth in your owner's
manual, and that those intervals may vary. If you don’t have a owners manual, it depends on the driving
conditions, the type of oil you are using, and the vehicle you are driving. If you are using a conventional oil I
would recommend 3000 miles.​ you are using a full synthetic oil I would recommend changing the oil every
5000 miles.

Another important aspect of changing the oil in a car is the oil filter. It filters out all the solid contaminants
that are in the oil that you don't want circulating through the engine causing engine damage. Over time the
filter builds up all the contaminants, so it’s important to be sure to change it every time the oil is switched

I frequently field the question of what Tune Tech Automotive does with all the used motor oil we accumulate
while working on hundreds of local customers' vehicles each week. We collect the motor oil, and are able to
store it and recycle it to heat the shop. We use an EPA approved clean burning furnace that works very well!

More information about oil changes and auto repair can be found on this page of Tune Tech Automotive’s

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Description: My shop, Tune Tech Automotive in Aurora, has been in business since 1995.