Legal Process Chart by s42gs6


									                                        Before you stay in Indonesia…
                                           – for overseas students –

                         Students (Ss) given Offer letter
                        by UGM           Ss send graduation
                             certificate with complete                                                              *Ss with social & culture
                             transcript, CV, financial                      UGM process the study                 VISA, must leave Indonesia
New students                                                                permit & VITAS to the                   after 60 days, to do Study
                         statements, personal statement,
                                                                               Dept of National                   VISA in any countries except
                        and copy of Passport to UGM (to
                                                                             Education in Jakarta                  Indonesia – (after the study
                        process study permit and VITAS)
                                                                                                                    permit & VITAS is ready)

    KITAS ready, Ss process police card
      & temporary ID…and… DONE!                               Study permit & VITAS ready – sent to the Ss by UGM –
    Have a pleasant stay in Indonesia!!! J                    Ss can process Study VISA at the Indonesian Embassy in
                                                                                 their own country

     Within 7 days, Ss must report to
   Yogyakarta Immigration Office and
      process KITAS (requirements:
   sponsor letter from UGM, Departure                                  Study VISA ready, Ss may
       card, etc…Pls check KITAS                                        enter / re-enter Indonesia
                                              NOTES:. *New students who could not settle the VITAS, must request a Social & Culture VISA at
                                                       the Indonesian Embassy (will be valid for 60 days)

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