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Winter Wedding Ideas and Planning Checklist


There are plenty of reasons to plan for a winter wedding because of the magical feeling it can give and the magical prices it can offer couples who are under a particular budget.

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									Winter Wedding Ideas and
   Planning Checklist
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  Planning Tips for The Savvy Bride" at
There are plenty of reasons to plan for a
  winter wedding because of the magical
  feeling it can give and the magical prices
  it can offer couples who are under a
  particular budget.
It should be noted that weddings in the
 usual season could cost a fortune
 because of the high demand. Having a
 winter wedding will definitely give a
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 couple more of their money’s worth, but
 there are a few reminders to ensure that
 everything will be perfect on the special
 day itself:
Initial Wedding Preparations
1. Location
It is essential to have a location ready for
  the special event. In figuring out where
  to celebrate, it is a must to put the
  guests into consideration as well
 It is good to stay close to home, but if a
 destination wedding is the choice do
 make sure that transportation would not
 be an issue to the guests.
Winter is not an easy weather to go
 through, so p
        g      plan the location ahead of
 time and it would be a good idea to
 check out the availability of hotels, for
 your f    il    d      t
        family and guests.
Book the venue well in advance because
 some hotels may be booked even 2 years
 in advanced. It is a great idea to book a
 ski chalet, a hunting lodge or even a
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 rustic estate that has a snowy scene that
 could definitely highlight the theme.
2. Date
The date is critical because there are a
  lot of holidays throughout winter If you
  are planning a small wedding, it would be
  great to do it near Christmas, to ensure
  that your family and friends will definitely
  be able to attend.
A larger wedding, on the other hand,
 may require scheduling the wedding on a
 long weekend like Martin Luther King Day
 or even the President’s Day.
It is also important to send out a “Save
 the Date” note, probably a year in
                  p       y y
 advance, in order to ensure that every
 intended guest is informed.
Winter Wedding Theme
The overall theme of the wedding,
  obviously,                 winter. So
  obviously would have to be winter So, it
  is a must to complement the theme with:
1. Invitations
It’s not necessary to put in snowflakes in
  the invitation. You can just play up with
  the colors of the season. It is a great
  idea to use gray and white to make the
  theme obvious. It is not a good idea to
  put in a floral design when planning for a
  winter wedding.
2. Entourage
The entourage should complement the
  theme It would be a good idea to have
  the bridesmaids wear colors like forest
  green, icy blue, gray, chocolate brown,
  white and even jewel tones. It would be
  great to try and consider light colors for
  the event in order to contract the winter
3. Wardrobe
It is a must to consider the season with
      wardrobe         wouldn’t
  the wardrobe. You wouldn t want your
  entourage to freeze to death! Pictorials
  are necessary and that there s a
  possibility that the entourage will need to
  take pictures out in the cold. So, don’t
  choose strapless gowns and the like.
  Consider giving your entourage cashmere
  sweaters to go with their outfits or even
  cute earmuffs and fancy gloves.
Wedding Reception
 It would be a great idea to put the
 outdoors indoors during occasions like
 this It is highly improbable to bring
 winter in a closed event but it is not
 impossible to bring in the look of winter
    p                g
 by incorporating snowflakes, frosted
 glass or even pine cones into the
 decorations. A soft lighting and a fireside
 d      ti          ft li hti   d fi     id
 can also do wonders because winter is
 often associated with the fireplace and
 starry skies.
Given the outside temperature, it is a
 must to ensure that the venue will not be
 chilly. Ask if the venue can be controlled
 as to temperature and ventilation.
 It is also important to ask if the venue
 has a place to store the coats and boots
 of guests who might come in dripping
 wet because of the season.
Wedding Photographer
Make sure that you hire a photographer
  who has a repertoire in taking pictures in
  winter because it is generally a different
  feel to take pictures in winter compared
  to taking pictures in summer. Make sure
  you interview potential photographers in
  order to know their skills.
Most photographers also offer photo
 booth services for guests These photos
 would then be great souvenirs.

It’s just like hitting two birds with one
 stone because the photo booth works
 great for souvenirs as well as
Wedding Menu Planning
Weddings have programs and people
  usually get hungry in the middle of the
  program. So, make sure that guests will
  be comfortable throughout the program
  by giving them warm cocktails. Since its
  winter, it would be a great idea to serve
  warm apple cider, hot chocolate, Irish
  coffee or even eggnog to make guests
  feel right at home
Serve hearty food. Instead of the usual
 servings of chicken and salmon try out
 giving roast, mashed potatoes and rich
 soups. This will warm y
     p                        g
                         your guests upp
 right away. It is also great to consider
 roasted chestnuts, shortbread cookies or
 even gingerbread f dessert.
This will give guests a blast, especially if
          ddi    is h d l d
 your wedding i scheduled around    d
Winter Wedding Party Favors
The photos would be great souvenirs but
  it is also a good idea to give party favors
  like tea bags and chocolate or cocoa
  mixes that would be great for the
  season! You can just put these in a knit
  satchel to give a more beautiful look.
It would also be a great idea to give out
 some of your family s recipes for the
 Christmas season. You can wrap up your
 homemade cookies or even gingerbread
                              g g
 with the actual recipes attached to it!
 This would be a great surprise for all
      friends and loved ones!
 your f
Preparing a winter wedding doesn’t
  necessarily have to be an expensive one
  The couple just need to plan it all out in
  time in order to make all the
  arrangements possible.
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