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									                        Luanne Pennesi, a registered nurse practicing for over 30
                        years in both conventional and integrative medicine, shares information that
                        motivates people to take back their personal power and lead happier, more
                        productive lives at ANY age.
                        Her work is the missing link between the confusing, overwhelming and conflicting
                        information about "new age" or "alternative" approaches to health and anti-aging and
                        the practical application of real-time, commonsense, scientifically based information
                        to help you take full control over your health and longevity and often save your own
                        life naturally. She makes learning fun as she presents wholistic health concepts in a
                        manner that is easy to understand and to integrate.
                         Luanne: " I believe that the technology and diagnostic wisdom of conventional
                         medicine is essential to utilize. Emergency medicine, diagnostic procedures and
                         reconstructive surgeries do help people to live longer, more quality lives. What I
                         object to is the arrogance of a system that does not honor time tested, scientifically
                         documented therapies that do not originate from their sacred halls, those that they
                         cannot assert political and fiscal control over. It is time we offered the public
                         alternatives to many standard medical therapies that just plain don't help people to
                         heal. I have witnessed people who have reversed dozens of conditions that
conventional medicine has failed miserably at reversing in spite of the millions of dollars of research that go
into studies controlled by the very pharmaceutical companies that are selling the drugs to suppress the
symptoms that our bodies manifest in order to beg our attention. Every one of us deserves to be happy,
optimally healthy and wealthy. I believe that in life pain is inevitable and suffering is an option. I also believe
that change is inevitable and GROWTH is an option. We are all gifted in some way, and we need to be
sourcing our lives around manifesting our own individual potentials and greatness, what I call “Living
authentically”; not adapting to other people’s agendas for us and spending way too much time holding on to
pain from past life events. I help people to live much more deliberately and I am impressed with how quickly
people heal when they are given the right tools to work with."
Her extensive credentials and experience include:
    •    Masters of Science in Natural Health
    •    Nursing license in NY, NJ, Florida, California
    •    Certified Nurse AMMA therapist, which is a comprehensive and sophisticated Oriental diagnosis
         and massage therapy with acupressure point treatment
    •    Certified Neurolinguistic Healer
    •    Level IIB Healing Touch practitioner
    •    Founder of the Metropolitan Wellness Group, a NYC-based wholistic wellness center, which is now
         owned and run by Dr. Richard Linchitz.
    •    She was the NYS coordinator for The American Holistic Nurses Association for 5 years
    •    She was the Program Coordinator of Stress Management and Esteem Building for the Wholistic
         Nursing Programs at the New York College for Wholistic Health, Education and Research in
         Syosset, NY for 6 years.
    •    She is trained in the use of high dose intravenous vitamin C and bio-oxidative therapies.
    •    Luanne is on the Board of Directors at Fairleigh Dickinson University for the Masters Program in
         Sports Administration
    •    She was recognized in "Who's Who Among Young American Professionals" in 1988 and "Who's
         Who in American Nursing" in 1994.
    •    A regular guest on local talk radio, Luanne co-hosted the radio program "The Tri-State Healing
         Hour" with Gary Null on WEVD in 1997 and "Creative Wellness" on WHPC from Nassau
         Community College in 1996 and 1997.
    •    In 2000, she hosted her own show, The Healing Hour, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    •    She was a founding member and was a broadcast affiliate for The People's Network, a
         revolutionary television network devoted exclusively to providing motivational, instructional,
         inspiring and success-oriented programming.
    •    You can see her on Staten Island Cablevision's The Thinking Mind with George Stern and News 12
         Long Island's "Long Island Naturally" with Mary Mucci.
    •    Luanne often shares the stage with health and nutrition expert Gary Null at his health support
         groups all around the country and assists him with updating his world famous, highly effective
         natural protocols for chronic illnesses.
Luanne is a dynamic, energizing individual who makes learning fun as she presents wholistic health
concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and to integrate. To prove her authenticity, she personally
lives the healthy, positive, adventurous life that she prescribes for others. She successfully reversed the
following conditions:
    •    Acne (and the         •   Mycoplasma           •    Hepatitis       •    Menopau         •   PMS
         pock marks that           Pneumonia                                      se
                                                        •    Herpes                               •   Restless
         resulted from it)     •   Candida                                   •    Nail                Leg
                                                        •    Hypothyroi
    •    Addictions to                                                            fungus              Syndro
                               •   Cystic ovaries            dism
         caffeine and                                                                                 me
                                                                             •    Polycystic
         sugar                                          •    Lymes
                                                                                  Breast          •   Severe
    •    Chronic Fatigue                                                          Disease             Myopia
Luanne also lives the adventurous, authentic lifestyle she prescribes for others. She is a world class athlete
in race walking and competed in roller skate ballroom dancing. She lives in Long Island with her parrots and
has offices in Coram, Smithtown and Glen Cove on Long Island as well as in New York City, Los Angeles,
CA and Naples, FL.
Some of her achievements include:
    •    1986: Received Gold Medal in American Roller Skate Dance
    •    2000: Metropolitan Athletic Congress Masters™ Athlete of the Year
    •    2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 Grand Prix Race walk champion, NYC
    •    2005: Received Silver Medal at World Master Track and Field Meet, San Sebastian, Spain
    •    2006 Received "Person of the Year" award from the prestigious Peak Potentials organization.

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