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									       TODAY AND THIS WEEK AT OSL
BAPTISM This weekend, we welcome Austin Michael Aanenson into the body of Christ
through the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Austin is the son of Scott and Danielle Aanenson.
Sponsors for Austin are Megan McGrath and Kevin Hove.

    THE ANNUAL MEETING OF OSL will be held on Sunday, Jan. 27, at
    12:45 p.m. in the Celebrate Center, following a light lunch at 12:00 in The
    Gathering Place. The Annual Meeting of the OSL Foundation will follow the
    meeting of the congregation.
    AN ANNUAL MEETING PREVIEW will be held next Sunday, Jan. 20, in the
    Chapel between worship services.

BREAKFAST IS SERVED in The Gathering Place from 9:45 to 11:00 a.m. every
Sunday. Today’s menu: Egg bake and monkey bread. Thank you for contributing to
the freewill offering to cover meal expenses.

FRIENDSHIP CLUB returns for the New Year on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 10:30 a.m., in the
Friendship Room. Roe Edisness will be on hand to discuss the mission start WestSide
Lutheran Church. Lunch willl follow at 11:30.

     Meet in the Friendship Room, 10:00 to 10:55 a.m. You are welcome to
     bring your breakfast from The Gathering Place to the Friendship
     Room, then return dishes to the clean-up volunteers.
     Jan. 13 – “Tent of Nations,” Scott, Beth, and Anna Boyens.
     Jan. 20 – Pr. Timothee Sodea, from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of
     Jan. 27 – “Peace through Development,” Cathy Brechtelsbauer, Bread for
        the World; South Dakota Legislative Update.
     Feb. 3 – “Mission to Haiti,” Rich Garnes; “Mission in Mongolia” (the
        AMONG Foundation), Mary Beth Anderson.
     Feb. 10 – “Seek Peace and Pursue It – Global Mission Sunday”; “Peace
        through A-maizing Grace,” Ron DeWeerd, Director of Development,
        Foods Resources Bank.

WEDNESDAY EVENING MEAL continues this week with chicken breast, hash
brown bake, vegetable, and dessert.

support. For the weekend of Jan. 5–6:
   Worship Attendance :1,152
   Operating/benevolence giving (Jan. 1–Jan. 6, 2013):
     Offerings Anticipated:    $ 35,145.00
     Offerings Received:       $ 37,541.00
     Amount Over: +0.6%        $ +2,396.00
Keeping current in your giving is greatly appreciated and enables OSL to keep
our many ministries going. Thank you!
       THIS WEEK          AT   OSL     January 13–January 20
Sun. Jan 13                                  6:15 pm   Caring Univ/Spiritual - Chapel
 8:00 am Response Singers - ChrRm            6:30 pm   Holy Moly - LL
 8:45 am Festive Worship - SA                6:30 pm   Confirmation - FH
 8:45 am Celebrate Worship - CC              6:30 pm   9th Grade Confirmation - FR
 9:45 am Call Cmte update - CC               6:30 pm   Faith Fiction Short Story - Rm 103
 9:55 am Sunday School - LL                  7:00 pm   Holy Play - LL
10:00 am Adult Ed - FR                       7:00 pm   Senior Choir - ChrRm
10:00 am Baptism Orientation - CR            7:00 pm   Celebrate Band - CC
10:00 am Doc Talk - CM                       7:30 pm   Youth Group - YR
10:00 am Greeterrs Recongition - FH
                                            Thurs. Jan 17
11:00 am Festive Worship - SA
                                             9:30 am Low Impact Exercise - Gym Ofc
11:00 am Celebrate Worship - CC
                                             9:30 am Faith Circle - FR
Mon. Jan 14                                 10:00 am Play & Pray - SonRm
 9:00 am Classic Movies (OLLI) - Thtr Rm    10:00 am Library Storytime - Library
 9:30 am Low Impact Exercise - Gym          10:00 am Good Grief Group - Rm 103
 4:30 pm WELCA Board - FR                   11:30 am Stephen Ministry - Rm 009
 6:30 pm Zumba - FH                          1:00 pm Beating Winter Blues (OLLI) - FH
                                             1:00 pm Elizabeth Circle - Rm 103
Tues. Jan 15
                                             1:00 pm Anna Circle - FR
 9:00 am Staff Meeting - CR
                                             1:00 pm Peace Circle - Rm 101
 9:30 am Yoga (OLLI) - FH
                                             4:00 pm OSL Foundation - CR
10:30 am Friendship Club - FR
                                             4:30 pm Spiritual Tapestry/SF (OLLI) - FR
 2:00 pm Cancer Support - FR
 2:00 pm Intro/Philosophy (OLLI) - FH       Fri. Jan 18
 5:30 pm Sad Isn’t Bad - GAPl,Rms10,12,15    9:00 am Mini Mixed Memoir (OLLI) - FH
 5:30 pm Bells of OSL - BCR
                                            Sat. Jan 19
 5:30 pm Executive Committee - CR
                                             8:00 am Woodshop Ministry - Shop
 7:00 pm Stephen Min Series - FR
                                             8:30 am LMIM - CR
 7:00 pm Stephen Ministry - FH
                                             9:00 am Marital Preparation - FR
Wed. Jan. 16                                 5:00 pm Festive Worship - SA
 7:00 am Conversation w/God - Chapel
                                            Sun. Jan 20
 1:00 pm Library Book Covering - Library
                                             8:00 am Response Singers - ChrRm
 1:00 pm Friends of the Library - Rm 103
                                             8:45 am Festive Worship - SA
 5:00 pm Wed Night Supper - GA Pl
                                             8:45 am Celebrate Worship - CC
 5:30 pm Youth Band - FH
                                             9:55 am Sunday School - LL
 5:30 pm Joyful Noise Choir - ChrRm
                                            10:00 am Adult Ed - FR
 6:00 pm King’s Choir - BCR
                                            10:00 am Annual Mtg Preview - Chapel
 6:00 pm Young Saints - ChldrnChrRm
                                            11:00 am Festive Worship - SA
 6:00 pm Woodshop Ministry - Shop
                                            11:00 am Celebrate Worship - CC
 6:00 pm Creative Discovery - Art Rm

Caring Ministries area.
“LOOKING THROUGH MUDDY GLASSES” – today’s Doc Talk – deals with this time
of year when our mental health and attitude sometimes flounder. Do you or does
someone you know or love feel a little less mentally healthy in the winter months?
Dr. Jim Wick will discuss these moody winter days in an informal discussion, this
morning, from 10:00 to 10:45, in the Caring Ministries area.
ATTENTION KIDS! Join the “Reading Is Our Thing – Dr. Seuss” reading promotion
in the Library. Come to the Library and check out books, pick up a reading log and
bag, read 15 minutes a day for five days, return your reading log to the Library, and
choose a prize. The reading promotion begins today, Jan. 13, and continues through
Feb. 24. All participants’ names will be posted on our bulletin board!
Nursery staff is needed from 10:00 to 11:00 on Thursday mornings. Contact Amanda
Bork, abork@oslchurch.com, or Pr. Binstock, hbinstock@oslchurch.com.
SPECIAL RECOGNITION FOR GREETERS will be held at 10:00 a.m. today, in
Fellowship Hall. All greeters are encouraged to attend for some special treats and
information-sharing about welcoming members and visitors to OSL.

the 11:00 a.m. Celebrate worship service next Sunday, Jan. 20. Joining the outreach
team members will be Campus Pastor Ann Rosendale and students from Sunday
campus worship.

                            OSL CARING UNIVERSITY
   What: Free Caring Education Classes
   When: Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:00 p.m.
   Where: West side of The Gathering Place
   Who: Everyone is invited! Perfect for parents of Holy Moly and Confirmation
     students, choir members before rehearsal, people attending the Wednes-
     day dinner, or anyone who wants to learn how to better care for themselves
     and others!
      Jan. 16 – “Spiritual Direction,” presented by Delaine Shay
      Jan. 23 – “Food for Thought,” presented by Nikki VerSteeg
      Jan. 30 – “Healing Touch,” presented by Renee Schulz
      Feb. 6 – “Memory Health”

“MARRIAGE: FOR BETTER AND FOREVER,” a presentation by Dr. Mark
Britzman, will be held on Friday, Jan. 25, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., in the Friendship
Room. This is open to all couples, to learn more about the upcoming 10 Great Dates
program, sign up for the program, and enjoy dessert and coffee. Child care will be
available. The cost is $12 per couple, for the book. Visit oslchurch.com for more
information (follow the link under Upcoming Events) and online registration.

10 GREAT DATES comes to OSL, starting on Friday, Feb. 8, at 6:30 p.m., in the
Friendship Room, and continue monthly through the year: March 8, Apr. 12, May 10,
June 14, July 12, Aug. 9, Sept. 13, Oct. 11, and Nov. 8. Child care will be available. Visit
oslchurch.com for more information (follow the link under Upcoming Events) and
online registration.

IF YOU HAVE A GIFT FOR WOODWORKING, or would just like to learn more
about this craft, stop by the Woodshop on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. till noon, or
Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 (resuming on Jan 2). More help is needed for
several projects that have been requested by the OSL congregation.
On-the-job training is provided.

THE BOARD OF DEACONS is looking for a new member. Serving communion and
helping the pastoral staff in ministry and other roles is very rewarding. Contact Lisa
Parker, 941-4143 or LParker@sfgmembers.com.

CONSIDER SPONSORING OSL TELECASTS, which reach thousands of area
viewers each week and many more around the world via OSL’s website. A sponsorship
is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion or to honor a loved one. The
weekly cost for the two telecasts is $600, but any size donation is always appreciated.
Call the Church Office, 336-2942, for more information or to make a donation.
                            LOOKING AHEAD
A NEW EXERCISE IDEA FOR THE NEW YEAR Balanced Bones Demo will be on
Monday, Jan. 14, at 9:30 a.m., in the OSL Gym, led by Amy Pugliese of the Sanford
Wellness Center. Learn some dynamic movement warm-up and balance/strength
exercises, and explore the opportunity to have someone from the Wellness Center
lead a session of other demo exercises every other month. Bring your ideas!

OSL WRITERS GROUP will resume meeting on Monday, Jan. 21, from 11:00 a.m. to
1:00 p.m., in Room 103. Bring something that you have written, with ten copies to
share with the group. The group will meet on successive Mondays until March 18.

major crisis – they also provide care and support for people weighed down by the
smaller things in life. If you are feeling down, lonely, stressed, or discouraged, you
could benefit from the care, support, and encouragement of a Stephen Minister. To
find out more, contact Pr. Tim Lemme or Jill Hieb at 336-2942.

SAD ISN’T BAD, a support series for children who are grieving (and their family
members), will be offered on four consecutive Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 15, from
5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at OSL. All children K–12 are welcome. The program begins with a
meal, followed by sessions facilitated by counselors/social workers trained to work
with children. There is no charge for this nondenominational series. For more
information, or to register, contact Rosalie Ryan, cook@sio.midco.net or 332-0094.

COMMUNION SERVERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! Sign up to serve at the volunteer
board in The Gathering Place, near the Celebrate Center – you may sign up for next
weekend’s worship services, or even for today’s – or contact Lisa Parker,
LParker@sfgmembers.com or 941-4143.

THE OSL NURSERY IS A WONDERFUL PLACE for the youngest members of our
congregation to spend time during worship services on Sunday mornings. A special
Nursery School time for these young children will be starting in January. It will focus
on Bible lessons as well as how Jesus would like us to treat others. Nursery School
lessons will take place during the last 15 minutes of each service. Have your child join
in this fun new program! Stop by the Nursery or contact Amanda Bork – 351-5765
or abork@oslchurch.com – for more information or to volunteer.

                            Faith               Friendship Room (9:30), Dorothy Peterson,371-4414
 December Circles—Jan. 17

                            Glory/Grace         Marilee Peterson, 709 W. Mardo Cir., 336-7645
                            Goodness            Susan Salem, 1811 W. Dunbar, 339-1476
                            Hope                Iley Petereit, 1600 E. Cedar Ln., 334-7850
                            Patience            Joan Bakke, 1901 S. Lincoln Ave., 335-7928
                            Anna and Rejoice    Friendship Room, Sharon Lovro, 338-2702
                            Peace               Room 101, Maxine Leaders, 334-3248
                            Elizabeth           Room 103, Harriet Bresee, 759-7033
                            Leah                 Dee Rice, 4403 S. Town Park Pl., 271-0867
                            Rachel: Beverly Hallstrom, 205 W. 18 St. #36, 332-1725
                            Women of Faith, Joyce Kaatz, 2201 E. Edgewood Rd., 338-1291 (Jan. 22)

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