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2007 Annual School Report - Birrong Boys High School


									NSW Department of Education & Training   8213

2007 Annual School Report
Birrong Boys’ High School
NSW Public Schools – Leading the way
    Our school at a glance                                  Connections. During 2007 a group of Year 9
                                                            students were involved in a landscape project at
                                                            Rookwood Cemetery and assisted in the making
    Students                                                of a garden in the cemetery grounds.
    In February 2007, there were 475 students
                                                            School Gym
    enrolled at Birrong Boys’ High School. About
    90%      are     from    Non-English     Speaking       Another significant achievement of 2007 was the
    Backgrounds.       The largest groups are from          development of stage two of the school gym.
    Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific Islander              During 2007 the gym was opened for early
    backgrounds.       Altogether, over 30 different        morning classes in combination with a breakfast
    nationalities are represented in the school.            club for students. A physical testing facility was
                                                            also added during the year for students in elective
    Staff                                                   classes.

    Birrong Boys’ High School boasts an experienced         Careers and Transition Programs
    and very stable teaching and ancillary staff. The       The school has continued to support students
    majority of staff members have been teaching in         who wish to leave school before they complete
    our school for more than 5 years. All staff work to     their high school studies. These students are
    ensure that quality teaching programs are               always supported to ensure that they have
    provided for all students.                              access to employment or further training.
    All teaching staff meet the professional                Higher School Certificate students are provided
    requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.        with access to the information required to make
                                                            informed choices about their post school studies
    Significant programs and initiatives                    and other options.

    Primary School Links Project                            Student achievement in 2007
    This program commenced in Term 3 2006 and
    was developed to establish more productive and          Literacy - ELLA
    closer links with feeder schools, to provide our        In 2007 56% of Year 7 students achieved in the
    students with the opportunity to develop                proficient and high bands in the ELLA tests, while
    leadership skills and to promote our school.            77% of students in Year 8 achieved in the same
    Students from our school have worked with               bands. The proportion of students in the lower
    primary school students in a variety of areas           bands      has    decreased     with   significant
    including literacy, numeracy and sport.                 achievements made between Year 7 and Year 8.

    Staff members from our school have also                 Numeracy - SNAP
    participated in Mock High School days to provide
    a closer link between primary and high schools.         In 2007 26% of Year 7 students achieved in the
                                                            proficient and high bands in the SNAP tests, this
    Support Programs                                        increased to 41% for Year 8 students. Programs
                                                            that have been implemented to address this issue
    Birrong Boys’ High School has continued to work         in Year 7 have displayed a positive outcome for
    with a number of other organisations during 2007        Year 8 students. A numeracy coordinator works
    to provide support programs for all students.           in a variety of Key Learning Areas to support
                                                            numeracy across the curriculum.
    ADRA Australia has continued to support our
    transition plan with a Year 7 mentoring program.        School Certificate
                                                            In 2007, 69 students sat for the School Certificate
    Youth Pathways (Mission Australia) provides             examinations. The majority of students achieved
    another mentoring program for students who may          results in Bands 2 to 4. Our students performed
    not gain a School Certificate. The target group         well in the Computer Skills test with all but 4
    for this program is students in Years 9 and 10.         students achieving competence. Students
                                                            continue to perform well in school based
    The Links to Learning project is supported and          programs where there is a practical component.
    organised by the Arab Council of Australia with
    funding from the Department of Education and            Higher School Certificate
    Training. The project supports young people who
                                                            Forty one students sat for the Higher School
    experience barriers and difficulties in participating
                                                            Certificate in 2007.     While results were not
    in formal learning.
                                                            achieved in the higher bands there was a shift up
    Adopt a school program                                  from the lower bands into the middle range of
                                                            achievement. This was one of our goals for the
    This program is one of the many programs                year. Future efforts will focus on moving more
    provided by Canterbury Bankstown Career                 students into the higher bands of achievement.
Messages                                                their cultural backgrounds and see what life is like
                                                        for students who live in the country.
Principal's message                                     Ms Amanda Meyer (Co-ordinator)
The Annual Report 2007 aims to provide
information to our parents and our community            School context
about the aims and achievements of 2007 and
our goals for 2008. This report is the result of a      Student information
whole school evaluation process.
                                                        It is a requirement that the reporting of
Birrong Boys’ High School is situated in the            information for all students must be consistent
Western Suburbs of Sydney in the Bankstown              with privacy and personal information policies.
Area. The school was established in 1958 and
has a strong tradition of comprehensive
                                                        Student enrolment profile
education for boys with an emphasis on
academic and sporting achievement as well as            Enrolments for 2007 averaged 474 students.
culture and the arts. A significant achievement         This represents a slight increase over previous
for the school in 2007 was the complete                 years. There has been a minor increase in the
refurbishment of two-thirds of the school in a          number of students enrolling in Year 7.
major capital works program which will be               Enrolments in February by year were Year 7 - 86,
officially opened at the beginning of 2008.             Year 8 - 90, Year 9 - 96, Year 10 - 87, Year 11 -
                                                        70 and Year 12 - 41.
Our school boasts a very strong emphasis on
working cooperatively with our local community to       About 90% of students are NESB, the largest
support others.                                         group being from Middle Eastern, Asian and
                                                        Pacific Islander backgrounds.     More that 30
Our students are encouraged to strive towards
                                                        different ethnic groups are represented in the
the ideal of the school motto “From Each His
                                                        school.    While most students were born in
Best”. Our mission is to:
                                                        Australia, English remains for many students their
   Provide students with the best possible             second language.
    learning opportunities
   Work in partnership with students, staff and                            2003       2004      2005      2006     2007
    parents to promote socially responsible              Male               521        498       451       463      474
    behaviour                                            Female               0          0         0         0        0
   Provide students with a safe and happy
    learning environment
   Make the transitions easier for students from                                School Enrolm ents
    primary school to high school and from high
    school into the world of work                                   600

   Prepare students for productive citizenship.                    500

I certify that the information in this report is the                400

result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process                 300
and is a balanced and genuine account of the
school's      achievements     and      areas     for               200
Cathie Bogard
                                                                          2003     2004     2005    2006     2007
Student representative's message
                                                                                          Male   Female
The student representative council has been
active during 2007 by involving itself it a number
of school projects, including fundraising and           Student attendance profile
developing a link with Merriwa Central School
that resulted in a three day visit to the school.       There has been a minor increase in attendance in
                                                        the last year. The MsgU system which the school
The SRC has also supported the school when
                                                        had in place and which informs parents of their
important functions have been held including the
                                                        son’s absence from school was not continued in
Year 7 Meet the Parents evening, the visit to the
                                                        Semester 2 with the school now looking at other
school    by     Korean   students,   organising
                                                        options in the area of student attendance and
assemblies and organising BBQs at various times
during the year.
The visit to Merriwa Central School was a highly        The school has worked in the second half of the
successful trip that allowed students to share          year to ensure that students who have effectively
    left school, are no longer enrolled and their                      year. Throughout the year, we have also been
    absences are not recorded. There has also been                     ably supported by well-qualified casual staff who
    considerable effort made to reduce the number of                   are able to fill positions created by extended
    students who consistently do not come to school                    leave or short-term illness.
    by offering them support and mentoring
                                                                       The school has been fortunate also in
    programs. While the statistics do not reflect this,
                                                                       maintaining the position of a second Deputy
    there has been considerable improvement in this
                                                                       Principal. This position remains under review.
                                                                       However, our ability to continue to develop
                                                                       Quality Teaching programs and to maintain our
                      2004          2005          2006          2007   high levels of student welfare programs is
      School          85.0          85.9          86.1          88.0   immeasurably increased by the retention of this
      Region          90.4          90.7          90.8          90.7   position in the school.
      State           90.1          89.9          90.1          90.1
                                                                       Staff establishment
                                                                       Staffing details are as follow:
               Years 7 to 10 Attendance Rates
                                                                        Position                               Number
      92.0                                                              Principal                                       1
      91.0                                                              Deputy Principal(s)                             2
                                                                        Head Teachers                                   6
                                                                        Classroom Teachers                           29.3
      87.0                                                              Support Teacher Learning
      86.0                                                              Assistance
      85.0                                                              Teacher Librarian                               1
      84.0                                                              Teacher of ESL                                1.6
      83.0                                                              Counsellor                                      1
      82.0                                                              Total                                         43
               2004          2005          2006          2007
                        School      Region    State                    Staff retention
                                                                       Staff numbers have remained stable for the past
    Retention to Year 12                                               two years.           During 2007, two permanent
                                                                       members of staff retired. Their position will be
    Eighty-four percent of students studying for the                   filled in the first half of 2008.
    School Certificate in 2005 chose to proceed on to
    the Higher School Certificate for 2007. This has                   At the beginning of the year there was one new
    been a stable pattern over the past two years.                     permanent teacher appointed to the school. A
    Students who leave at the end of Year 10                           further permanent member of staff was appointed
    generally find permanent employment or are now                     during the year.
    attending courses provided by TAFE and other                       More than 10 casual staff also held temporary
    colleges.                                                          positions in the school throughout the year
                                                                       ensuring that all teaching positions in the school
    Post-school destinations                                           were filled.
    Forty one students completed the Higher School
    Certificate at the end of 2006. The vast majority                  Staff attendance
    of these students are now undergoing further                       Staff members have access to leave entitlements
    education. Of the students able to be contacted                    such as sick leave. In 2007 the average daily
    after the HSC, 7 are attending universities, 15 are                attendance rate for staff, as determined by the
    attending TAFE colleges, 4 are attending other                     Department, was 96.2%.
    colleges of further education and 3 are employed.
                                                                       Teacher qualifications
    Staff information                                                  All teaching staff meet the professional
    It is a requirement that the reporting of                          requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.
    information for all staff must be consistent with                  The teaching staff members at Birrong Boys’ High
    privacy and personal information policies.                         School are highly qualified in their subject areas.
    The staff at the school has remained quite stable                  The staff members have also shown a high
    over the past 12 months. The stability of student                  commitment to ensuring that student teachers
    numbers has also ensured the retention of the                      and newly trained teachers are supported through
    previous year’s staffing levels. The school has                    quality training and professional development.
    been fortunate in being able to have all                           All staff members are provided with training
    permanent positions filled at the beginning of the
throughout the year during School Development              At Birrong Boys’ High School we aim to provide a
Days and through a variety of training programs.           varied curriculum with opportunities for students
                                                           to excel in many different areas. The school has
 Qualifications                       % of staff           a strong tradition of participation in sporting
 Degree or Diploma                      100                activities, the arts and in many other facets of the
 Postgraduate                           18.6               community

Financial summary
This summary covers funds for operating costs
and does not involve expenditure areas such as             Birrong Boys’ High School has again provided
permanent salaries, building and major                     wonderful opportunities for students in the
maintenance.                                               creative aspects of the school curriculum.
                                                              Birrong Primary Market Day – a small group
  Date of financial summary:                  30/11/2007       of students performed at the Market Day held
  Income                                             $         in September. They played many popular
                                                               tunes with a Polynesian flavour and their
  Balance brought forward                   173 973.89         performance was well received.
  Global funds                              325 593.73        Winning Artists – for the second year running
  Tied funds                                281 394.90         Hasibullah Tahbin from Year 11 entered the
  School & community sources                156 757.82         Auburn Art Show and won the Community Art
  Interest                                   16 319.55         Award.
  Trust receipts                             33 284.65
                                                              Film Making – with the setting up of the Mac
  Canteen                                         0.00
                                                               lab there have been 12 films produced plus
  Total income                              987 324.54
                                                               the annual Year 12 DVD. “Class of ‘07” was a
  Expenditure                                                  huge success again this year with students
                                                               and staff enjoying Mr Gailey’s clever
  Teaching & learning
        Key learning areas                   55 610.39
        Excursions                           11 689.26        Birrong Boys hosted a day visit by the Master
        Extracurricular dissections          55 657.76         of Teaching class from Sydney University
  Library                                     4 959.98         which     involved     practical     methods
  Training & development                      1 529.26         demonstrations.
  Tied funds                                253 951.90
  Casual relief teachers                     59 314.90     Sport
  Administration & office                   122 494.50     In 2007 students enjoyed many sporting
  School-operated canteen                         0.00     successes. At Birrong Boys’ we see sport as
  Utilities                                  52 249.34     being an important part of a student’s learning
  Maintenance                                58 959.80     process and we encourage students to be
  Trust accounts                             14 163.57     actively involved in physical fitness. The school
  Capital programs                           32 224.90     has had tremendous success during the year in
  Total expenditure                         722 805.56     Zone sport including:
  Balance carried forward                   264 518.98        Bankstown Sports Rugby Knockouts

In 2007, the school finances were kept well within            Zone Gala Day junior touch champions
the budgets set for the year. The school has been             Representation in Area Rugby League
able to set aside extra funds for 2008 to celebrate
the school’s 50th anniversary and open day                    Reaching the Regional final in the Bill Turner
celebrations, further funds have also been                     Soccer Knockout competition.
allocated to purchase 25 new computers to                  The school also had successes in Basketball,
provide students and staff with the latest in              Soccer, Rugby League and Oz Tag at Zone
Information Technology resources.                          Level.
A full copy of the school's 2007 financial
statement is tabled at the first parent meeting of         Competitions
the year. Further details concerning the statement
can be obtained by contacting the school.                  The school participates in:

                                                              The Australian Mathematics Competition

                                                              Australian Schools Science Competition
School performance 2007
       The NSW Schools’ Tritation Competition
                                                                                         Percentage of students in achievement
       Royal   Australian    Chemical           Institutes’                                             levels:
        Chemistry Competition                                                                    Year 7 Literacy (ELLA)

       Premiers Reading Challenge                                                       60
       Film Industry Workshops                                                          50

                                                                Percentage of students
       University of Western Sydney Engineering                                         40
        Report Writing.
       Marketing Day
       Students organised and participated in Anzac
        and Remembrance Day ceremonies                                                   10
       Chess and Film Club                                                              0
       Battle of the bands






       Transition Programs with         local     primary


        schools throughout the year.

                                                                                                    Achievem ent level
                                                                                                   Percentage in level 2007
    In the School Certificate and the Higher School                                                School average 2003 - 2007
    Certificate, the performance of students is                                                    LSG average 2007
                                                                                                   State average 2007
    reported in performance bands ranging from
    Performance Band 1 (lowest) to Performance
    Band 6 (highest).                                          Numeracy – SNAP Year 7
    Birrong Boys’ High School entered students in all          Students in Year 7 also participated in the SNAP
    of the following external examinations and                 test in March of 2007. This assessment program
    assessment programs. The collective results                is again a diagnostic test which identifies the
    appear below.                                              areas in which students need assistance both as
                                                               a group and individually.
    Literacy – ELLA Year 7
                                                               As can be seen in the graph below, students find
    Students in Year 7 participated in the ELLA test           significant difficulty with numeracy across the
    which took place in March. This test is a                  curriculum. The majority of students achieve at
    diagnostic test which looks at students’ literacy          the Elementary and Proficient levels. However,
    ability and provides information to the school             there are significant numbers of students who
    about areas for improvement, both as a group               have only achieved at the Low level.
    and for individual students.
                                                               In order to address this issue, the school has
    As seen from the graph below, the majority of              developed a program with the support of the
    students who attend Birrong Boys’ in Year 7 are            Priority School Program to fund a numeracy
    assessed as being in the Elementary and                    program targeting students in Years 7 and 8.
    Proficient ranges.                                         This program provides a numeracy support
    The school has a variety of strategies in all faculty      teacher in a variety of different courses to ensure
    areas to address the literacy needs of all                 that numeracy is taught across the curriculum.
    students. An integral part of this program is the          Students in Year 8 continue to show improvement
    Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R) program                 in their numeracy skills when they are reassessed
    which is carried out most days in morning roll call.       through the SNAP testing, results have an
    This and other programs lead to improved results           increase in students achieving in the high band.
    for the majority of students when they are
    reassessed in Year 8.
    The number of students in the Low range is being
    addressed in the school through the support
    faculty with greater assistance for staff in the
    class or by withdrawal of students in selected

                                                     School Certificate relative performance
                                                     comparison to Year 5 (value-adding)
                                                     Results for the School Certificate remain
                                                     disappointing.    In 2007 results in Science,
                                                     Australian History and Australian Geography
                                                     have improved on previous years. However,
                                                     results in English and Mathematics have not.
                                                     The school will continue to address these issues
                                                     through further development of quality teaching
                                                     programs and the development of study skills
                                                     programs and support for Year 9 and 10

                                                                               School Certificate: Relative growth
                                                                                  from Year 5 (value-added)


                                                                                                                                                                             Computer Skills

                                                                                                                       Australian History, Civics

                                                                                                                                                    Civics and Citizenship
                                                                                                                                                    Australian Geography,

                                                                                                                            and Citizenship
                                                      Relative growth   -2.0


School Certificate
In 2007, 69 boys sat for the School Certificate
external examinations in English literacy,                              -6.0
mathematics, science, Australian history and
geography, civics and citizenship.    In these
examinations student performance is reported in
6 achievement bands, Band 6 being the highest
level of achievement.                                                                       School 2007
                                                                                            School Average 2003 - 2007
In English literacy no student achieved Bands 5                                             LSG Average 2007
or 6, 14 students achieved Band 4, 39 students
achieved Band 3, 8 students achieved Band 2
and 8 students achieved Band 1.               In     Higher School Certificate
mathematics, 1 student achieved Band 6, 12
                                                     In 2007, 41 students sat for the Higher School
students achieved Band 4, 25 achieved Band 3,
                                                     Certificate in 20 different subjects.
31 achieved Band 2 and no students were placed
in Band 1. In science, 3 students achieved Band      Overall the results for these students were quite
5, 14 achieved Band 4, 27 achieved Band 3, 21        disappointing with no group of students achieving
achieved Band 2 and 4 achieved Band 1.               results above the state average.
History results this year were disappointing with    Our best results were achieved in Industrial
the majority of students achieving in the lowest     Technology, Retail Operations, Chemistry and
three bands.          Geography results were         Advanced English.
significantly better with the majority of students
achieving in Bands 3 and 4.                          In 2008 the school will continue to support senior
                                                     students with their studies, particularly in relation
In the computer skills assessment 18 students        to improving student motivation, study skills and
performed in the Highly Competent range, 46          raising expectations for all senior students.
performed in the Competent range and 4
students did not achieve competency in this area.
While our students continue to remain in the
middle bands in most of these subjects there has
continued to be a drop in the number of students
performing in the two lowest bands. In 2008 we
will work to ensure that our middle students are
encourage to improve their performance to
achieve in the two highest bands.
                    School 2007                                                      School 2003 - 2007                                                    National benchmarks
                    LSG 2007                                                         State 2007                                                            The Commonwealth Government sets minimum
     100                                                                                                                                                   desirable standards for reading, writing and
                                                                                                                                                           numeracy at particular ages. These are referred
                                                                                                                                                           to as national benchmarks.
                                                                                                                                                           The performance of the students in our school in
      70                                                                                                                                                   the Year 3 and the Year 5 Basic Skills Test (BST)
                                                                                                                                                           is compared to these benchmarks. The
      60                                                                                                                                                   percentages of our students achieving at or
      50                                                                                                                                                   above these benchmarks are reported below.
      40                                                                                                                                                   The performance of the students in our school in
                                                                                                                                                           the Year 7 English Language and Literacy
      30                                                                                                                                                   Assessment (ELLA) and the Year 7 Secondary
                                                                                                       Personal Development, Health and
                                                            General Mathematics

                                                                                      Modern History
                                  English (Standard)
             Business Studies

                                                                                                                                                           Numeracy Assessment Program (SNAP) is
                                                                                                                                             Visual Arts
                                                                                                                                                           compared to these benchmarks. The percentages
                                                                                                                                                           of our students achieving at or above these
                                                                                                             Physical Education

                                                                                                                                                           benchmarks are reported below.

                                                                                                                                                           Percentage of Year 7 students in our school
                                                                                                                                                           achieving benchmarks in 2006 and 2007

                                                                                                                                                                 Percentage of Year 7 students meeting
                                                                                                                                                                         national benchmarks
                                                                                                                                                                              2006               2007
    Higher       School     Certificate                                                                                                   relative
    performance       comparison      to                                                                                                  School                        School National School National
    Certificate (value-adding)                                                                                                                              Reading      60.3       *       71.8      *
                                                                                                                                                            Writing      76.4       *       75.0      *
    As can be seen from the graph below, this cohort
    of students did not achieve the same                                                                                                                    Numeracy     42.9       *       32.1      *
    improvement as did the Higher School Certificate                                                                                                        * National benchmarks were not available at the
    students in 2006.     While above the school                                                                                                            time of printing this report.
    average for the last 5 years, these results are
    disappointing and the issues raised will need to
    be addressed in 2008.
                                                                                                                                                           Significant programs and initiatives

                                                                                                                                                           Priority School Program (PSP)
             Average HSC Relative Performance
                 from Year 10 (value-added)                                                                                                                The Priority Schools Program is provided to our
                                                                                                                                                           school to support the learning needs of the many
                                                                                                                                                           students who come from a low socio-economic
                                Low                                               Middle                                              High
                                                                                                                                                           background. The program provides for both a
      -0.5                                                                                                                                                 supplementation in staffing which is used to
                                                                                                                                                           maintain a wide curriculum and funds which have
      -1.0                                                                                                                                                 been used in the following manner:

      -1.5                                                                                                                                                    The provision of two Community Liaison
                                                                                                                                                               Officers (CLOs) to support links between the
                                                                                                                                                               school and our NESB community. Parents
                                                                                                                                                               are able to access the CLOs to discuss
                                                                                                                                                               issues regarding their son’s educational
                                                                                                                                                               needs and to gain information about student
                                                                                                                                                              The provision of a numeracy coordinator to
      -3.5                                                                                                                                                     assist staff in developing units of work,
                                                                                                                                                               resources and skills to improve the numeracy
      -4.0                                                                                                                                                     skills of our students.
                                                                                                                                                              Continued support was provided to staff to
                                                       School, 2007                                                                                            develop programs using the Quality Teaching
                                                       School average 2003-2007                                                                                model which supports both literacy and
                                                       LSG average 2007                                                                                        numeracy skill development.

   The publishing of the “Blaze” magazine. This      Australia. This program is         timetabled   and
    annual publication is a literacy strategy for     conducted once every cycle.
    the student editors and well as a valuable
    promotional tool for our school community.        Youth Pathways (Mission Australia) is another
                                                      mentoring program that aims to support young
   The provision of suitable materials to support    people who are at risk of leaving school before
    the literacy and numeracy needs of our            completing the School Certificate. The program
    students. In 2007 the school library was          also supports students who may not make a
    provided with extra money to purchase             successful transition from school to employment,
    appropriate new reading materials for Year 7      further education or training. The target group for
    and Year 8 students.                              this program is students in Years 9 and 10.
PSP funds will continue to be used to ensure that
all students have access to the widest possible       The Links to Learning project is supported and
curriculum. In 2008, the funds will continue to       organised by the Arab Council of Australia with
support the development of Quality Teaching           funding from the Department of Education and
programs with an emphasis on Years 9 and 10.          Training. The project supports young people who
                                                      experience barriers and difficulties in participating
Primary School Links Project                          in formal learning. This program covers a wide
This program commenced in Term 3 2006 and             range of topics including literacy, numeracy,
was developed to establish more productive and        social    skills,  developing      a     CV      and
closer links with feeder schools, to provide our      communication.
students with the opportunity to develop              Adopt A School program
leadership skills and to promote our school.
                                                      This program is one of the many programs
The main feature of the program has been to give      provided by Canterbury Bankstown Career
our students the opportunity to work with our local   Connections. The aim of this program is to build
primary schools by providing student mentors to       links between businesses, students, teachers and
assist with literacy and numeracy programs as         the broader community through activities
well as sport and behaviour support.                  that increase knowledge about opportunities for
The program was expanded during 2007 to               careers and further education.
incorporate all five feeder schools and also          During 2007, a group of Year 9 students were
involved students participating in swimming and       involved in a landscaping project at Rookwood
athletic carnivals.                                   Cemetery. The boys worked at the cemetery for
This program has been well received by our local      5 days and during that time assisted the
community and will continue into 2008 with the        gardeners to create a large garden bed in a
introduction of a maths enrichment class for year     section of the grounds.
6 students.                                           The benefits of this program include establishing
Mock High School program                              links with industry to assist in “real life”
                                                      educational opportunities, increasing industry’s
This program commenced in 2006 in two local           understanding of the education system,
schools but was expanded to all feeder schools        accessing business technology and personnel
during 2007. The program involves staff from          and involving business expertise when preparing
Birrong Boys’ visiting primary schools and            students for the workforce.
conducting lessons to students. The program has
been an outstanding success and has involved          In 2008 we will endeavour to provide another
over 80% of staff. The benefits of this program       opportunity through this program for our students.
include promotion, giving primary students an
opportunity to talk to high school teachers and       School Gymnasium
preparing students for their journey into Year 7.     Another significant achievement of 2007 was the
Staff who visit conduct normal lessons and talk to    development of stage two of the school gym.
primary students about their experiences and          This program was funded through donations from
duties at High School. Students are also given        a number of local sporting and community clubs.
the opportunity to ask questions.                     The gym is used by both students and staff.
                                                      During 2007 the gym was opened for early
Support Programs                                      morning classes in combination with a breakfast
                                                      club for students. A physical testing facility was
Birrong Boys’ High School has continued to work       also added during the year for students in elective
with a number of other organisations during 2007      classes.
to provide support programs for all students.
                                                      The gym, upon its completion, was officially
Students in Year 7 have been supported in their       opened on Friday 23rd November 2007 by
transition to high school with mentoring programs     Barbara Perry, Member for Auburn with
provided through a community link with ADRA           representatives from all donors attending.

     Aboriginal education                                     Environment: Towards a Sustainable School
     Aboriginal Education is incorporated in all subject
     areas as a mandatory component of each course.           A number of environment initiatives have been
     Historical, social and cultural aspects of               running during 2006. They include:
     Aboriginal life are areas of study in particular for      A Year 7 Local Environment study which is
     history, geography, visual arts and music.                  incorporated in the Science curriculum. Each
                                                                 year 7 class spends a term doing an ecology
     There was one Aboriginal and no Torres Strait
                                                                 unit, part of which includes a field study
     Islander students enrolled at Birrong Boys’ High
                                                                 undertaken on the school grounds with a
     School in 2007.
                                                                 professional Bushcare worker. Students learn
                                                                 about local plants, environmental issues,
     Career Education and Transition                             sustainable gardening and creating habitats.
     Career Education continues to expand in a
     variety of formats including:                               Students from years 7 and 8 help to reduce
                                                                  waste in the school through paper recycling,
        Year 9 students receiving a “School to Work”             collecting the food scraps from the canteen
         folder and employment related skills logbook;            for composting and keeping a worm farm.
        Year 10 Work Experience in a block of time               The composting and the worm farm produce
         during Term 2;                                           organic fertiliser for the vegetable garden
                                                                  which is tended by Year 7 classes and the
        Job Pathways program             interviews    for       Environment Team.
         prospective school leavers;
        Career search at University of Western                  The Environment Team consists of an
         Sydney for Year 12;                                      enthusiastic group of students who meet
                                                                  once a week at recess to plan and manage
        TAFE Information Day;                                    areas such as applying for grants and special
                                                                  projects. They look after the bush garden and
        Guest Speakers at school for students with
                                                                  the herb garden and have made a frog pond.
         interests    in   the   defence    forces,
         apprenticeships, and the Master Builders’            Our school has continued to be supported by
         Association.                                         Bankstown Council in many of our environment
                                                              programs.   This includes the provision of a
        The school has provided a Transition Support
                                                              Bushcare Officer to work with students in their
         teacher to assist the Career’s teacher in
                                                              Science classes as well as supporting the
         providing appropriate and timely information
                                                              Environment Team.
         to students about the world of work and
         further education.
                                                              Progress on 2007 targets
     Multicultural education                                  2007 is the second year of a three year plan
                                                              which has been developed as a blueprint for 2006
     Multicultural education is an integral part of life at
                                                              to 2008. The following targets were the next step
     Birrong Boys’ High School. It is a compulsory
                                                              in our plan and follow similar themes to the
     component in all subject areas.
                                                              Targets for 2006.
     At our school, students are encouraged to
     celebrate their culture and recognition is given to      Target 1
     the many community cultural festivities held
     throughout the year.                                     Quality Teaching Programs will be developed
                                                              in all faculties
     Respect and responsibility                               In 2007 all faculties were involved in a series of
                                                              workshops held in both in school time and outside
     In 2007, the school completed the two year
                                                              school hours to improve all staff members
     program to ensure that all staff members are
                                                              understanding of backward mapping from
     trained in the Glasser system of behaviour
                                                              assessment outcomes. Staff members from all
     management. This program is aimed at ensuring
                                                              faculties then developed or updated existing
     that all students are aware of the school’s values
                                                              programs using this process. Again in 2007 this
     and code of conduct and that each student takes
                                                              program was supported by regional consultants.
     responsibility for his actions.
                                                              Our achievements include:
     The values of respect for others and responsibility
     for your actions are key points of discussion               An ongoing commitment from all faculties to
     during regular assemblies and in the many                    ensure that the programs being developed
     support and welfare programs provided for                    for Stage 4 and Stage 5 students are
     students at Birrong Boys’                                    relevant, require higher order thinking and
                                                                  engage student interest.

   A series of booklets were created in many         Target 4
    faculties which contained the new units of
                                                      Higher School Certificate Results will improve
    work. These resources have been shared
    among the faculties to assist staff to develop    While there were some positive trends in 2006
    new ideas and to improve the learning             results, this was not achieved again in 2007. This
    opportunities for all students.                   small cohort of students was significantly affected
                                                      by the death, in the first half of the year, of one of
   Staff members have been able to draw on
                                                      their peers who had left school. Many of these
    the experience of others and have continued
                                                      students lacked the motivation necessary to
    to work towards providing Quality Learning
                                                      achieve at higher levels after this event.
    for all students.
                                                      While there were few achievements in this area,
Target 2                                              the following can be noted:
All faculties will ensure that Information               There was a reduction in the number of
Technology will be incorporated into teaching             students who achieved only in Bands 1 and
programs.                                                 2. This was not at the required level of 10%.
It is mandatory that all subjects have a                 All of the students who presented for the
component of Information and Computer                     Higher School Certificate had met minimum
technology (ICT) incorporated into each program.          requirements in following the course provided
While Birrong Boys’ has significant resources to          by the school.
deliver this, there are still significant issues in
providing adequate resources to enable staff to          There was an increased percentage of
meet this requirement.                                    students who attended all of their
                                                          examinations and therefore gained the
In 2007, our achievements included:                       Higher School Certificate.
   An audit of staff computer skills to identify
    areas of need.                                    Target 5
                                                      Senior Studies Review Committee will be
   The development of a program to ensure that
    each faculty took on the responsibility for a
    particular area of skills.                        All staff members play a role in monitoring the
                                                      ongoing progress of students. To ensure that
   Ongoing professional learning to update
                                                      senior students are informed when they are not
    teacher skills and to provide support to staff
                                                      meeting requirements warning letters are
    so that they could successfully incorporate
                                                      provided to students and their parents. It has
    ICT into lessons.
                                                      been the role of the principal and the Deputy
   Improved facilities provided by the total         Principals to monitor these letters and provide
    refurbishment of two of our three computer        support to students through the regular review of
    rooms.                                            the Senior Studies Review process.
                                                      Our achievements include:
Target 3
                                                         Regular reviews of students’ performance
School Certificate Results will improve                   ensured that where students were failing to
Our students have consistently underperformed             meet     requirements    that    they were
at the School Certificate. There are a variety of         interviewed and provided with appropriate
factors which impact on our results including a           resources to redeem their position.
lack of student motivation, poor attendance,             All students in Year 11 at the end of Term 3
inadequate preparation and a failure of students          had completed minimum requirements for the
to recognise the value of the School Certificate.         Preliminary Certificate.
While overall our results for 2007 did not improve,
the following improved outcomes did occur:            Target 6
   Adequate monitoring of students’ progress         Student population will increase for 2008
    ensured that no student was “N” determined
                                                      The ability to provide a broad curriculum for all
    before the examinations.
                                                      students depends heavily on the size of the
   All students who presented for the School         student population. Numbers of students have
    Certificate examinations gained a School          remained fairly consistent over the past 3 years at
    Certificate.                                      around 450 students. To remain viable as a
                                                      school the number of students needed to
   There was a 10 percent decrease in the            increase to at least 500 students.
    number of students who gained only Band 1
    or Band 2 results in the majority of the          The strategies used to improve our schools’
    external examinations.                            ability to attract students included raising our
                                                      profile with our local primary schools by

     developing joint programs, promoting our             From the information gathered a list of students
     achievements in local newspapers and improving       whose names had come up repeatedly was
     the physical surroundings of the school which        compiled and these students were interviewed
     was significantly helped by the major capital        and counselled regarding the information
     works project.                                       provided.
     Our achievements include:
                                                          Future directions
        An increase in numbers of students in Years
                                                          The information gathered from the survey was
         11 and 12 for 2008.
                                                          compiled and placed in a database for future
        An increase in the number of students in         reference. The database has allowed each of the
         Year 9, 2007 to 100.                             Deputy Principals and Year Advisers to monitor
                                                          student’s behaviour in respect to bullying in the
        A consolidation of the number of students        school. This database will remain confidential.
         beginning Year 7 in 2008.
        The target of 500 students at Birrong Boys’      Curriculum
         High School in 2008 achieved.                    Information and Computer Technology across
                                                          the Curriculum
     Key evaluations
     It is a requirement for all NSW public schools to    Background
     conduct at least two annual evaluations – one        With the introduction of compulsory testing of
     related to educational and management practice       computer skills for all Year 10 students as part of
     and the other related to curriculum. In 2007 our     the School Certificate the school determined that
     school carried out evaluations of Information and    there was a need to ensure that all students had
     Computer Technology across the curriculum and        access to training in these skills as not all
     one whole school evaluation on bullying.             students were taking computer studies as one of
                                                          their elective courses.
     Educational and management practice
                                                          A review of the results for students in 2006 and
     Student Survey - Bullying                            further testing in 2007 indicated the areas where
                                                          students were experiencing difficulties. Similarly,
     Background                                           teaching staff were surveyed in a computer skills
     Students participated in a survey on bullying in     audit to determine strengths and areas which
     the school. The survey was conducted during the      were in need of attention.
     DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) program and
     involved a series of questions regarding bullying    Findings and conclusions
     with students identifying those students who they       In 2006, 16% of students attempting the
     believed to be the major contributors to bullying        Computer Skills test (CST) were found to be
     within the school. All information gathered was          highly competent, 48% were competent and
     kept confidential.                                       36% did not demonstrate competence in this
     Findings and conclusions
                                                             The areas where students were found to be
     The survey presented the school with some                competent or higher were: basic software
     interesting information. The majority of the             applications, navigating Windows, word
     students indicated that bullying occurs in the           processing skills, multimedia skills, internet
     school and at some time they themselves had              and emailing skills.
     been bullied. However, the amount of bullying
     and the impact it has on them is not enough for         The areas needing most improvement for
     them to be concerned about. The majority of              students were: spreadsheets, databases,
     students indicated that they have taken the              graphics and research skills.
     advice given to them by the school and that is to       With teaching staff, 70% of staff expressed
     ignore potential bullying. However, there were           confidence in performing basis operations
     students in all years that did indicate that they        within computer software packages, core
     were the victims of bullying and it did impact on        application tasks common to software
     them in terms of feeling safe and being able to do       publications as well as internet and emailing
     their work in class.                                     skills.
     Students were asked to identify those students
                                                             Some staff needed further support in
     who were bullying not only themselves but also
                                                              developing competence with databases,
     others and it was pleasing to see that students
                                                              spreadsheets, multimedia packages and
     indicate who these students were and the type of
     bullying that was taking place, whether it was
     verbal, physical or by the use of electronic            School Development Days were identified as
     devices including the internet or mobile phones.         suitable times to further develop staff skills.

   Individual faculties were allocated a range of      meetings and to take on the role. Community
    ICT competencies to incorporate into their          Liaison Officers rang families to inform them of
    teaching and learning programs.                     meetings and to gain support for the school P &
   Staff members have found that professional
    learning from both within-school training and       Findings and Conclusions
    external providers has enabled them to be
                                                           Most parents were unable to attend meetings
    more confident in providing ICT into
                                                            due to work or family commitments.
    classroom practice.
                                                           Neither daytime meetings nor night time
   80% of staff members believe that
                                                            meetings provided a more suitable time for
    technology      can     enhance       student
                                                            parents to attend.
    achievement of outcomes across all Key
    Learning Areas and recognise that teaching             While a few parents were happy to attend
    technology skills in the responsibility of all          meetings where information was provided
    teachers.                                               about the school, they were not interested in
                                                            a more formal role for themselves or the
   Areas     which     are    hindering     the
    implementation of ICT across the curriculum
    have been identified and will inform future            No one was willing to take on the role of P &
    planning.                                               C President at the annual general meeting.

Future directions                                          Parents attending the meeting agreed that
                                                            they wanted to continue meeting regularly
The following are areas which need to be                    with members of the staff.
addressed in the future:
                                                           Parents agreed to disband the P & C
   Improved access to computing facilities for all         Association at the school and to distribute
    Key Learning Areas.                                     any funds remaining in the bank accounts to
                                                            the school.
   Upgrading of all computer hardware to a
    standard reached by the Technology 4                Future Directions
    Learning standards.
                                                           The school will continue to hold meetings for
   Continued upgrade and extension of the                  all parents on the first Friday morning of each
    school computer network to provide access               month.
    to more classrooms.
                                                           The school will continue to send out a parent
   Investigation of expanding        the   network         newsletter each month just before the
    through wireless technology.                            meeting to ensure that all parents are able to
                                                            access information about the school and its
   Strategic purchase and licensing of computer            programs.
   Continued professional development of staff         Professional learning
    to enhance overall skill levels and to maintain
    currency with new technologies.                     All staff members are committed to ongoing
                                                        professional learning. In 2007 staff that had not
   Establish a multimedia centre which can also        been trained in the Glasser system of student
    be     sued    for     demonstrations   and         behaviour management completed the four day
    performances for all classes.                       course in June, as a result this meant that all staff
                                                        had completed the training and a consistent level
   Continued analysis of CST data to refine the
                                                        of discipline and approach when dealing with
    effectiveness of ICT integration into teaching
                                                        students was implemented into the school welfare
    and learning programs.
                                                        system. The other major focus was our ongoing
                                                        commitment to the Quality Teaching Project.
Other evaluations
                                                        At the beginning of each of the first three terms of
Parents and Citizens’ Association (P & C                the year, the school provides training to all staff
Association)                                            during the School Development Days. In 2007,
Background                                              Quality Teaching Programs, Child Protection,
                                                        Anaphylaxis training, Information and Computer
For the past three years it has become                  Technology and Student Welfare were areas of
increasingly difficult to find parents who were         training on these days.
willing to take on the role of office bearers for the
P & C Association. In the period from May 2006
to May 2007, Mrs Abdulmahla was the only office
bearer as President.
The Annual General meeting was held later in
order to encourage more parents to attend
     School development 2006 – 2008                             Evaluation of the impact of the ESL learning
                                                                 strategies and identified improvement in
     The school has completed the second year of the             students learning outcomes.
     three year plan which was developed from the
     information provided in a series of workshops           Target 2
     held towards the end of 2005. In 2008, the plan
     will be completed, evaluated and a new plan will        To improve the numeracy skills of all students
     be developed for the next three years.                  with a special focus on Stage 5 students
                                                             A similar approach will be taken for Target 2 as
     Targets for 2008                                        for Target 1. While there has been systematic
     For 2008 we have limited our targets to ensure          work in all years to improve literacy strategies,
     that our main focus of teaching and learning,           numeracy strategies need further development.
     particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy      Students value the learning of mathematics but
     are addressed.                                          do not recognise numeracy issues which emerge
                                                             in many other subject areas. This program will
                                                             aim to address this.
     Target 1
                                                             Strategies to achieve this target include:
     To improve the literacy skills of all students
     with a special focus on Stage 5 students                   Using student performance data and school
     While in previous years emphasis was placed on              based data to inform planning for the next
     improving the literacy skills of students in Stage 4        phase of our whole school Quality Teaching/
     (Years 7 & 8), staff have identified a need to work         Numeracy Plan.
     more systematically with students in Stage 5.              Using data packages to identify student
     The aim will be to improve School Certificate               learning needs and programming to meet
     results by motivating students and ensuring that            these needs in Stages 4 and 5 in all Key
     they take responsibility for their learning and their       Learning Areas
     own improvement.
                                                                Providing   professional   learning  and
     Strategies to achieve this target include:                  consultancy support to ensure numeracy
        Using student performance data and school               teaching and learning strategies are
         based data to inform planning for the next              implemented in all classrooms Years 7 to
         phase of our whole school Quality                       Year 12.
         Teaching/Literacy plan.                                Raising     expectations     of    students’
        Providing      professional  learning    and            performance through staff professional
         consultancy support to ensure effective                 learning and implementation of identified
         literacy teaching and learning strategies are           classroom strategies that impact directly to
         used in all classes.                                    improve student learning outcomes.

        Providing professional      learning     in   ESL   Our success will be measured by:
         Pedagogy for all staff                                 A decrease in the number of students in the
        Raising expectations of student performance             low bands in National Assessment Plan
         through the implementation of identified                (Numeracy) by 10%.
         classroom strategies.                                  An increase in the number of students in the
     Our success will be measured by:                            high band in NAP (Numeracy) by 10%.

        A decrease in the number of students in the            An increase in the number of students
         low bands in the National Assessment                    achieving expected growth in numeracy from
         Program (NAP) Literacy test by 10%.                     Year 7 to Year 9 by 10%.

        An increase in the number of students in the           A decrease in the number of students in
         high bands in the NAP Literacy test by 10%.             Bands 1 and 2 in School Certificate
                                                                 examinations by 10%.
        An increase in the number of students
         achieving expected growth in literacy from             An increase in the number of students in
         Year 7 to Year 9 by 10%.                                Bands 5 & 6 in School Certificate
                                                                 examinations by 5%.
        A decrease in the number of students in
         Bands 1 and 2 in School Certificate                    Education Support Team evaluation of
         examinations by 10%.                                    numeracy in Stages 4 and 5 across the
                                                                 school in Week 1, Term 4.
        An increase in the number of students in
         Bands 5 & 6 in School Certificate                      Staff evaluation of professional learning and
         examinations by 5%.                                     its impact on classroom practice.

        Staff evaluation of professional learning and
         its impact on classroom practice
Target 3                                             Mrs C. Bogard , Principal
To increase the number of students coming to         Mr A. Stasos , Deputy Principal
school.                                              Mr Tony Mahler, Deputy Principal
The school continues to recognise the need to        Ms Billie Holloway CAPA Coordinator
increase the numbers of students who attend the
school to ensure that a diverse curriculum can be    Ms    Karen      MacGregor        Head   Teacher
maintained. We also recognise that a significant     Administration
number of students are not attending regularly
which impacts on their ability to achieve            School contact information
academic outcomes. This target aims to address
these issues.                                        Birrong Boys’ High School

Strategies to achieve this target are:               Rodd St, Birrong 2143

   The continued promotion of the school            Ph: 9644 5200
    through advertising opportunities and articles   Fax: 97437009
    provided to local media.
   Holding an official opening for the completed
    major capital works project in Term 1, 2008.     Web:

   Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the          School Code: 8213
    school’s opening in Term 1, 2008 and using       Parents can find out more information about
    this and the previous opportunity to highlight   Annual School Reports, how to interpret
    the school’s achievements.                       information in the reports and have the
                                                     opportunity to provide feedback about these
   Continuing to promote the school through
                                                     reports at:
    programs with the local feeder primary
   Monitoring student attendance regularly and
    ensuring that student absences are
    accounted for and followed up with parents.
   Encouraging students in Year 10 to stay on
    to complete their studies in Year 11 and 12
    where appropriate.
   Involving the Home School Liaison officer in
    programs to improve student attendance in
    the junior years.
   Regularly advising parents of senior students
    when non-attendance is impacting on the
    student’s performance at school.
Our success will be measured by:
   Maintaining the school population above 500
    students for the beginning of 2009.
   Improving the retention of students from year
    10 to Year 12 by 10%.
   Improving    attendance   statistics and
    continuing to narrow the gap between the
    school’s attendance rates and those
    achieved by the region.

About this report
In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
committee has gathered information from
evaluations conducted during the year and
analysed other information about the school's
practices and student learning outcomes. The
self-evaluation committee and school planning
committee have determined targets for the
school's future development.


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