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March 20th_ 2013 - Town of Walpole


									                                    Walpole Weekly
                                                                          March 20th, 2013
                                                         Community News of Walpole,
                                                  Nornalup, Peaceful Bay & Bow Bridge
                                           Proudly published in Litter Free Walpole

Marty Makes it Three
Submitted by Rhonda Perpoli on behalf of
Walpole Country Club
There were big celebrations at the
Walpole Country Club on Sunday night
when the winners of the 26th Pioneer Cup
were announced.
Martin Anning with his partner Neil
McDonald enjoyed the top honours, this
being the third time Marty has won this
prestigious golfing tournament. A great
Local lads featured in the first three
Pioneer Cup Winners: Martin Anning and
Neil McDonald
Runner’s Up: Steele Harkin and Russel
Third Place: Nigel Fry and Luke Anderson
Fourth Place: Chris Slynn and Malcolm
Over one hundred players toughed it out in
the misty, gloomy weather on Friday and
two hundred and twenty six took on the
challenge for the Pioneer Cup over         Pictured above
Saturday and Sunday. An impressive array top; Martin Anning with Norm Hawkins
of prizes was an added incentive to play   middle; Steele and Russel Harkin with Norm Hawkins
well though most were happy to enjoy good food, good friends, good stories and great
entertainment.                                                       Continued on page 9...
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                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
                                                                              TIMES TO REMEMBER
                            March                                            Walpole Waste Transfer Station
                                                                               Tuesday and Thursday 1 - 5
                                                                                         Sunday 9 - 5
                                                                                      Peaceful Bay Tip
         21      Galvan MacDonald                                            Wednesday 9 - 1 Sunday 1 - 4.30
         22      Brad Cooper                                                               Library
         23      Warren Taylor                                                 Wednesday 9 - 12 and 1 - 3.30
         24      Kyle Sawyer                                              Friday 9 - 12 and 1 - 3.30 Saturday 9 -12
         25      Allan Hatfield, Connar Hill,                                         Walpole Op Shop
                                                                       Monday—Friday 9.30 - 11.30 and Saturday 10 -1
                 Francine Champion
         26      Garth Nockolds, Connor Hoskins

March 20th 2013 — 2                                                                                        Walpole Weekly
         Community Events Calender                                             Shire of Denmark
                                                                               Where the Forest meets the Sea –
 Month    Date                    Details                                      South Coast - Western Australia
 March        22 Black Swan Theatre simulcast of “The
                 Importance of Being Ernest” at CRC                      Community Visioning
              25 Aquatic Facility Referendum                              Workshops
              28 Precision hearing in Walpole                      Wednesday, 3 April 2013
              29 Good Friday                                  At the Peaceful Bay Community Hall
                                                                     From 10.00am to 1.00pm
              29 Shire of Manjimup Community Grants
                 close                                            Wednesday, 10 April 2013
              31 Easter Sunday                                    At the Council Reception Room
                                                              1st Session – From 10.00am to 1.00pm
              31 Easter Markets
                                                              2nd Session – From 6.00pm to 9.00pm
 April           3 Community Visioning Workshop @
                                                            Light lunch or supper & refreshments provided
                   Peaceful Bay
                                                         The Shire of Denmark is developing a new
                 4 Invasive Weeds Workshop               Community Strategic Plan and seeks your views on
                 4 Feral Animals Workshop                the future direction of the Shire and the priorities for
                                                         our community.
                 7 Beyond Gardens-seminar in Hall
                                                         In essence, Council wants to know how you would
            9-11 Holistic Grazing Workshop               like the Shire to grow and develop into the future out
              11 Munda Biddi Inaugural ride to           to the year 2031.
                                                          What do you like or value about living in the
              14 Silver Chain Garden Party—Tree Elle       Shire?
              17 Independent Living Van at CRC            What do you dislike or value about living in the
                                                          What do you believe may change (by 2031)
Walpole Community Resource Centre                          that will require the community planning for?
Will be closed                                            What is your Vision for the Shire by 2031?
Good Friday March 29th
Reopening 9am                                            Council invites you to attend one of the above
Tuesday April 2nd                                        workshops and give us your views, vision and
                                                         aspirations! The forums will be light and engaging
Please note this includes:                               and if you simply wish to attend, listen and take
Bendigo Bank Agency and                                  away a form to fill out for return to us later – then
Walpole Weekly.                                          that’s ok too.
Deadline for the
Walpole Weekly remains                                   RSVPs are essential (for catering purposes) to
12noon Monday.                                           Claire Thompson on (08) 9848 0300 or email
Happy Easter from the WCRC Team

                                    Plug into the Sun with Great Southern Solar
                                      Reduce your home or business power bills
                                      Solar power, wind power and
                                       solar hot water
                                      Quality systems at great prices
                                      On and off grid

                   Call Don and the team on 9848              1369 to find out more
Walpole Weekly                                                                                 March 20th, 2013 — 3
Federal Government to take money from inactive accounts
Recent reports on the May 31st changes to federal laws    There is hope-
regarding inactive bank accounts have been raising        The public can check for unclaimed money including
concerns within the community at large.                   dormant or inactive accounts
This change will see inactive accounts be them bank       by visiting
accounts or superannuation accounts will be transferred   www or
into the Federal Government coffers after just three websites.
years. Previously such transfers took place after seven   Alternatively your accountant
years. These new laws also changed the amount of          may be able to help.
money which can be collected from inactive
superannuation funds by the Federal Government from
$200 to $2000. According to the website the definition of an inactive
account is; “A bank or brokerage account in which                     Massage, Foot Reflexology,
there have not been any transactions for an extended                    & Bowen Technique
period of time.” It would seem that the Federal                            available by Colin Hill
Government has deemed that an “extended period of           (Dip. Massage, Foot Reflexology, Bowen Technique)
time” is just three years. One must wonder about the                 PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC MASSEUR
accounts of people who have put money aside in an                            27 years experience
account which is not a term deposit account for such      For relief of Neck & Back pain, Muscular aches, Stress &
expenses as education, untouched savings, and the ever    Tension. For other pain, including Headaches, Sore feet,
possible rainy day.                                                          Legs, Shoulder, Arms
This all leads one to start thinking about how many            Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue & Relaxation
employers have I had? Could I have some unclaimed             For an Appointment please phone 9840 8169 or
and until now unknown about money out there?                   see Colin (MANAGER) at Peaceful Bay Chalets
                                                                         Peppermint Way, Peaceful Bay

March 20th 2013 — 4                                                                     Walpole Weekly
                                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Alex Williams (“Shire of Denmark Ratepayers                 hard for a flat cost per rates assessment notice
Beware”) raises some good questions for all ratepayers      regardless of its size. A levy similar to the ESL charge
- whether in the outer rural areas or closer to the town    would be a fairer solution. Council has argued that the
of Denmark.                                                 Local Government Act would not allow this … but it
                                                            has conceded that there are ways of achieving a fairer
The first of these is the perennial question “why should    outcome. DACCI would lend its wholehearted
I pay more rates to subsidise something that I won’t        support to any pressure group determined to pursue
use … or at least may ‘hardly ever’ use”? Well, I think     this strategy.
that applies to many facilities already built or planned.
Think of the Recreation Centre, the Library and the         Finally, two comments on the pictures that
Youth House, all of which are centralised “in town”.        accompanied Alex’s letter. William Bay is indeed a
Think of the Parks, Gardens and Reserves – not quite        magnificent swimming hole for those fit enough to
so centralised. Think also of the 891 kilometres of         handle the climb and hardy enough to ignore
Roads, 689 km of which are unsealed and therefore           inclement winter weather. And … any pool as
certainly rural rather than urban. In the last financial    crowded as the one shown (downtown Tokyo?)
year (2012/13) the Shire spent more on roads than on        wouldn’t need a subsidy!
all other capital works put together.
                                                            Cyril Edwards, Vice President,
Most ratepayers rarely (or never) use these roads but       Denmark Aquatic Centre Committee Inc.
they are nevertheless essential for those who have
chosen a rural lifestyle. Such a choice comes at the
cost of remoteness from certain centralised community
facilities. I chose to live in Denmark fully aware that
I’d be trading easy access to many pubic assets in the
city for the advantages of life in a small country town.    Letter to the Editor
Others have been more adventurous and bypassed the
township to seek truly rural environments. That’s their     Walpole – a Community in Unity?
choice. I admire it and, believing we are one               Submitted by an anonymous critic of anonymous
community, I’m happy to pay for the network of rural        critics.
roads that enable that choice.
                                                            Do we need dissatisfied people in order to achieve
The proposed pool in Denmark is just another piece of       change? (Yes)?
social infrastructure. Sure, it’s not next-door for those   If all the dissatisfied, negative people actively got
out west … but nor is the MRI machine that we may all       involved in working hard to improve the local
need when we have a serious medical problem.                environment, then maybe we would all benefit.
On the question of the uneven cost to individual            I heard on the street recently a number of differing
ratepayers, I agree with Alex. DACCI has pressed            criticisms regarding the lack of benefits that exist in
                                                            Walpole. These people were members of various
                                                            groups – religious, clubs, associations and the
                                                            like. Hiding behind their own depressed state of
                                                            mind, expressing negative thoughts and ideas only
                                                            helps to sour the community in unity ideals.
                                                            My own thoughts are that as Walpolians, we have
                                                            the most wonderful community and environment in
                                                            which we live. We should all work harder together
                                                            to keep it that way rather than sit back in a depressed
                                                            state spreading negativity and dissatisfaction.
                                                            It can be expensive and time consuming to employ
                                                            qualified counsellors to lift us out of
                                                            depression. Maybe set up a refugee camp in
Pictured above; proposed Denmark Aquatic Facility.          Manjimup for the dissatisfied ?
                                                            Name and address supplied and withheld by request.

Walpole Weekly                                                                                    March 20th, 2013 — 5
Energy Auditing made easy                                                 TERRY REDMAN MLA
Thanks to the Warren Districts Renewable Energy                          To everyone who voted for me and all the volunteers and
Group the Walpole Public Library now have three                          supporters who assisted me during the election campaign.
“Energy Audit Packs” for loan to their members. The
                                                                         I look forward to continuing to
pack contains instructions, a guide and an Arlec                         serve the people of Walpole as the
electrical Energy Cost Meter. This is a fantastic way                    Member for Warren Blackwood.
for you to identify any “energy guzzling” appliances
around your home and DIY your own energy                                 Terry Redman MLA
                                                                         Member for Warren Blackwood
                                                                         Freecall: 1800 644 811
                                                                         Tel:      9851 1544
The Warren Districts Renewable Energy Group Inc.                         Fax:      9851 1912
(WDREG) is an active, incorporated, non-profit                           Email:
community body that aims to support householders
to reduce their energy consumption, demonstrate
the availability and feasibility of various renewable
energy options and display the practical value of
wastes as a resource at the local level. The main
target group is the residential and business
community in the Shire of Manjimup, South West

It is also in the process of conducting a survey of                               Please note
energy opportunities related to land care, is actively
engaged in testing the use of domestic wastes as                                 There will be
an energy source and is implementing a
Commonwealth-funded community-wide energy-
saving project (Cool Communities).
                                                                               no Nurse on-call
                                                                              this weekend from
                              Real Estate Agents,
                                                                           5.00pm Friday evening
                              Property Managers,                             23/03/13 to 08.30am
                                Auctioneers &
                            Free Market Appraisals                             Monday morning
                    Property of the Week                                           24/03/13
                                  47 Williams Road PEACEFUL
                                  BAY Immaculate 3 x 2 home on a
                                  large 1012 sqm block with access to
                                                                          For medical emergencies during
                                  rear and a double lockup garage
                                  with workshop.
                                                                          this time please call one of the
                                  Features include: Bore, garden
                                  shed, maintained gardens and a split
                                  system air conditioner to the living
                                  room. One more very attractive
                                  feature - Its in the FREEHOLD           98400900 Silver Chain
                                                  Asking: $529,000
                                                                          Your call will be diverted to Health
    For all Property Management requirements please call Dee Beeck.
                                                                          Direct where you will be able to
             For all your Real Estate requirements call:                  speak to a nurse for advice.
    Joe Burton      0429 900 616 Cliff Jefferson      0408 443 811
    Peter Bannister 0418 920 861 Vaughan Bellanger 0427 401 231
                      Denmark Representative:
                                                                          000 for St John Ambulance
                    Peter Bannister 0418 920 861
             Office: (08) 9840 1232 Fax: (08) 9840 1233                   1800 022 222 Health Direct
            You can also finds us at                9848 0600 Denmark Hospital
                          Member of REIWA

March 20th 2013 — 6                                                                                     Walpole Weekly
    The Wedding of Jason Benson and Alison Ebbett
  Saturday 9th March, a fine Autumn day saw a
  special occasion as Jason and Ali shared their
  Wedding vows on the Banks of the Bow River.
  Their union was witnessed by 200 family and
  friends. Ali and her bridesmaids Carol, Bec, Angie
  and Whitney made their journey to the venue by
  boat. It was a truly spectacular scene as Jason and
  his groomsmen Dan, Dean, Jamie and Ethan
  waited for them to arrive.
  A special performance during the ceremony was by
  Ethan (Jason's youngest brother) as he sang
  "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and "Rest of my
  The reception was held at Ray and Julie's home up
  on the hill. This was a casual affair, but we are not
  sure if the MC's opening speech was a welcome or        Jason and Ali have so much to look forward to, a little
  a stand up comedy skit but it certainly entertained     family already started and memories of their great
  everyone.                                               day. The hard work was well and truly worth
  The Benson and Ebbett families have lived in the        it. Many thanks once again to all who played their
  Bow Bridge area for many years and this is the          part big or small, in making this the very special day it
  first union of the families.                            was.
  A wonderful day was enjoyed by all.
  Proud parents Ray, Julie, George & Deb would            Pictured above; Jason and Alison Benson
  like to thank all those who helped make this a day      Photograph courtesy of Nic Duncan,
  to remember.                                            Article submitted by Ray and Julie Benson.

                                                   Shire of Denmark
                                   Where the Forest meets the Sea – South Coast - Western Australia

                                       AQUATIC FACILITY REFERENDUM
                                                INFORMATION EVENING
 Members of the community are invited to attend an information evening on the Aquatic Facility Referendum
 to be held on Monday, 25 March 2013 in the Council Reception Room, 953 South Coast Highway, Denmark,
 commencing at 7.00pm through to approximately 8.30pm.

 The purpose of the evening is to provide members of the public with answers to some of the more frequently
 asked questions about the proposed Indoor Heated Aquatic Facility as well as providing the opportunity for
 any other questions relating to the proposal.

 Electors are advised that detailed referendum information with the accompanying Ballot Paper has been
 sent to the first registered owner of every rateable property of the Shire via post on Friday, 15 March 2013.
 One vote per rateable property is therefore permitted, resulting in some 3848 eligible voters. Please note
 that the referendum ballot papers have been sent to ratepayers only and not electors.

 Completed Ballot Papers are required to be placed in the Ballot boxes located at the Denmark Recreation
 Centre, Denmark Library or Shire Office during normal opening hours or alternatively posted in the reply paid
 envelope prior to 4.00pm, Friday 5 April 2013.

 Detailed information relating to the proposed referendum and the proposal are available on Council’s
 website, however please contact Claire Thompson (for general information) or Jason Young (for queries
 regarding voter eligibility) on telephone 9848 0300 or via email

Walpole Weekly                                                                                         March 20th, 2013 — 7
Rest Point hosts Veterans week of fun
Submitted by Ian Bell
The Mandurah Murray Vietnam Veterans group for the third
year in row elected the Rest Point Caravan Park, Walpole for
the clubs annual getaway. This year’s gathering took place
between March 7th to the 13th. Forty odd caravans and
personnel occupying chalet accommodation saw a total of 92
people involved. The group focus is to provide a forum for
veterans from not only Vietnam, to associate and enjoy the
company of
ex-service personnel and their wives or husbands. Their motto
is to have fun, look after your mates and no Politics. The
activities enjoyed whilst in Walpole included kayaking,
cycling, fishing, darts, bocce, walking, eco tour and night tree
walk. The annual dinner catered for by Mal and Barb was
enjoyed greatly, the theme this year of bad taste caused great
hilarity. Lionel Morris the group’s President entertained
everyone with great dance music and songs from the 60’s era.
The group throughout the week were subjected to fines for
ridiculous infractions. This year’s fines will benefit the
Walpole Parents and Citizens Association as chosen by the
group. Before leaving, the group thanked the people of
Walpole for their hospitality and friendship. Plans are to return
next year for the fourth year.

Menshed nearer to having own home
                                                              discussion with members about the importance of
 The Walpole Menshed could have its own permanent             being aware of the signs and symptoms of ill health
 home by the end of next year, Manjimup Shire                 and being prepared to act promptly when they
 Council CEO Jeremy Hubble told the AGM last                  occurred.
 Tuesday.                                                     He discussed the reasons for men in regional areas
 He outlined plans for the local branch of the SES to         dying younger on average than men in urban areas and
 vacate its present building near the town jetty and          stressed that with the problems of being far from
 move to a new building in the industrial estate.             medical facilities it was much more important to know
 Tenders for this will be called shortly and building is      what to do before the ambulance could reach you.
 expected to start about October and take a year to           If you had already had heart problems or other illness,
 complete.                                                    it was most important to have the appropriate medicine
 The Menshed will then share the present building             with you at all times, not to leave it at home or in the
 with the RSL.                                                car.
 Jeremy said that while there had been some                   Several members raised medical questions with Cedric
 discussion about who owned the building it was on a          and he offered to come back to talk to the Menshed at
 Council reserve and was a public building. It made           any time.
 sense for the Menshed and the RSL to share it                The new committee will meet on Thursday, March 21st,
 instead of building new premises.                            to finalise its programme for the next six months which
 At the AGM, which was the Menshed’s first, Peter             will begin with a demonstration of knife making by
 Newton was elected president after retiring president        Thomas Gerner on Thursday April 16th. There will also
 Bob Quin said they had had a very successful first           be a visiting speaker on men’s sexual health in May,
 year of operations with several interesting projects,        regular open days for existing and new members at the
 speakers and outings.                                        Menshed room and on-going woodworking and other
 Guest speaker Cedric Saldanha, the diabetes educator         projects.
 with Amity Health in Albany, held an informal

March 20th 2013 — 8                                                                        Walpole Weekly
 Pioneer cup continued...
                                                  Walpole Menshed
The Pioneer Cup currently maintains its
popularity on the golfing calendar because of
the significant sponsorship from Mount
Barker Community Bank, Bendigo Bank                    Committee Meeting
Branch, IGA Pioneer Store, Walpole                 9 am Thursday March 21 in
Hardware, Engel and many local and regional      our room at the Community Hall
                                                 All members welcome to attend
Walpole Country Club sincerely thanks these        and take part in discussions
sponsors. Just as important is the
appreciation to the members and the Walpole
community for their support and many
volunteer hours. During the weekend the
players are always “blown away” and envy
the way everyone pulls together in our special
community of Walpole.

    Pictured top; Nigel Fry with Norm Hawkins
    Pictured below; Chris Slynn

Walpole Weekly                                                          March 20th, 2013 — 9
                                   Information Technology
                                   Free Workshops Solu-

                                  Workshop 1: Invasive Weeds of the South West
                                          Workshop will be held on Thursday 4th April
                                         9am—12noon at the Nornalup Community Hall

 Nornalup                               Learn how to identify common local weeds and about the
                                         different methods of their control
 Community Hall
                                        Find out which weeds are declared weeds and Weeds of
 2368 Shaw Road, Nor-                    National Significance and what that means to you
 nalup                                  Bring along your own plant sample and have it identified
                                        Find out what local control works are been undertaken by
                                         Department of Environment and Conservation and
 Contact                                 Department of Agriculture and Food
 Elissa Stewart
                                        Includes a short site visit so please bring suitable
                                         footware and hat.
 NRM Officer
 Wilson Inlet Catchment Commit-
 Email: wic-                      Workshop 2: Feral animals of the South West
 Phone: 0427198038                        Workshop will be held on Thursday 4th April
 Note: Officer works part                 1pm—4pm at the Nornalup Community Hall
 time so please allow a
                                        Know your enemy; learn about feral animals in the local
 few days for response.
                                         area, both present and potentials.
                                        Find out about your native flora and fauna and how they
 RSVP Essential                          are at risk from feral animals
 RSVP by Thurs March                    Find out what local control works are been undertaken by
 28th                                    Department of Environment and Conservation and
 Morning tea and after-                  Department of Agriculture and Food
                                        There will be information on how you can help control
 noon tea provided.
                                         these ferals and also about available feral animal control

                                         Come to one workshop or come to both!
                                                Presenters from DEC, DAFWA
                                                and local Weed Action Group
  This project is funded by
the Government of Western
 Australia through the State
       NRM Program

March 20th 2013 — 10                                                                Walpole Weekly
                             Walpole CENTRAL Building, Latham Avenue, Walpole
                        Phone : 9840 1395 Fax : 9840 1394 Email :

     COURSE FOR 2nd SEMESTER, 2013
      Microsoft Publisher 2010
       Microsoft Publisher helps you create, personalize,
 and share a wide range of publications and marketing
 materials in-house.
 Course Topics
        New Features of Publisher
        Working with basic
        Editing and formatting publications in
        Working with pictures and graphics in
        Preparing a publication for distribution
 Course starts :   3rd Term 2013
 Time :            6pm—9pm
 Duration :        1 Semester
 Cost :            Unknown at this stage but around $100
 Limited places, so get your name on the list as it is
 already partly filled.

     Community Talk
     How can the Best Beginnings
     & Parent Support Program help you?

Presented by Prue Ward–
Senior Practice Development Officer

WHEN: Thursday March 28th 10am to 11.30am                    Walpole CRC will host this Simulcast—FREE
                                                            Gold coin donation towards nibblies, BYO drinks.
WHERE: Walpole Community Resource Centre
                                                                        Doors open from 7:00pm
RSVP:  Tuesday March 26th 2013, to 9840 1395
                                                                   Behind the scenes starts at 7:20pm
                                                                       Main show starts at 7:30pm

Walpole Weekly                                                                              March 20th, 2013 — 11
                          Coming to Walpole!
                         When : Sunday 7th April
                         Where : Walpole Community Centre
                         Time : 10am—1pm
    Seminar covers a wide range of topics from ornamental gardening to growing food and even a little on
            growing bushfoods at home. Time will also be provided for people to ask questions.
FREE with light refreshments provided
                       RSVP for catering purposes to Walpole CRC        9840 1395
March 20th 2013 — 12                                                                  Walpole Weekly
Cigarette butts lead the pack of                           2013 Act-Belong-Commit
preventable fire causes                                    Volunteering Competition
The careless disposal of cigarettes have started more      Mentally Healthy WA is on a
preventable grass, scrub and rubbish fires this summer     mission to expose the mental
than any other cause.                                      Health benefits of volunteering
Since 1 December last year, at least 320 grass, scrub      by inviting Western Australians
and rubbish fires were the result of discarded butts,      to describe how their volunteer
prompting the Department of Fire and Emergency             role helps to keep them mentally
Services (DFES) to urge smokers to properly dispose        healthy.
of cigarettes.
DFES Fire Investigation and Analysis Unit Manager          The competition is being
Gary Baxter said people were threatening community         coordinated by Yolexis Hernandez,
safety by failing to give a second thought to the          a 22 year-old volunteer at Mentally Healthy WA.
bushfire risk cigarettes pose.                             Yolexis says “Volunteering provides the opportunity
“Cigarettes are on fire so when you toss them away         to feel part of the community, and meet like-minded
into the bush or mulch while taking a walk or sitting in   people with similar interests and goals. This helps to
your car at traffic lights you are effectively holding a   give you a sense of belonging which in turn boosts
match to bush,” Mr Baxter said.                            mental wellbeing. There is something naturally
“No matter what time of the year or weather conditions     satisfying about learning new things and knowing I
always put your cigarette out properly and make sure it    am making a difference in the community” she said.
is extinguished.
“While it may be the last thing on your mind, small        Yolexis and the team at Mentally Healthy WA are
careless actions like flicking your butt can cause major   encouraging Western Australian volunteers to share
bushfires. Don’t be the one to get a guilty conscience.”   their volunteer stories by submitting a 150 word
While cigarette butts are the leading cause of             story or a 45-second video clip telling how
preventable grass, scrub and rubbish fires, latest         volunteering keeps them mentally healthy.
statistics show other causes this summer include sparks    Entries close 19 April 2013 at 4pm. There are two
from hot works tools (14), embers from barbecues           categories: youth aged 12 – 25 and adult. There is a
(12), and fireworks or sparklers (7).                      $100 iTunes voucher to be won for each category.
Mr Baxter said people needed to use their common
                                                           The public can vote for their favourite entry via the
sense when handling any item or appliance that could
                                                           Act-Belong-Commit Facebook page from Tuesday
start a fire.
                                                           23rd April. Winners will be announced on 15th of
“If you are using a barbecue, wood fired pizza oven or
                                                           May 2013 during National Volunteer Week.
hot works tools make sure you have cleared a
perimeter and always have a fire extinguisher nearby,”     To find out more about the competition or to
Mr Baxter said.                                            download an entry form, visit
“Children need to be properly supervised when they or phone (08) 9266
are using sparklers, and fireworks are actually illegal    4648. To find out about volunteering in your local
and can be extremely volatile and dangerous.               area, contact your local volunteer resource centre or
“Fires are unpredictable and given the right conditions    visit
can spread very fast.
“If it’s a very hot and dry day then you need to think
twice before using hot works tools or appliances such                          FOR SALE
as lawn mowers, and if there is a Total Fire Ban in
place it might even be banned.”                            Jayco Pop Top 18ft
Careless disposal of cigarette butts could now attract a   Full annexe, triple bunk
fine of up to $500 for an individual.                      $9,300
If you see someone carelessly dispose of a cigarette       Phone: 9840 8368 Mobile: 0437 1661 121
you can report the offence to Keep Australia Beautiful
WA.                                                        Tractor TEA20 , Ferguson
For more information on reporting cigarette litter visit   petrol, new drive tyres.
the Keep Australia Beautiful WA website                    Alternator and Batteries, Slasher,                                        Scarifier and Grader Blade
For bushfire safety and Total Fire Ban information         $4250
visit                                  Phone: 9840 1444

Walpole Weekly                                                                                  March 20th, 2013 — 13
 Manjimup Shire Grants closing                                              Information for

 The Manjimup Shire Community Grants                                        residents of Walpole
 close in just two weeks.                                                   about the Satellite
 Every year the Shire of Manjimup                                           Subsidy Scheme
 reserves 2% of the prior year's rates
 revenue and gives it back to the community
 in the form of grants.                                On 25 June 2013 analog TV signals will be switched
                                                       off across Regional and Remote WA and free-to-air
 Funding is available under three categories;          TV will be broadcast in digital-only. Analog TV
 Events Grants, Youth Project Grants and General       services in Walpole are provided from a self-help
 Grants.                                               retransmission site located at Allen Road and is
                                                       operated by the Manjimup Shire Council. This site will
 Application forms can be downloaded from the
                                                       not be upgraded to broadcast digital TV services and
 Shire’s website or picked up from the Shire
                                                       will be switched off on 25 June 2013. This means that
 Administration Centre or Manjimup, Pemberton,
                                                       people who are relying on this site to receive analog
 Northcliffe and Walpole public libraries and the
                                                       TV signals will lose access to TV.
 Walpole Community Resource Centre.
                                                       All households in the Walpole area that receive analog
 Applications close at 4pm on Friday 29 March.         TV services from the local self-help retransmission site
 Yes, this is Good Friday. Applications post           and do not have adequate reception of all digital TV
 marked before this date will be accepted.             services from another transmitter site are eligible for
 Applications submitted by fax or email by 4pm on      assistance under the Australian Government’s Satellite
 this date will be accepted. You will not be able to   Subsidy Scheme.
 submit an application in person on this date as the
 Administration Centre will be closed.                 The Satellite Subsidy Scheme provides financial
                                                       assistance to help eligible households move to the
                                                       government-funded Viewer Access Satellite Television
                                                       (VAST) service. Under the Scheme, households
                                                       receive a high definition VAST set-top box, satellite
                                                       dish and cabling, supplied and installed by a
                                                       government-contracted installer for a one-off
                                                       household contribution of $250. The VAST service
                                                       provides a minimum of 17 free-to-air digital TV
                                                       channels from ABC, SBS and commercial
                                                       Previously, only part of Walpole was eligible for
                                                       assistance under the Satellite Subsidy Scheme.
                                                       However, the eligibility area has now been
                                                       expanded and all households in Walpole should
                                                       check their eligibility and apply for the Scheme.
              Kerry Halse 0427 482 437                 Households in the Walpole that receive adequate
               A/hrs Ph/Fax 9848 2437                  digital TV reception from a terrestrial transmission
                                                       site do not need to do anything.
                                                       Households should check their eligibility for the
                                                       Satellite Subsidy Scheme by entering their address in
                                                       mySwitch on the Digital Ready website at
                                              or by calling 1800 20 10
                                                       13.Eligible people in the Walpole area are advised to
                                                       opt-in to the Satellite Subsidy Scheme as soon as
                                                       possible to ensure that their VAST installation can be
                                                       arranged before switchover on 25 June 2013. To opt-
                                                       in to the Satellite Subsidy Scheme, call the Digital
                                                       Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13.
                                                       The Satellite Subsidy Scheme will remain open across
                                                       the Regional and Remote Western Australia
                                                       switchover region until 25 July 2013.

March 20th 2013 — 14                                                                   Walpole Weekly
 Holistic Grazing - sustainable                                   Holistic Grazing -
 productivity, environmentally                                 sustainable productivity,
 friendly                                                      environmentally friendly
    Livestock are blamed for the desertification of
 large tracts of land globally. Allan Savoury contends
                                                          Three day workshop from 9th – 11th April
 that a management practice which mimics nature is              on planning holistic grazing
 the solution to arresting increased desertification,                 management.
 indeed will heal degraded landscapes.
    Mr Savory’s recent presentation "How to Green                 The venue for the course is
 the Desert and Reverse Climate Change" at the TED              Boyup Brook’s Rylington Park,
 2013 global conference can be viewed online and
 has received more than 400,000 hits since the talk
                                                          ideally set up for theoretical and practical
 was posted on TED’s website this month.                         components and with on-site
    Allan Savoury, Savoury Institute founder and                  accommodation available.
 President, believes it is the mismanagement of the         For more information, contact Andrew
 use of livestock that is the problem. If stock such as     Pound at Warren Catchments Council
 cattle, sheep and goats were used to mimic the                     by phone 97718180 or
 historic mass herding and continuous movement of
 grazing animals then not only would these problems
 disappear but damaged landscapes will be returned
 to sustainable productivity.
    Holistic management of grazing requires a shift in
 thinking from what can my pasture do for my
 livestock to what the livestock can do for my
 pasture. This change has encouraged Boyup Brook
 beef producer, Warren Pensini, to now call himself a
 grass producer rather than a beef producer. At a field
 day on his property last October, Mr Pensini
 explained how his revised management strategy
 enabled him to increase turn-off, reduce the need for
 supplementary fodder and eliminate standard worm
 control treatments.                                          Precision Hearing will be in Walpole
    Participants were enthusiastic for more detailed               on 28th March 2013 at the
 information so Warren Catchments Council has
 secured Savoury Institute trained Holistic                        Silver Chain Nursing Post.
 Management educator, Brian Whelburg from Inside                     New clients welcome.
 Outside Management, to conduct a three day                           Please call 98 416122
 workshop from 9th – 11th April on planning holistic                to book an appointment.
 grazing management. Mr Whelburg has used his
 knowledge of holistic management to use grazing as
 a tool to improve the environment with resultant
 increased stocking rates, significant pasture
 improvement and regeneration of water seeps.
    “The venue for the course is Boyup Brook’s
 Rylington Park, ideally set up for theoretical and
 practical components and with on-site
 accommodation available,” said Andrew Pound,
 WCC’s project officer.
 To register for the subsidised course or for more
 information, contact Andrew Pound at Warren
 Catchments Council by phone 97718180 or email,au.

Walpole Weekly                                                                         March 20th, 2013 — 15
                                                          Carbon Farming Initiative for
                                                          the South West
                                                              Landholders, advisors and natural resource
                                                          management groups interested in gaining a deeper
                                                          understanding how the Carbon Farming Initiative
 Want to find out more about the                          (CFI) works, what impact it may have on their business
                                                          or land management, and opportunities for
  Carbon Farming Initiative?                              involvement can come along to free information
                                                          sessions on Monday 25th March (9am Bunbury, 2pm
 SWCC’s Regional Landcare Facilitators are hosting a      Kojonup) and Thursday 28th March(9am Pemberton).
 series of free information sessions for farmers,             The information sessions will be hosted by The
 landholders, advisors and natural resource               South West Catchments Council’s Regional Landcare
 management groups interested in how the Carbon           Facilitators on behalf of the Australian Government.
 Farming Initiative (CFI) works. Ben Keogh from the       Whether landholders are interested in setting up a
 Australian Carbon Traders will share his in-depth        project now or perhaps in the future, they should come
 knowledge and involvement and will cover the             along to understand how it may apply to them and how
 following:                                               they can incorporate it into their current of future
                                                          farming practices.
    Overview of the CFI and how it has developed             According to Kate Scott, SWCC’s Regional
    Current methodologies, processes and relevance to    Landcare Facilitator, “This is still a fairly new
     the South West                                       initiative, launched by the Australian Government less
    A step by step guide on how to become involved       than fifteen months ago; our information sessions are
    The costs of being involved                          valuable to landholders who may be interested, but not
    A WA case study – how it happened, the hurdles       sure what considerations they need to take into account
     that had to be overcome and where they are now.      before signing up. We aim to provide an example of a
    Opportunity to workshop potential project ideas      WA case study as a way of sharing on-ground
 Monday 25th March - 2pm Kojonup                          experiences.”
 Kojonup Lesser Hall, Albany Highway                      These information sessions will be presented by Ben
                                                          Keogh from the Australian Carbon Traders. His in-
 Thursday 28th June - 9am Pemberton                       depth knowledge and involvement with the CFI will
 Pemberton Sports Club,1 Club Road                        provide a strong basis for people to have their
 Registration Essential:                                  questions answered and build up their understanding of
 For further information or to register please contact:   CFI in farming practices.
 Kate Scott on 9780 6102 or                                   The sessions will include information on:
 Amy Clifton on 9780 6177 or
 email                        the South West

                                                                                             – how it happened,
                                                          the hurdles that had to be overcome and where they are
Surprise visitor at WCRC                                  Registration is essential by 22nd March. To register,
Walpole’s CRC became a tourist check point on Friday.
                                                          please contact Amy Clifton on 9780 6177 or
Suzanne Reeves, Lake Grace CRC Coordinator took the
opportunity to drop in for a chat whilst her husband
played golf, at Pioneer Cup.                              For more details, please contact Regional Landcare
As always the WCRC team were happy to show off            Facilitator Kate Scott on 9780 6102 or
Walpole’s facilities and                        
share the tale of their
humble beginnings in a two                                This project is supported by the South West
room shack in the old DEC                                 Catchments Council, through funding from the
single mens quarters to the                               Australian Government’s Caring for our Country and
purpose built Walpole                                     the Government of Western Australia.
Central Building.

March 20th 2013 — 16                                                                      Walpole Weekly
 Tidy Towns joins forces with the                             What was St Patrick’s Day
 CDG                                                          all about?
 At its last meeting the Walpole Tidy Towns committee
 made the decision to partner with the Walpole Nornalup       Saint Patrick's Day
 and Districts Community Development Group. The               or the Feast of Saint
 reason behind the move was that the members had              Patrick ("the Day of
 primarily joined the group in order to support the ideals    the Festival of
 of Keep Australia Beautiful and not be bogged down
                                                              Patrick") is a
 with the legalities of running a committee.
                                                              cultural and
 The Community Development members agreed to
 accept the Tidy Towns group under its umbrella of
                                                              religious holiday
 management. Chairperson Adele Brown and Secretary/           celebrated on 17
 Treasurer Haylee Hawkins assumed roles on the CDG.           March. It is named
 It is expected this merger will provide greater strength     after Saint Patrick
 of numbers for both organisations. It is also anticipated    the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of
 that closer connection to most community groups and          Ireland.
 projects will allow for a more comprehensive                 Saint Patrick's Day was made an official Christian feast
 submission for the Tidy Towns Awards, to be                  day in the early seventeenth century and is observed by
 developed.                                                   the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion
 The Tidy Towns concept is not just about rubbish and         (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern
 keeping the place litter free. It is about creating a
                                                              Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church. The day
 sustainable future and working in partnership with each
                                                              commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of
 other. DEC works with Michael Filby whilst the Op
 Shop supports various community groups. These are
                                                              Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrates the
 just a couple that are reported on, but there is a need to   heritage and culture of the Irish in general.
 know of other collaborations so the submission can be        Celebrations generally involve public parades and
 more representative of the community. Any photos or          festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or
 written documentation of what local groups have been         shamrocks. Christians also attend church services and
 up to would be most appreciated, and can be left at the      the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol
 Walpole CRC.                                                 are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and
                                                              propagated the holiday's tradition of alcohol
 The categories for the 2013 Awards are;                      consumption
 1. Community Action and Partnership                          Many Australians remember the Irish settlement and
 2. General Appearance                                        culture on St Patrick’s Day. The Irish were among the
 3. Waste Management and Litter Prevention                    first Europeans to settle in Australia. They comprised a
                                                              portion of the convict settlement population in the late
 4. Natural Environment Conservation
                                                              1700s. More than 300,000 other Irish settlers (not
 5. Heritage and Culture                                      convicts) migrated to Australia between 1840 and
 6. Water Conservation                                        1914. Many Irish immigrants came to Australia to
 7. Energy Innovation                                         escape famine in their homeland. About thirty percent
 8. Young Legends                                             of Australians are believed to have some Irish ancestry
                                                              One way of preserving Irish traditions and customs in
                                                              Australia is celebrating St Patrick’s Day each year. St
                                      17-21 Cockburn Rd       Patrick is one of Ireland’s patron saints. He died on
                                            PO Box 5628
                                        Albany WA 6332
                                                              March 17 in or around the year 493. He worked as a
                                           Ph: 9842 1533      missionary in Ireland and it is believed that he
                                          Fax: 9842 1833      banished “snakes” from the country although the term
                                may have referred to druids or pagan worshippers.
                                                              Many people wear the colour green on St Patrick’s
                   Your suppliers for
           Timber Roof Trusses & Wall Frames                  Day. They may also wear a symbol of Ireland, such as
                                                              a brooch in the shape of a shamrock or a harp. Images
                                                              of leprechauns or a pot of gold are seen in promotional
                                                              material for St Patrick’s Day. The Irish flag and
                                                              balloons in flag’s colours (green, white and orange) are
                                                              also visible during events and activities on the day.

Walpole Weekly                                                                                     March 20th, 2013 — 17
What are they thinking?                                      Hairball Theatre invited to the
Would later start times for school students really solve
the rising behavioural issues in young people? In 2003       National Folk Festival
then prime Minister John Howard thought so and now it         Local street performance group Hairball Theatre,
seems that todays politicians are getting on the             have been invited to perform at the National Folk
bandwagon– or should that be school bus?                     Festival in Canberra over Easter 2013.
This topic would be laughable except for the obvious          The invitation reflects the popularity of this local
evidence that young children up to the age of 12years        Denmark group and follows performances at the
old tend to be more active and engaged earlier in the day    Nannup Folk Festival, Fringe World in Perth and the
where as teens and young adults prefer to sleep later        Fairbridge Folk Festival later in the year.
and get more active and engaged later in the day.             Hairball Theatre was formed as part of Brave New
Perhaps such a large shift in education times is not what    Works in 2008 and has taken their coloured costumes
is needed to curb the adolescent behavioural issues but      and zany antics to many parts of Western Australia.
the return of consequences for actions. Less softly softly    The National Folk Festival is a big step forwards for
and more accountability. Even toddlers understand the        the troupe of eight.
difference between right and wrong and it’s some of          According to Artistic Director, Deb Edmondson, it
these toddlers who somewhere between learning to use         takes a lot to get the group together let alone the time
a knife and fork and graduating high school become self      to rehearse new pieces. We are all working full time
centred, dispassionate and sometimes abusive adults.         and have young families however Hairball provides an
There is no sure-fire remedy but surely a united stance      avenue for us to have fun and learn new skills.
from all quarters of the community, parents, siblings,        The diversity of ages is one of the keys to the success
teachers, extended family and other members within a         of Hairball Theatre according to Deb. We are quite
community must be a place to start. Tolerance of bad         multigenerational with ages ranging from 18 to 50.
behaviour surely only leads to more extreme cases as         This not only makes for interesting conversations but
the boundaries are explored? Is the solution to todays       also ensures we learn from each other.
rising adolescent issues to bring back the discipline of      Members of the team include Deb Edmondson, Don
yester year? Would the cane help?- barbaric though it        Anderson, Liz Jack, Gareth Andersson, Jamie
was, it sure was effective.                                  Faulkner, Ali McNamara, Declan Brown and Ilan
                                                              In Canberra we will aim to pitch ourselves at other
                                                             Festival promoters around Australia and the world.
                                                             Whilst we recognise the challenges of being in
                                                             regional Western Australia, we still aim to promote
                                                             Hairball Theatre, Denmark and the Great Southern
                                                             across the country!
                                                              Performance pieces such as Pot Heads and the
                                                             Denmark Country Women’s Teaspoon Reading
                                                             Society are all being well received amongst Festival
                                                              We believe street performance legitimizes the
                                                             importance of diversity in our community as well as
                                                             giving permission for chaos and silliness to be part of
                                                             our lives.
                                                                      Submitted by Denmark Chamber of Commerce

                                                                            What's on at the
                                                                               Walpole Hotel
                                                                    Walpole Competition
                                                                         - Pool
                                                                 Tuesday Nights
                                                                        Motel Ace $800 Hote
                                                                         - Happy Hour @ 5:30
                                                                 Friday Nights
                                                                         - Chase the
                                                                               Op en 7 day s a w ee k
                                                                                                   Op en 7 day s a w ee k

                                                                                      Phone: (08)9840 1023
                                                                                                          Phone: (08)9840

March 20th 2013 — 18                                                                         Walpole Weekly
                                    HOUSE Slabs
                                    Verandahs
                                    Driveways
                                    sheds
                                    Exposed
 BRAD PIERCE                           Aggregate
 Mob 0428 927 158                   HONED/GROUND
 Ph/Fx : 08 9848 3191
                                    Brick paving
 Email :                           PO Box 434
                                   Denmark wa 6333

                                                                         ROTEC ELECTRICS
                                                                         EC 005112
                     ABN: 56 925 355 168                                 Rod Gittos
             22T Excavator & D6 LGP Dozer
                                                                        64 Latham Avenue
                                                                        Walpole, 6398.
                                                                        Mobile 0427 984 071
                                                       Digital TV—Satellite—Installation and service
                Phone: Rusty0427 000 983               Appliance Repairs—All Electrical Work

    Pre-mix concrete
    Sand, Gravel carting
    Site works, house & shed pads, driveways
    Back hoe, bobcat, loader and grader hire
    Blue metal and metal dust available.
             Contact Nigel Fry
    Phone 98401626 - Mobile 0419948072

                   HP & LJ

                     9840 8141
                    0429 850 917                                                 FOR ALL ELECTRICAL
                                                       Sales                      INSTALLATIONS
                                                       Service                    & REPAIR WORK
                                                       Aircon Special-        •Domestic • Commercial
                                                                                   • Rural • Industrial
                                                                                         EC 6877
                                                          ARC AU18684            Obligation free quotes
                                                               Ph 9848 2026 Fax 9848 2212

Walpole Weekly                                                                         March 20th, 2013 — 19
           Skip Fencing and Walpole                                     Walpole
                                                                     Dingo Services
              Steel Fabrications                         * Trenching      * Post Hole Digging
                                                         * Yard Cleanups      * Landscaping
                                                         * Retaining Walls        * General Bucket Work
                                                         * Limestone Block Grab * Mobile Cement Mixer
                                                         * Limited Access 1050mm width * Reticulation

                                                                    “DO IT WITH A DINGO”
                                                            Now Available : 600 mm auger suitable for house stumps
                               From site works to the                          and tree planting
                                   finished shed.
                               FULLY ENGINEERED -                  Phone       Garth Nockolds
                                  CUSTOM SIZES                      0427 477 833 / (08) 9840 1098

             GARAGES ~ SMALL SHEDS                                        THERE’S MORE TO

                 Made locally supporting
                     local business
                   For quotes, phone                                    THAN JUST WINDOWS!
                   9840 1640 w/shop
                   9840 1237 a/hours                    Jason aluminium windows and doors ● Shower screens and mirrors
                                                           ● Flyscreens made to measure ● Security doors and screens
                  0428401640 Mobile                                   ● Skylights and double-glazed screen
                                                                       ● 24 hour glass and glazing service
                                                               Free measure and quote by qualified and helpful staff
                  STEVEN SKIPPINGS                                       Phone 9848 2772
                                                                   Fax 9848 3664 1/1058 Middleton Road Denmark

March 20th 2013 — 20                                                                         Walpole Weekly
Walpole Weekly   March 20th, 2013 — 21
March 20th 2013 — 22   Walpole Weekly

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