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      According to the 9th Kerala Pay Revision Commission 2010 , there will be a considerable Hike in
Salary for Kerala Government Employees, Teachers, University Staff, Cooperative Bank Staffs, Part Time
govt. employees, Kerala Police , Kerala Fire Force , Health care .etc.

     T.M. Thomas Isaac the Finance Minister of Kerala announced in November 2010 that there will be
Revision in Pay (Salary Scales) from April 2011.

       Pay Revision Commission Chairman Justice R.Rajendra Babu will handover the recommendations
to Finance Minister in the presence of Chief Minister V.S Achuthanandan. This report will be handed over
to the Accountant General for further process.

     Reports of revision of Pay scales of University / college lecturers , school teachers .etc will also be
submitted soon.
      The revision of Pay will be declared before the announcement of the election dates by Kerala State
Election Commission.
Calculation of Salary / Pay Fixation for Government Employees of Kerala
 ·     Step 1 - Basic Pay before Revision at Option date
 ·     Step 2 - 64% of Dearness Allowance will be merged
 ·     Step 3 - Fitment Benefits = 10% of Basic Pay before Revision Or Minimum Rs.1000
 ·     Step 4 - Total of Steps 1 + 2 + 3
 ·     Step 5 - Fix the stage in Revised scales
 ·     Step 6 - Service Weightage = 0.5 % for every year of service and it should not exceed a total of
 ·     Step 7 - Total of Steps 5+6
 ·     Step 8 - Fix the stage in Revised scales as Basic Pay at the option date
This is the method of calculation of Pay Fixation

Additional details like - Fitment Benefits and Weightage as per 2010 Pay Revision Report are given
below ,

New salary scales were done with 10 % fitment.

Also it was recommended that - for every 1 completed year of service half a percent weightage will be
allotted up to a maximum of 15 %.

Fitment benefits and weightage should not exceed 25 % as per the report.

Pension amounts was changed from Rs.2520 to 4500 based on higher fitment benefits.

9th Kerala Pay Revision Commission 2010 Report

Main Recommendations of the Pay Revision commission report details are as follows,
 ·   Gratuity Amount increased from earlier Rs.3.30 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs.
 ·   According to 9th Salary Commission , More Pension will be made available to Pensioners who are
     older than 80.
 From age 80 to 85 there will be 5 % increase in Pension
 From age 85 to 90 there will be 10 % increase in Pension
 From age 90 to 95 there will be 20 % increase in Pension
 From age 95 to 100 there will be 50 % increase in Pension
 ·   Pension amount of all govt. employees will have an increase of 12%
 ·   Pensioners and Family Pensioners will get Rs.300 Medical allowance per month.
 ·   UGC Pensioners will get the pension amount as , Half the highest salary fixed in Kerala for
     similar posts.
 ·   Minimum Pension will be Rs.4500. Earlier this was Rs.2520 only.
 ·   Minimum Salary of Govt. Employees increased to Rs.8500. Master Scale is Rs.8500 to Rs.59840.
 ·   Salary Scales increased from 24 to 27.
 ·   Eye Glass Allowance Increased to Rs.1000 for every 10 years.
 ·   Organising the salary Scales of Employees of all 7 universities in Kerala. If salary after organising
     is lesser than previous salary , then those employees will continue to receive the additional amount
     as personal salary.
 ·   Salary scales of University staffs from Assistant to Registrar has been revised to similar salary
     scales in Secretariat.
 ·   Part Time Employees in Government will be getting monthly pay based on 3 new Salary scales.
 ·   Secretariat employees like Additional Secretary , Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary will get
     special allowances of Rs.900 , Rs.500, Rs.300.
 ·   Higher Grades allotted on years like 8th , 15th , 22nd , 27th. This will benefit 2nd , 3rd , 4th Grade
 ·   Hike in Salary and allowances of Last Grade Employees up to Rs.1662.
 ·   Risk Allowance will be granted to all qualifying employees.
 ·   Special Corpus Fund for treatment of employees who are affected by diseases like cancer.
 ·   The new changes will be applicable from 1st July 2009
 ·   Smallest increment as per this Report is Rs.1104
 ·   Higher Grades for Teachers
 ·   More Benefits for Engineers
 ·   40 to 50% Increase in Allowances
 ·   City Compensatory Allowance will increased to double the current amount
 ·   House rent allowance HRA will be increased by 40%
 ·   Travel Allowance will be increased
 ·   Daily Allowance will be increased
 ·   Pension for Personal Staffs ( Minimum 3 years service) of High Court Judges. With the retirement
     of judges , the personal staffs will also get retirement.
 ·   There will be special training classes for improving the behavior of Government employees to-

     wards citizens of Kerala.
The Pay Revision Commission said that the Govt.employees are Public servants and they should not
behave rudely to people and ask for bribes.

The Govt. employees are granted high salaries and this is the money from ordinary people. So they are
liable to work for people and solve their problems.

Members of the 9th Kerala Pay Revision Commission were,
 Justice Rajendra Babu - Chairman
 Sri. V. Prasenan - Secretary
 Dr. P. Mohanan Pillai - Member
 Adv. P. Venugopalan Nair - Member

Education Department - Revised Pay Scales (High School Teachers,
LP , UP , HIgher Secondary Teachers)
    Among the announced revisions of salary scales in the Education Department , the most benefits will be
for High School Teachers.

     The number of grades for High School is increased from 3 to 4.

   Higher grades will be given in the 8th , 15th , 22nd years of service. The 4th grade will be allotted in the
27th year of service.

     Basic Salary of Kerala High school Teachers which was earlier Rs.8390 is now hiked to Rs.14620

   New Scale of High school Teachers will be 14620 -360 - 14980 - 400 - 16980 - 440 -18740 - 500 -
21240 - 560 - 23480

   Pay Revision in the Salary Scales of Lower Primary (LP) & Upper Primary (UP) School Teachers
will change from 6680 -10790 to 11620 - 18740 But there will be no change in grades for LP - UP

     Salary Scale of Higher Secondary Junior Teachers will change from 9190 -15510 to 16180 - 27140.

     Salary Scale of Higher Secondary Senior Teachers will change from 11070 - 18450 to 19240 - 32110.

Kerala Health Department Pay Revision - Doctors, Nurses Revised
Salary Scales 2011
 ·      Doctors , Nurses , Nursing Assistants of the Health care Departments in Kerala will get increase in
        basic salary based on the new Pay Revision Commission report.
 ·      The revised salary scales are as follows,
 ·      Assistant Surgeon Salary Scale - Rs.24,040 to 36,140
 ·      Civil Surgeon Salary Scale - Rs.31,140 to 46,640
 ·      Deputy Director Salary Scale - Rs.44640 to 56340
 ·      Additional Director Salary Scale - Rs.46640 to 58640
 ·      Health service Director Salary Scale - Rs.48640 to 59840 (This is the Highest Salary Scale in
        Kerala Government Service)
 ·      Staff Nurse Salary Scale increased to Rs.13900 to 22360. Earlier this was 7480-11910.
 ·      Nursing Assistants Salary Scale - The Basic Pay of Nursing Assistants has been revised from

        Grade 1 Attender Salary scale to a higher scale.
       Career Advancement schemes have been recommended for Doctors.

      With this scheme employees of good service history can be given Non-Cader promotion is possible
even if there is no vacancy available.

Leave Travel Concession for Kerala State Government employees
For the first time , Kerala Govt employees will be getting the LTC , as per the recommendations of Pay
Revision Commission under Justice R. Rajendra Babu.

Leave Travel Commission is the amount granted to employees for taking leave and going on vacation
with family.
Employees who have completed 15 years of service will get the LTC Allowance for travel up to 2400 km.

The LTC can be availed for only 1 time in the service.

Kerala Part Time Employees Revised Salary Scales of 2011
For the first time in Kerala , the Part Time Employees in Government will be getting salary scales.

For this 3 new pay scales have been implemented.

At Present the Salary scales are Rs. 3100 + Dearness Allowance , Rs. 2700 + Dearness Allowance , Rs. 2300
+ Dearness Allowance.

From April 2011 , this will be raised to the new salary scales as follows,

   Rs.5520 to Rs.8400

   Rs.4850 to Rs.7500

   Rs.4250 to Rs.6700

Pay Revision in Kerala from 2011 for Govt Employees
From Financial year of 2011 there will be a good hike in salary / wages of the employees of Kerala State

Another notable thing is about the Penison — Government Employees , Teachers and Penisoners will be
getting 10% increase in their pension amounts.

There is also recommendation for organising the salary scales of all Staffs of all Universities under Kerala.

The pay revision of salary scales will be done for employees like Government Employees, Teachers and
Cooperative Bank Staffs of Kerala.

The Pay Revision Commission will submit the new report before 29th December 2010. According to the
Commission report , there will be chance of recommending revision of pay from 10 % to 15%.

Around 5.5 lakh Government employees of Kerala will benefit from this increase in salary. Last Grade Staff
are expected to get around 10% increase in basic salary.

The basic pay of last Grade staff will be hiked to Rs.8500. Employees having 30 years service will get 15%
hike in basic pay. Basic pay will be calculated on the basis of number of years of service. Revision of salary
will be applicable in around 28 scales.

In last Pay Revision Commission report in previous year , there was 6% hike in basic pay in the year 2010.
This year in 2011 there are expectations that there will be more hikes in HRA , Dearness Allowance.etc. for
State and Central Govt Employees.

Husbands who are Government employees will be getting 10 days leave for Pregnancy / delivery of Wife.

Also at present the Pregnancy leave for women employees in governmnet service is 180 days (6 months).
There is recommendation for giving more days of leave to the mother for looking after the child.

This leave sanction will be similar to that given to Central Government employees. So the entire pregnancy
/ maternity leave for Kerala’s government employees is recommended to be raised to 1 year.

Another recommendation is that there will be a special allowance of Rs.1000 per month to mothers , whose
children are facing mental and physical problems.
Highest salary of Government employees will be fixed up to maximum of Rs. 59,840.

The minimum fixed salary of Kerala Government employees will be increased to Rs.8500.

The demand for the Government jobs in Kerala will increase now with this offer of high salary and increase
in allowances.

There will be hike in Eye Glass Allowances also. It is recommended that the Glass Allowance should be
given up to 3 times for the employees. Now it is given only 1 time in the service.

There are plans for adding 5 New Special secretaries in the Secretariat from coming financial year. Special
Secretaries will be appointed in departments like Finance , Home, Education, Health , Local Govt.

With this implementation the retiring employees in the post of Additional secretary ranks can now retire
with the post of Special Secretary Rank.

The number of employees recruitment to Trivandrum Secretariat will increase in future , to decrease the
burden of work.

In Kerala , the basic salary will be decided using the Master Scale from coming years.

Engineers - Revised Salary Scales
Career Advancement schemes have been recommended for Professionals like Engineers.

With this scheme employees of good service history can be given Non-Cader promotion is possible even if
there is no vacancy available.

For example after 7 years of service Assistant Engineer will get promotion as Assistant Executive Engineer
(Non Cader)

Hike in Salary Scales in Kerala Police Department , Fire Force,
Motor Vehicle Department, Jail Staff , Excise , Forest Department
There will be a considerable increase in basic pay in various Police Department’s under Kerala Government.

The hike in salary will be through a promotion of basic pay scales.

Police staffs from the posts of Head Constables to DYSP’s will be getting salary packages of their next
higher post.

There are recommendations for organising the salary scales of Jail Department, Excise Department, Police
Department, Forest Department, , Fire Force , Motor Vehicle Departments.

So the salary scales of the Jail and Motor Vehicle Departments are expected to increase just like the hikes in
Police Departments.

For example - Head Constables will receive the salary packages of Additional Sub Inspectors’s (ASI) and so

There is also increase in benefits and allowances for the Police Staff as per the Pay Revision commission

Also 20% of the Sub Inspectors of Kerala Police will be given Gazetted Officer authority also and this will
be based on seniority.
Circle Inspectors are expected to receive new basic pay of Rs.20740 to 33680.

DYSP’s revised salary scale will be from rs.24040 to 36140.

Police Suprend’s who do not have IPS will not receive hike in salary scales at present. But , they will receive
a special allowance of Rs.1000.

There is also recommendation for organising the salary scales of both Police and Fire Force departments.

Kerala Co Operative Bank Staff Pay Scale Revision 2011
Hike in basic Pay of Last Grade Staff (Co-Operative Banks) will be Minimum Rs.1,500

Hike in basic Pay of Chief General Manager will be Minimum Rs.11,000

Revised Running Master Scale Rs.7825 - 50450

Peon , Attender Revised Salary Scale Rs.7825 - 20975

Clerk Revised Salary Scale Rs.9625 - 28375

Junior Assistant Revised Salary Scale Rs.11750 - 32050

Accounts Officer Revised Salary Scale Rs. 14375 -38350

Deputy general Manager Revised Salary Scale Rs.20975 - 48950

Chief General Manager Revised Salary Scale Rs.25075 - 50450

HRA Allowances to Staff of Co Operative bank staff will be increased to 10% of Basic salary upto a maximum
of Rs.2000.

1st Salary Scale
 Old 4510-120-4990-130-5510-140-5930-150-6230
 Revised New Scale 8500-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220
2nd Salary Scale
 Old 4630-120-4990-130-5510-140-5930-150-6680-160-7000
 Revised New Scale 8730-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-12550

3rd Salary Scale
 Old 4750-120-4990-130-5510-140-5930-150-6680-160-7480-170-7820
 Revised New Scale 8960-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13210
4th Salary Scale
 Old 5250-130-5510-140-5930-150-6680-160-7480-170-7990-200-8390
 Revised New Scale 9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13540-360-14620
5 th Salary Scale
 Old 5650-140-5930-150-6680-160-7480-170-7990-200-8790
 Revised New Scale 9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13540-360-14980-400-15380
6 th Salary Scale
 Old 6080-150-6680-160-7480-170-7990-200-9590-240-9830
 Revised New Scale 10480-270-11020-300-12220-330- 13540-360- 14980-400- 16980-440-17420
7 th Salary Scale
 Old 6680-160-7480-170-7990-200-9590-240-10790
 Revised New Scale 11620-300-12220-330-13540-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740
8 th Salary Scale
 Old 7480-170-7990-200-9590-240-10790-280-11910
 Revised New Scale 13210-330-13540-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-20740
9 th Salary Scale
 Old 7990-200-9590-240-10790-280-11910-340-12930
 Revised New Scale 13900-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-22360
10 th Salary Scale
 Old 8390-200-9590-240-10790-280-11910-340-13270
 Revised New Scale 14620-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-23480
11 th Salary Scale
 Old 8790-200-9590-240-10790-280-11910-340-13610
 Revised New Scale 15380-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040
12 th Salary Scale
 Old 9190-200-9590-240-10790-280-11910-340-13610-380-15510
 Revised New Scale 16180-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140
13 th Salary Scale
 Old 9590-240-10790-280-11910-340-13610-380-16650
 Revised New Scale 16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29180
14 th Salary Scale
 Old 10790-280-11910-340-13610-380-16650-450-18000
 Revised New Scale 18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-31360

15 th Salary Scale
 Old 11070-280-11910-340-13610-380-16650-450-18450
 Revised New Scale 19240-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32110
16 th Salary Scale
 Old 11910-340-13610-380-16650-450-19350
 Revised New Scale 20740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820- 33680
17 th Salary Scale
 Old 12250-340-13610-380-16650-450-19800
 Revised New Scale 21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-34500
18 th Salary Scale
 Old 12930-340-13610-380-16650-450-20250
 Revised New Scale 22360-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-35320
19 th Salary Scale
 Old 13610-380-16650-450-20700
 Revised New Scale 24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-36140
20 th Salary Scale
 Old 16650-450-20700-500-23200
 Revised New Scale 29180-680-29860-750-32860-820-36140-900-40640
21st Salary Scale
 Old 20700-500-23200-550-25400-600-26600
 Revised New Scale 32110-750-32860-820-36140-900-40640-1000-44640
22 nd Salary Scale
 Old 23200-550-25400-600-26600-650-31150
 Revised New Scale 36140-900-40640-1000-46640
23 rd Salary Scale
 Old 25400-600-26600-650-33100
 Revised New Scale 40640-1000-48640-1100-54140
24 th Salary Scale
 Old 26600-650-33750
 Revised New Scale 42640-1000-48640-1100-55240
New Scales Added in 2011 are as follows,
25 th Salary Scale
26 th Salary Scale
27 th Salary Scale

LDC Minimum Qualification Raised to Plus Two
Earlier the minimum qualification for applying for Lower Division Clerk exams was SSLC.

As per the Pay revision Commission Report , the minimum qualification for applying for jobs and
examinations in Kerala PSC (public service Commission) like LD Clerk , LD Typist has been made to
Plus Two Pass (+2)

Also Computer Knowledge is a must for LDC jobs in Kerala.
No Change in Retirement Age for Kerala Government Employees
At present there is group retirement of employees on March 31st every year.

Chief Minister V.S Achuthanandan tried to bring a recommendation that , the retirement of pension age
should be made to 56 years.

The Pay Revision Commission was also of the opinion that Group Retirement should be stopped and
retirement should be done every month based on age.

But , Finance Minister Thomas Issac did not agree to this option and canceled this recommendation.


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