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									                      The 10 Best Nursing Twitter Feeds to Follow

Life as a nurse is far more convenient if you have a computer, laptop, smartphone, and/or
tablet with an active Internet connection. Any of these devices can access your Twitter account
where you can easily follow various Twitter profiles so you can be up-to-date. While Twitter is
good for following your fellow nurses, it can also be a good idea to get a stream of home health
care updates from well-established nursing Twitter feeds. Here are 9 nursing Twitter feeds that
you should definitely follow.

1. Nursing Times (@NursingTimes)

Nursing Times is basically a huge resource for news in the nursing industry. It also serves as a
great learning source for nursing topics. The site’s Twitter feed posts the latest articles so their
30,000+ followers can immediately check them out. Because there are so many followers, you
may also find some tweets made by followers on the profile page making this feed a good place
to discover nursing Twitter feeds as well.

2. NurseGroups (@NurseGroups)

The NurseGroups Twitter page describes itself as the “social career resource for nurses”. This
makes this feed a great place to catch updates on home health care news and beyond. Daily
nursing tips and other health news are shared on the feed on a daily basis.

3. Nurse dot com (@Nurse_com) is probably the first nursing website that online nurses will check out so it is no
surprise that their Twitter feed is so popular with over 10,000 followers and more than 4,000
tweets. In addition to the normal news posts, this feed may also post job opportunities and
home care services.

4. NurseZone (@NurseZone)

NurseZone is mainly dedicated to sharing news, statistics and editorials for the nurse
community to enjoy. Some useful tips are shared occasionally as well.

5. (@NurseTogether)

NurseTogether is all about bringing nurses together and build their confidence. Short and useful
tips are posted every hour and some of their tweets encourage nurses to interact with the feed
as well.
6. Nursing Essentials (@InformedNurse) is a great website to check out if you are looking for useful pocket guides
in various fields including nursing. Nursing Essentials is just one of the official Twitter feeds of
this site and it focuses on sharing updates regarding their guides and informative mobile apps.
If you plan on buying something there, this feed can keep you up-to-date regarding discounts as
well as tips and tricks.

7. Nursing Jobs (@Nursing_Job)

Nursing Jobs is the ultimate source for nursing job employment and home care services. Before
you decide to follow this feed, just bear in mind that this feed is very active and tweets multiple
nursing job offerings every hour.

8. Nursing Management (@NurMgt_online)

Nursing Management may not be as popular as the other feeds mentioned earlier but it takes
an interesting angle on nursing. This feed mainly tweets about the ethical and legal aspects of
nursing leadership. Related topics are covered as well including recruitment and management.

9. Nursing Care Quality (@JNCQonline)

Nursing Care Quality only has a few followers right now but the feed continues in posting links
to quality nursing articles and other useful guides.

10. C-care Health Services (@CcareServices)

Is another feed run by Nursing agencies in Toronto, that is just getting started, but is posting
highly relevant and useful news related to their industry of home care services. Most of these
Twitter feeds have the same objectives and approaches in delivering the information. But you
should follow all of these feeds anyway because nursing is a very broad subject and there is
plenty to talk about. This is why you will be greeted with a wealth of unique information on
your Twitter account home page after you follow all 9 of these feeds.

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