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									Healthy Living with Diabetes

Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't thrive!
You're life doesn't need to be dull as a diabetic, especially when it comes to food!

There are loads of dishes and diets suitable for those who are diabetics. If you eat the right way,
a diet full of delicious healthy food and get plenty of exercise (make it fun!), there is no need to
worry. There is also very good powerful diet supplement that you can find here.

Actually these concepts for diabetic living enhance the body's capability to deal with diabetes
and various other conditions.

How to Live a Healthy Life with Diabetes
The Healthy Challenge of Diabetics

Dealing with diabetes doesn't mean you must feel sorry for yourself and take your medicine with
the hope that you will get better someday. Living with diabetes just means you need put some
extra effort in to how you live.

Here are some tips when you're dealing with diabetes:

1. Monitoring-measuring and reading your blood sugar levels will be very helpful to measure
how well your body is functioning with the disease. Be happy when your levels are in a good

2. Eating healthy foods-plan this out with exercise for best results. Sticking to a diabetic diet
will definitely help with the diabetes. And there are "super foods" which can reduce blood
glucose. Some diabetics also add supplements to lower blood sugar.

3. Super Foods-grape seed extract, olive oil and cinnamon is just a sampling of super foods
which you should add to your diabetic diet each day to lower your sugar levels.

4. Exercise-working out on a regular basis can do marvels for the body which can also help with
the diabetes. Try to find a physically activity you enjoy and won't get bored of which will help
improve your body, mood and diabetic condition.

5. Sunlight-(and plenty of it) this is a simple formula: Vitamin D helps diabetics. Also walking
or jogging a few minutes a day when the sun is out can catch two birds with one stone.

6. Research- battling diabetes is not just about what you put in your mouth,. It also depends
upon your knowledge of the disease. Doing research on your condition will help youl know
exactly how to deal with it.

7. Have support-one of the difficulties with managing diabetes is you can easily go off course,
especially with exercise and food. Have someone who understands your challenges and
condition and will root for you everyday to help you stay on track.

8. Know the warning signs- be knowledgeable of the warnings signs and symptoms so if there
is a problem you can quickly contact help in case you need it.

9. Screening- getting tested is vital when you have diabetes. By screening you can take action if
there is a problem very quickly.

10. Keep your smile-your body adjusts to your mood. A positive outlook will help you handle
the disease of diabetes. This will motivate you if you are facing problems.

Super Foods for Diabetics

Planning is Everything
Among the very best methods to manage your diet plan whether you have diabetes or simply
wish to reduce weight is you need to develop a good plan. Planning enables you to select the
foods you'll want to eat at any point in the day. The major benefit is the reality that you need to
stay with certain dishes simply to care for the sugar degree in your body. Additional benefits of
planning are added choices which permit you to search for options if you can't locate a food you
wish to eat.
Click here to see the diabetic resource center at

Managing Carbs
The primary root cause in diabetes is carbs since they are processed to sugar in the body.
Imposing constraint in carb consumption is very important to have a normal life while handling
diabetes. Thankfully, there are a number of tasty foods that satisfy those who wish to manage
their carb consumption are expanding so there are more food choices today for diabetics.

The Superfoods
Aside from recipes, meals, vegetables and fruits that doesn't include high degree of
carbohydrates, there are specific vegetables and fruits which are known as superfoods because
they can lower the levels of sugar inside the body. These foods are rich in fiber, magnesium,
fiber, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

A few of these superfoods are citrus, beans, sweet potatoes, whole grains, nuts, leafy green
veggies (dark green is better) and berries. These vegetables and fruits can assist your body
handle diabetes while improving your overall health.

Learn more about diabetes from the Mayo Clinic
Video: My life with Diabetes From a different angle

Diabetic Food
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Foods to avoid

Healthy foods to enjoy

Learning About the Different Diabetic Foods to Avoid
If you are someone who is suffering from diabetes, then you should be aware of which diabetic
foods to avoid. Learn about the diabetic food exchange so that you can make informed decisions
about what food to avoid and which to include for a healthy and well managed diabetic diet.
There are a few diabetic foods to avoid, and by doing this you are going to be making sure that
you are not aggravating your condition in any way and that you are going to be keeping yourself
in the best possible health.
As a diabetic, be careful with what you are eating day to day, but also be committed to make life
long changes as well. Even after you get your diabetes under control, you must be proactive and
vigilant about your diet to prevent symptoms from flaring up again.
Fats and carbohydrates in general need to be limited because they can be both high in calories
and in sugar. Read labels, find the diabetic friendly shelves, and increase protein in your diet to
start with. The following is a list of things to be eliminated from your diet. Don't despair; the
next step will be to find delicious and healthy replacements. You are on the way to a new and
improved lifestyle!
Foods to Avoid
 1. Cereals with sugar and that are not whole grain,
 2. White Flour
 3. Fried Potatoes of any kind
 4. White rice
 5. Any canned vegetable or fruit not made for diabetics
 6. Jelly
 7. Vegetables cooked with butter or butter added after being cooked
 8. Regular soda pop,
 9. Meats that are fried, bacon and fatty Prime Rib,
 10. Whole milk, cottage cheese not made for diabetics,
 11. Anything that says cream, including ½ and ½,
 12. Fried snacks like chips,
 13. Salad spread including mayonnaise,
 14. Beer
 15. Flavored coffees including hot chocolate and energy drinks
The swaps for most of these are easy and delicious. Go for fresh steamed vegetables, put down
the salt, sugar, butter and condiments. Prepare whole grains, lean meat, and drink water, tea, and
other sugar free beverages. You're going to love how you feel and look!
Strawberry Spinach salad
Prep time: 35 min Ready in: 35 min
Yields: This salad serves eight people

Strawberry and Spinach Salad for Diabetics
 •   6 to 8 ounces Baby Spinach, Stems removed
 •   1 pound Fresh strawberries, Slice them to your liking
 •   1/2 cup Vegetable oil
 •   2 tablespoons Sesame seeds
 •   1-1/2 tablespoons Minced red onion
 •   1 tablespoon Poppy seeds
 •   1-1/2 tablespoon Sugar
 •   1 tablespoon White wine vinegar
 •   1/4 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
 1. In a salad bowl mix together the strawberries and spinach, in a blender add the dressing
    ingredients and blend until thoroughly mixed and thickens. You can over mix and add bubbles
    so be careful, Place dressing in a small container and before serving toss salad gently with
    dressing or you can serve the dressing on the side. Thank You Barbara Scott from Bend,
    Oregon for this recipe.

 2. This is a great Spring and Summer salad. The original recipe had more sugar and white
    vinegar and was not Diabetic friendly. By cutting down on the sugar and vinegar it can now be
    enjoyed by everyone including diabetics. Having fresh strawberry's gives enough sweetness so
    you will not miss all the sugar.
Nutritional Information

       Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1-1/2 cup
Calories                            120
Calories from Fat                     36
                       % Daily Value *
Fat 4 g                              6%
Saturated fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 15 g                   5%
Sugar 7 g
Fiber 4 g                          16%
Protein 3 g                          6%
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 65 mg                         3%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on
a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may
change depending on your calorie needs.
The values here may not be 100%
accurate because the recipes have not
been professionally evaluated nor have
they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

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