Ways to Cure Nail Fungus

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					Ways to Cure Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus
Toenails. We either obsess about them or never think about them... that is until there is trouble. Toenail
fungus is one problem that cannot be ignored for long. It is ugly, can be painful, and can be spread to
others. Toenail fungus can also have serious medical consequences if it is not treated.

Take a minute or two and give your nails your full attention, for a change. Knowledge about causes,
prevention and how to get rid of toenail fungus to give you Happy Feet again!

What are Nail Fungus Infections?
Do you think you may have a nail infection? It is certainly possible, but finish reading this article before
fully answering the question. You will find out how to determine if you do have an infection which brings
on a nail fungus, what triggers it, its treatment and therapy and preventive measures.

Nail fungus is also known as Onychomycosis is induced by small fungi microorganisms that can be quickly
contracted anywhere. If you have it then you are not alone with over 10 million in the USA and 2 million
in Candida contract it every year.

Nail fungus infections can be very difficult to detect in the early stages, but very evident when they are
completely developed underneath nails. Then the fungus appears as yellow spots which slowly spread
out till it infects the entire nail and nails on other fingers or toes.

It is really simple for the fungi to linger in the nails due to the fact that it is a favorable place for growth.
This is since people wear shoes which are enclosed and no air can flow. The fungus grows in moist,
warm, dark environments so the foot is perfect area. Also take note that a nail fungus infection can be
transmitted to other people.

There are various ways the fungus can infect another person. This includes sharing a bathroom either at
home or in the public, locker rooms, closets and so on. These locations are typically damp and
individuals who use them, many times walk around barefoot. The fungi then gets transferred on the
flooring as and then to other people simply by walking with no shoes.

Another way it can be contracted is with emery boards and nail files. It's bad hygiene to share nail files
with others because you never know what their nails have been. You should also not walk without shoes
in locker rooms, public bathrooms and shower stalls. Get an easy to slip on shoe such as a flip flop when
you use places like this. Nevertheless, if you are too late and know you have it, then you should get
treatment as soon as you can.

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What Triggers Nail Fungus Infections?

Nail fungus infections can be triggered by different elements. When a person has an injury or their shoe
is too small for their feet are two quick examples. Contracting a nail fungus is very easy and very
common for people who sweat a lot, share bathrooms with others, swim, and use public locker rooms
and showers.

Additionally, individuals who have to stand for a good part of their day and so are on their feet such as
dancers, athletes and runners are more prone to fungal infections. Likewise is a person gets athlete's
foot often or often gets pedicures and manicures they must ensure the salon is sanitary. Also people
over the age of 65 and also has diabetes or other circulatory disease can contract nail fungus more
often. This is noticeable because the colors of their toenails and fingernails are green, yellow or yellow-
green. This is followed up with the nails becoming extremely smelly and flaky, especially for the toe
toenails. The nails could likewise gather particles under them. What immediately follows is the nail
thickening which causes the shoes to get tighter and hard to walk and stand.

A person who has some or all of these signs should make an appointment with their doctor as quickly as
they can. Not doing so will make the infection much worse. If you physician diagnosis is a nail fungus
infection, he will immediately begin treatment where there can be a few options. He or she will probably
begin with a prescription for antibiotics and can last 12 weeks. The pill works its way through the blood
and finds its way underneath the nails to kill the fungus.
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The Best Ways to Cure Nail Fungus

Nails should always be clean and dry and outside the shoe so it can breathe. There are many causes
such as your shoe laces too tight and wearing footwear for a while can cause the feat to overheat and
sweat and therefore a fungus will develop. Sharing nail cutters with family members and various other
devices from others can also trigger the fungus since if the fungus can spread to other people. An injury
can be a causality of the fungus.

If a person has an injury it enables the germs and bacteria to get inside. People who have weak immune
systems have a much greater probability to the infection. And when one nail is infected and not treated,
it will spread to the other toes.

Toenail fungus can be battled with either weak or strong medications. Over the counter medications
are considered weak whereas medications prescribed by a doctor are strong. Over the counter
medications can be used if the person spots the infection quickly. But if it is not working or the infection
is spotted too late then an appointment with a doctor should be made so strong and effective
medications can be prescribed.

One potential problem with some of the medications is they can trigger adverse side effects specifically
people prone to allergies and have a liver problem because the medication is strong. Likewise people
who don't have a strong immune system because they have diabetes, a weak circulatory system, have
HIV or are elderly make have a reaction.
It takes a while to treat a nail fungus because it takes around 90 days to fully recover. In that time the
healthy nail grows back. The success rate for nail fungus is around 75% where the infection will not
come back. So there is a chance that it can come back and doctors instruct their patients to keep on
using the medication even after the fungus is no longer visible. This prevents the buildup of another
potential infection.

Being knowledgeable is the most important tool you can have to avoid the pain, agony and
embarrassment. Good hygiene practices will significantly lower your chances of getting toe nail fungus.
You should wear open shoes so the feet can breathe and remove your shoes and socks as soon as you
get inside your house from a long day at work. If that can't be done either change damp socks at work or
use ones which prevent moisture. Taking all these steps will help prevent toe nail fungus from occurring
in the first place.

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