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									WARDJet Introduces the Brand New, Low Cost Emerald Series Waterjet

WARDJet is proud to introduce an economy line waterjet system made exclusively in the USA.
Designed with unique features not seen in any other low cost waterjet cutting system it also provides
excellent cutting accuracy.

Tallmadge, OH - WARDJet is excited to announce the release of the Emerald Series waterjet, our high
quality, low cost waterjet system! After years of design development and improvements, the WARDJet
Emerald Series is available for customers today. Designed, fabricated and assembled at WARDJet
headquarters in Tallmadge, OH, the Emerald Series offers many of the same components as larger,
custom waterjets at a fraction of the cost.

Featuring greater accessibility, the Emerald’s design allows operators the ability to load material into
the cutting area from all four sides. Additionally, the Emerald is capable of indexing sheets of unlimited
length in all directions – a feature no other low cost waterjet offers! This amazing machine comes
standard with the WARDJet dynamic mini hopper which boasts 9 pre-set abrasive flow rates. By
incorporating the proven technology of a ballscrew drive with 25mm linear rails, the Emerald Series is
able to provide accuracy equal to our higher priced Z-Series waterjet. WARDJet diagnostics support,
software, and controller are the same for Emerald owners and they are on million dollar WARDJet

The dependability of a WARDJet machine cannot be matched. Enjoy all the quality of a Made in the
USA WARDJet waterjet with the price tag of an economy machine by purchasing an Emerald! Contact
WARDJet’s sales department at 330-677-9100, ext. 6; sales@wardjet.com; www.wardjet.com.

Press contact:
Pam Miller
Tallmadge, OH

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