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					a quick guide for newcomers
                   Mission Statement
                  Equip and train personnel for
command, control, communications and computer (C4) support to
   Flying squadrons in peacetime exercises, civil emergencies
               and wartime deployed environments.
                Develop policies and procedures to
    maintain data networks, manage information, and provide
 services for publishing, printing, message and mail processing.

                    Vision Statement
               A team of professionals dedicated to
            building and maintaining an affective and
             efficient communications unit providing
         total quality support to the 482d Fighter Wing.
                          AIR FORCE RESERVE

MEMORANDUM FOR New Squadron Members

FROM: 482/CC

SUBJECT: Newcomer Welcome Package

1. The men and women of this proud squadron welcome you to beautiful
South Florida and Homestead Air Reserve Base. The 482d Communications
Squadron is well known within the communications community for their
extraordinary level of experience, professionalism and ingenious
training perspective.

2. We hope you will find this package helpful in acquainting you with
our organization and program, as well as Homestead Air Reserve Base
and the surrounding area. You may however, notice that some areas of
the base and buildings that you will visit are either under
construction or being remodeled. We ask that you be careful.

3. As you visit and evaluate each section we know you will discover
an enthusiasm, professionalism and esprit de corps among our
personnel that illustrates beyond question, we are a squadron above
the rest.

4. Again, welcome to Homestead Air Reserve Base and the 482d Fighter
Wing. South Florida is well known for its tropical beauty and unique
recreational opportunities. We hope that you will be able to enjoy
its relaxing atmosphere. Please, don't hesitate to call on any of us
to make your stay more productive and pleasurable. We hope that you
will enjoy your stay with us.

                                      JOHN BABCOCK, LT COL, USAFR
Table of Contents

PART ONE:                                                   page

     History of Homestead Air Reserve Station               2-3
     General Orientation                                    4
     Base facilities, hours of operation and locations      5-8
     Base Map                                               9
     Abbreviated telephone directory                        10


     Key Squadron Personnel                                 12-14
     Fundamental duties and expectations                    15
     Wing organization chart                                16
     Support Group organization chart                       17
     Squadron organization chart                            18

     Safety on the installation and around the local area   20
     Local shopping, dining and attractions                 21, 22
     Maps of local area                                     23, 24
Homestead AFB History
                          Part One
The History of Homestead Air Force Base
In September of 1942, Lt. Col. William L. Plummer, with        cinder block buildings. Housing facilities for the enlisted
a handful of officers and enlisted men, made his way           airmen, the nurse's dormitory and the base exchange were
through the long pines and palmetto scrub of rural south       all destroyed. The roof was ripped off what would later be
Dade County to assume control of an isolated airstrip          Bldg. 741, the “Big Hangar”. The base laundry and fire
located about a mile inland from the shore of Biscayne         station were both declared total losses. The few remaining
Bay. The airstrip had been turned over to the government       airplanes were tossed about like leaves.
by Coconut Grove based Pan American Ferries, Inc.,
which had carved it out of the rocky landscape in the          The decision was made following an evaluation of the
1940s. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,      damage. On October 25, 1945, officials announced that
Army Air Corps officials decided the site would better         Homestead AAF would shut down, with a target date for
serve the national defense needs as a maintenance              complete closure of December 1, 1945.
stopover point for aircraft being ferried to the Caribbean
and North Africa. In September, officers with the              By the time a separate Air Force was created on
Caribbean Wing of the Air Transport Command sent               September 18, 1947, the old Homestead Field lay in ruins.
Colonel Plummer to the site to begin construction of a         When the Soviets began the total land blockade of Berlin
fully operational military base.                               in June 1948, the Air Force responded with an
                                                               unprecedented airlift effort named Operation Vittles.
Homestead Army Airfield served as a scheduled stop on a        Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for 16
well-traveled air route from northeast U. S. to the            months, Air Force “Skymasters”, many of them piloted by
Caribbean and Africa for its first six months of existence.    Homestead graduates, were winging into and out of
On January 30, 1943, the base assumed a vital role with        Berlin, keeping one of the world's great cities alive.
the activation of the 2nd Operational Training Unit. The       In the early 1950s, as the Korean conflict was winding
mission of the permanently assigned cadre of nine              down, defense officials again looked toward Homestead
officers, 15 enlisted men and 12 civilian flight instructors   with an eye at making the site a key player in our
was to provide advanced training for aircrew members           continental defense. In mid-1954, an advance party
who would one day pilot C-54s, C-87s and C-46s along           arrived at the old base to begin cleaning it up, and on the
the 188,000 miles of ATC's globe girdling routes.              8th of February 1955, the installation was reactivated as
                                                               Homestead Air Force Base. The base quickly became
During this time the base was under two commands. The          home for the 823rd Air Division. This was an umbrella
runway itself, Homestead Army Air                              organization encompassing the 379th and 19th Bomber
Field belonged to the Caribbean Wing of ATC, while the         Wings.
2nd OTU fell under the War Department's Domestic
Transportation Division.                                       By the end of the decade, Homestead had grown to
                                                               greater the twice its peak WWII size. More than 6,000
As the need for trained transport pilots grew during 1943,     airmen were permanently assigned to the base and a fleet
officials in Washington decided to beef up the training        of B-47 “Stratojet” bombers was parked on the tarmac. In
program at Homestead. Hence, the entire base was               June 1960, the last B-47 left Homestead to make way for
transferred to ATC's Ferrying Division and by the end of
the year, the 2nd OTU's sole mission was to prepare C-54
aircrews to fly the famed “Hump” from Burma to China.

By 1945, Homestead AAF represented the largest four
engine transport training operation in the entire
ATC - the 2nd OTU had graduated 2,250 C-54 pilots,
14,505 copilots; 224 navigators; 85 radio operators; and
1,375 flight engineers. But, it all came to a rather abrupt

On September 15, 1945 three years to the day of the
                                                               31st Tactical Fighter Wing F-16 flies over Homestead Air Force Base in
Base's founding, a massive hurricane barreled through,         this mural located in the lobby of the First National Bank air base
sending winds of up to 145 mph whistling through the           branch. SSgt Greg Black painted it in 1985

the mighty B-52 “Stratofortress”.                                   31st Tactical Training Wing. Training was to remain the
The year 1962 brought two events that shaped                        primary mission of the base until October 1985, when the
Homestead AFB. The 3Ist Tactical Fighter Wing, a tactical           first F-16 arrived. The 31st TTW reverted to the
air fighter unit with a proud history dating back to 1940,          designation of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing when they
was moved from George AFB, California, to                           received their F-16 fighter jets.
Homestead in response to the growing Communist threat
from Cuba. And in October 1962, it was discovered that              The largest tenant unit on Homestead AFB was the 482d
the Soviet Union was placing medium range missiles on               Tactical Fighter Wing (AFRES). The 482d TFW was the
the island, giving it an unprecedented offensive capability         first Air Force Reserve unit to receive the F-4 Phantom
in the region.                                                      fighter jet. In 1989 the 482d TFW converted to the F-16s.

                                                                    In the early morning hours of August 24, 1992,
                                                                    Hurricane Andrew roared ashore at Homestead AFB.
                                                                    The base was ground zero for the powerful, category
                                                                    4 storm which virtually destroyed the base.

                                                                    The base faced its next serious threat from the Base
                                                                    Realignment and Closure Committee, which sought to
                                                                    close the ravaged base. The civilian community allied its
                                                                    support of the base, and launched a fight for the base's
                                                                    very survival and the return of the fighter operations to
                                                                    south Florida. The BRACC withdrew Homestead AFB
                                                                    from the closure list.

                                                                    The Air Force Ball held on March 5, 1994, was a
A Hercules C-130E with broken wings lies under a collapsed hangar   bittersweet event. The event was a “Hail and Farewell” to
after Hurricane Andrew wrecked the base during the early morning    “hail” the return of the 482d FW from it's post Andrew
hours of August 24, 1992.                                           exile to Macdill AFB, FL, to its new role as the
                                                                    predominant unit at the “new” Homestead Air Reserve
                                                                    Base, and to bid “farewell” to the 31st TFW. The 31st
                                                                    TFW was deactivated at Homestead AFB and reactivated
Troops and aircraft were rushed to Homestead, swelling              at Aviano AB, Italy.
its population of tens of thousands. A tent city of more
than 10,000 Army troops was erected on the grounds later            Homestead AFB was redesigned as Homestead ARB on
occupied by the Naval Security Group Activity. The 31st             March 31, 1994. The 482d Fighter Wing in its new role as
TFW, in cooperation with two other tactical fighter wings           host unit is rebuilding the base.
assigned here for the duration of the crisis, had already
identified targets on Cuba and were prepared to strike at a
moment's notice. The world was on the brink of war, with
Homestead at the very edge.

After several weeks of tension the Soviets backed down.
The missiles were removed. The crisis was over, but many
changes to Homestead spawned by the Soviet threat
remained. Though still nominally a SAC Base, Homestead
now maintained a dual mission: to stand ready to project
air power around the globe, and to maintain an
operationally ready Tactical Air Force. With the presence
of the 31st TFW made permanent, the role of the Tactical
Air Command at Homestead AFB increased rapidly
throughout the 1960s. In late 1966, the 3lst TFW was
deployed to Tuy Hoa AB, Republic of Vietnam. But with
its departure, the 4531st TFW was activated to maintain
TAC's presence at Homestead. Two years later, on July 1,
1968, TAC officially took control of the installation. In
1970, the 31st TFW returned from Southeast Asia and
became the host unit. In 1981 the 31st TFW and
Homestead AFB again took on a new task: the training of                            “Hail and Farwell” logo design for
F-4 aircrews. On March 31, 1981, the 31 TFW became the                              the 1994 annual Air Force Ball.

About Homestead ARB
   Chain of Command
                       Part Two
       Key Personnel
Our Most Fundamental Expectations
Promptness and good Attendance:
Simplicity is the best policy for issues regarding participation and attendance points. Our policy considers arrival 15 minutes
before the scheduled show time as being on time. This means the member will be in the uniform of the day, have all his or her
personal issues (meals, hygiene, family issues, etc.) dealt with and under control. The member must be prepared to go right to
work at the beginning of the day. Participation in Unit Training Assemblies is the key to accruing points. Missing more than 4
consecutive training periods can result in the member getting assigned to ARPC (essentially your name is filed along with
other airmen who are considered non participants for one reason or another). If you cannot attend a scheduled UTA, notify
the First Sergeant or the Commander two weeks prior to the regular UTA. Unit Training Assemblies may be performed on the
alternate UTA dates unless other contingencies prevent this. Habitual rescheduling UTA's, however is discouraged. The
particulars of points for participation is written in AFR-36-8001.

Dress and Appearance:
Dress and appearance issues are out lined in AFR-36-2903. We adhere to these standards, and anyone joining us will adhere
to these standards. The unit commander determines the uniform for the day. In the Communications Squadron we most
commonly wear BDU's as the uniform of the day. Faded, torn or distressed elements of the uniform must be replaced. See
your First Sergeant to get the appropriate paperwork. Everything that is part of that uniform will be worn always unless the
Commander authorizes removal of a part of the uniform for safety or comfort in extreme conditions. An example would be
removal of the BDU shirt while loading a cargo pallet in a warehouse without air-conditioning. All military customs and
courtesies such as saluting, wearing of hats and respect to the flag and national anthem is observed on this base.

Dependent Care:
If you have a family, you must make arrangements for their care if you are deployed for any length of time. If you cannot
provide proof as required that arrangements for dependent care have been made, you will not be considered fit for duty with
this squadron and therefore, subject to reassignment. The details of Dependent Care can be found in AFR-36-2908.

Meeting Training Requirements:
Each member is expected to complete all required career specialty training in a timely manor and with passing scores. Failing
this one can expect to be reassigned or asked to take a different job. Career specialty training is not the only training you will
receive here. There are many other training classes you will attend to enhance your usefulness to the unit and improve your
promotion potential. Take these training opportunities seriously. It is an important part of the reason we are members of the
Air Force Reserve.

Use the Chain of Command:
Today it is easier than ever to write a nasty note to anyone in the military from the Commander in Chief to Amn Jones that
burned your omelet this morning. There are avenues for addressing any grievance you may have. Always start with your
supervisor, before working your way up within the unit. We make every attempt to solve our problems at the lowest level
first. Also, beware of the ìsend allî button in the e-mail program. Unless you have a good official reason for sending e-mail in
this manner, please don't click this button.

Project a Positive Image of the Air Force Reserve:
Members of the community and members of other military units will be watching us. Please obey the laws of the land as well
as any of the laws in the countries you may visit while on duty with us. Avoid any compromising or embarrassing situations
that may bring unwanted attention to yourself or The Air Force Reserve.

Wing Organization Chart
                                                          482d FW









                          70th APS
  93d FS

                                      MS           LSS    CES        SVF             HC             IG
  93d FSMU

                                     LGMG         LGC     CEX       BCE              CVR        SA

  OSF                OSA             LGMF         LGS     MPF        MS              SE         PA

                                     LGMP         LGT     DPC       CEC              XP         CP

                                     LGMC        LGSF     CEV       CER              FM             QI

                                     LGWW                 CEO        CEF             RS         JA

                                     LGMV                 SC         SF

Support Group Organization Chart
                       Support Group Commander
                          Acting Commander

      Deputy Commander                      Mission Support

    Civil Engineer Squadron            Security Forces Squadron
           Commander                          Commander

      Base Civil Engineer              Communications Squadron

    Chief, Military Personnel
                                       Director, Family Readiness

       Director, Services                Base Communications

        Chief, Readiness                     Service Flight

    Civilian Personnel Officer

Communications Squadron
Organization Chart


      First Sergeant

                                        Mobility Officer

    Chief of Information

                                       Operations Officer


                                       Superintendent /
                                        Career Advisor

 Local Conditions
Local Attractions
                    Part Three
       More Maps
Local Conditions
The following information is provided to help ensure          for directions, look for a well-lighted, public place. Don't
that your stay is both safe and enjoyable.                    travel alone.
                                                              =DUls: Designate a driver. The Florida DUI law Is 0.8%
= Speed limit for the base is 25 mph.                         blood alcohol content. Also, the DUI law is the same on
= Seatbelts are mandatory on base as well as off, so          the water as on the road. Don't mix alcohol with boat or
BUCKLE UP!                                                    Jet Ski operation. Numerous accidents occur each year
= Do not use headphones while jogging or walking along        because of the effects of the sun, water and mixture of
base roads.                                                   alcohol.
=Numerous buildings are still without adequate exterior       = Miami Beach and the Keys are popular places to enjoy
lighting and there is limited road illumination on the        the water and sun. Swim at beach locations with
installation.                                                 lifeguards. Riptides are dangerous and cause many deaths
= Pedestrian travel at night is extremely hazardous due to    a year, so please don't swim alone and obey the warnings.
construction and lack of lighting, pedestrian pathways,       = Key Largo is a very popular spot for many visitors to
crosswalks, and sidewalks. For your safety walk to the far    south Florida, especially for dining on the water. The
right of the roadway.                                         stretch of road, however, can be extremely dangerous. Use
= There are unbarricaded drainage canals throughout the       extreme caution on the 18-mile road between Florida City
installation. Aside from the obvious dangers of               and Key Largo. Put your driving lights on and only pass in
accidentally driving off the road into a ditch or falling     the passing zones.
while walking around the base, alligators, caimans and        = Riding bicycles or walking in the proximity of moving
dangerous snakes live in these canals.                        vehicles or the roads they travel upon can be extremely
=For pedestrian travel at night, follow the roads. Exercise   hazardous. Many intersections have the full pedestrian
care when crossing fields due to the hazard of                safety features, but a significant number of drivers pay no
unbarricaded canals and the alligators.                       heed to pedestrians attempting to cross at an intersection.
                                                              Use sidewalks and bike paths wherever they are available.
Here are some tips for personal safety off base:              = Driving in south Florida: Numerous south Florida
= The power of the Florida sun catches many people off        drivers do not stop at traffic lights or stop signs. Don't
guard. Use sunscreens at work and at play, especially, if     assume the other driver will stop. Don't proceed on a
you go to the beach or are planning a day on the water.       green light until you look in both directions. Since road
= People with criminal intentions catch the rest of us off    rage is a fact of life everywhere, don't use horn or hand
guard often enough in south Florida. If you got a gut         gestures to show your emotions in traffic.
feeling that you are in the wrong area, then maybe you        If you are involved in an accident, inform your supervisor,
are. Plan your nighttime activities in advance. Get advice    First Sergeant or Commander immediately.
on travel routing and neighborhoods. If you need to stop

Off Base Attractions
Local Shopping

The following is a list of shopping centers in the local

Florida Keys Factory Shops
The Intersection of Florida Turnpike and US I
Florida City, Fl.

Cutler Ridge Mall
Intersection of US 1, Caribbean Blvd., and Fl. Turnpike
Cutler Ridge, FL

Falls Shopping Center
US I and 136th St.
Perrine, FL

Homestead Plaza
West of US 1 on Campbell Dr.                                      Local Restaurants
Homestead, FL
                                                                  There are a is range of restaurants in the local area. We
Homestead Towne Square                                            have provided a list of a few of the Communications
Intersection of US 1 and Campbell Dr.                             Squadron favorites.
Homestead, FL
                                                                  MUTINEER RESTAURANT
Dadeland Mall                                                     11 SE 1 AVE
Intersection of US I and Kendall Drive (SW 88th St)               HOMESTEAD, FL 33034
Kendall, FL                                                       (305) 245-3377

Dixie Shopping Center                                             CAPRI RESTAURANT
Intersection of US I and 15th St. (Kings Highway)                 DINING ROOM & TAKE OUT
                                                                  935 N KROME AVE
                                                                  HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
                                                                  (305) 247-1542

                                                                  CHINA KING CHINESE RESTAURANT
                                                                  165 NE 8 ST
                                                                  HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
                                                                  (305) 246-5282

                                                                  GOLDEN CORRAL RESTAURANTS
                                                                  350 N HOMESTEAD BLVD
                                                                  HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
                                                                  (305) 245-2406

                                                                  ROSITAS RESTAURANT
                                                                  199 W PALM DR
                                                                  HOMESTEAD, FL 33034
                                                                  (305) 246-3114

The Falls hosts many interesting shops arrayed under awnings on
                                                                  SPORTS PAGE PUB & RESTAURANT
either side of a decorative lagoon.                               113 N HOMESTEAD BLVD
                                                                  HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
                                                                  (305) 246-3633
CANTON CHINESE RESTAURANT                                         SAM'S COUNTRY KITCHEN
1657 NE 8 ST                                                      1320 N KROME AVE
HOMESTEAD, FL 33033                                               HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
(305) 248-9956                                                    (305) 246-2990

EL TORO TACO                                                      SHIVER'S BAR-B-Q
1 S KROME AVE                                                     28001 S DIXIE HWY
HOMESTEAD, FL 33030                                               HOMESTEAD, FL 33033
(305) 245-8182                                                    (305) 248-2272

KEG SOUTH OF HOMESTEAD                                            BLACK POINT MARINE BAIT & TACKLE
27591 S DIXIE HWY                                                 TUGBOAT ANNIE'S
HOMESTEAD, FL 33032                                               24775 SW 87 A  VE
(305) 248-0959                                                    HOMESTEAD, FL 33032
                                                                  (305) 258-3918
27 N KROME AVE                                                    TONY'S SUBS & GRILL
HOMESTEAD, FL 33034                                               538 WASHINGTON A VE
(305) 248-8224                                                    HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
                                                                  (305) 245-5000
27275 S DIXIE HWY                                                 ALABAMA JACKS
HOMESTEAD, FL 33032                                               CARD SOUND RD HOMESTEAD, FL
(305) 248-2524                                                    (305) 248-8741

146 NW 7 ST                                                       827 N HOMESTEAD BLVD
HOMESTEAD, FL 33030                                               HOMESTEAD, FL 33030
(305) 248-1076                                                    (305) 242-8772

                                                              Bayfront Park                Florida Pioneer Museum
                                                              Homestead, Fl.               Florida City, Fl.
                                                              (305) 247-1543               (305) 246-9531

                                                              Biscayne National Park       John Pennekamp
                                                              Homestead, Fl.               Coral Reef State Park
                                                              (305) 247-2400               Key Largo, Fl.
                                                                                           (305) 451-1202
                                                              Coral Castle
                                                              28655 S. Dixie Hwy           Miami Seaquarium
                                                              Homestead, Fl.               Miami, Fl.
                                                                                           Miami MetroZoo
                                                              Everglades National Park     Miami, Fl.
                                                              Florida City, Fl.            (305) 251-0400
                                                              (305) 242-7700
                                                                                           Monkey Jungle
                                                              Everglades Alligator Farm    Miami, Fl.
The Anhinga dries its wings after fishing in the Everglades   Homestead, Fl.               (305) 235-1611
National Park.                                                (305) 247-2628
                                                                                           Theater of the Sea
                                                              Fairchild Tropical Gardens   Islamorada, Fl.
                                                              Old Cutler Road              (305) 664-2431
                                                              Miami, Fl.
                                                              (305) 667-1651

Homestead Area Map

1. Formerly known as the American Banker's Complex   11. Campbell Square
2. Lennar Industrial Park                            12. South Dade Shopping Plaza
3. Pointe Royale Plaza                               13. Homestead Plaza
4. South Dade Plaza                                  14. Harris Field
5. Cutler Ridge Mall                                 15. Homestead Baseball Stadium
6. South Dade Government Center                      16. Homestead Motorsports Complex
7. Old Cutler Town Center                            17. Migrant Farm Laborers Housing
8. Medical Center                                    18. South Florida Correctional Facility
9. Shopping Center                                   19. Alligator Farm
10. King's Highway Shopping Plaza
 Miami-Dade County

Core Values
    Integrity first
  Service before self
Excellence in all we do