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					     M A R I L Y N                  J   . ELLIS,                        M S ,    M C S E
                            7551 MOUNTAIN LAUREL #19 • VICTOR, IDAHO 83455
       208-787-0777 (H) • 208-206-2079 (C ) • WWW.PXNWORDS.COM • EMAIL: PXNWORDS@YAHOO.COM

      Extensive experience in graphic design, web design, public relations and education in both
      classroom and distance learning. Banners, logos, articles for print and the web; website
      creation and updating; public relations campaigns from design to event-day presentation.
      Precise, punctual work on deadline. Strong work ethic, reliable and punctual.

      ·   Won poster contest for play: “Women Who Steal,” presented May, 2011.
          Website development and maintenance – Personal website, was
          created in 2007. Before that, I created a number of websites for clients since 1996, and
          updated, website of Houston based magazine, for 1 ½ years.
      ·   Public relations campaigns – For Earth Day, State Fair, Adopt-A-Stream f while at the
          Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality; I designed graphics, wrote some copy
          and manned booth on event days.
      ·   Emerging technology marketing principles – In teaching distance learning network classes
          for Tomball College, Tomball, Texas, I used chat sessions extensively to communicate
          with class members. In a former website of my own, I created and maintained a blog, and
          today participate in Facebook.
      ·   Working with diversity in public relations – Students in my classes at UHD ran the gamut
          of races and nationalities. Some were from India, Afghanistan, Russia, Thailand,
          Cambodia, and I also had African Americans, and Native Americans in my classes as well
          as Anglo Saxons. Good diplomacy and public relations were critical to each class I taught.
      ·   Troubleshooting technology – I co-instructed TRDE 4340, Training Technology for
          Supervisors, with Gaye Perry, Ph.D., while in graduate school at UH in 97. I was
          responsible for presenting the technological aspects of the class (such as using
          PowerPoint or the Elmo). Loading applications before class and troubleshooting any
          technical issue was essential because each class was broadcast live on television. More
          recently, I bought InDesign, which would not launch. I worked with Adobe through the
          Internet, and determined I needed more RAM.
      ·   Personal computer and software competency – I received a PC at MSDEQ in 1988, and
          learned computer graphics on the job with PageMaker, CorelDraw, and later Photoshop
          creating brochures, posters, museum displays, and newsletters for MSDEQ. My skill sets
          from work experience were strong enough (I also learned DOS, the Windows early
          versions and trouble shooting various problems and coming up with workable solutions)
          were on a level that I could teach both computer graphics and information systems. (1997
          – 2005)
      ·   Write, edit and layout documents – I have an extended background in graphic design,
          particularly with MSDEQ as their Graphic Artist Specialist II. In 2000, I wrote a series of
          documents on computer networking and Photoshop training for TechRepublic, listed
          now on my website at
      ·   Organizational, time management, multi-tasking, deadlines – Each semester, I prepared a
          syllabus for each class that listed tasks by date and each was carried out accordingly. In
          class, meeting individual student needs while presenting the lecture for the day required
          constant multi-tasking. Deadlines included exams given when scheduled, midterms, finals,
              and grades submitted before deadlines.

          ·   Computer Graphics         ·   Web Design (3 Years)        ·   Instructor, College
               CorelDraw                     DreamWeaver                    MS Word
               Photoshop                     Flash                          Excel
               PageMaker                     HTML code                      Access
               Illustrator                   FTP                            College Keyboarding
               Quark Express                 VBScript, Java Script          PC Hardware
               Cross Platform                Active Server Pages            Networking Essentials
          ·   MCSE Certified #          ·   Created, designed and           PageMaker
              1262570                       developed online Adjunct        Photoshop
                TCP/IP, Internet            Newsletter for NHC              Internet
                Explorer, Core                  Computer Logic
                LAN configuration
                Train the Trainer

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (personal portfolio and resume)                         01/08 – Present, Mystery Shopper                                         01/11 – Present
Broulim’s Deli, Driggs, ID, Customer Service                             8/07 – 12/10
Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, WY, Cashier, Wild Bill’s                     11/06 – 4/07
Xanterra, Old Faithful Lodge and Inn, Yellowstone NP, WY                 4/06 – 6/07
Xanterra, Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Front Desk Clerk                          1/06 – 4/06
North Harris Montgomery CCD, Houston, TX, Adjunct Faculty                8/97 – 1/04
University of Houston Downtown, Houston, TX, Adjunct Faculty             1/98 – 12/06
Department of Environmental Quality, Graphic Artist Spec. II             11/84 – 12/95


MCSE # 1262570, Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA
University of Houston, MS, Major: Training and Development
University of South Carolina, BA, Major: Advertising Design, Minor: Journalism
University of Georgia, ABJ, Major: Advertising Public Relations, Minor: Art

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