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									Maybe you get a swf file from the internet, and trying to play the swf file with your ipad, iphone,
QuickTime, or you want to edit the swf file with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc. Or made a swf file with
flash and want to upload swf file to Youtube, Facebook for sharing. But when you do these
process only find that the swf file is not supported by portable devices and most of websites. So
in order to do what you want to do you should convert swf file first, you should convert swf file to
a common video that can accepted by most of devices and websites.

To do the conversion, you can get a swf video converter, Doremisoft SWF video converter is the
software that can help you convert swf file to most of video, audio, picture file, like mov, avi, mp4,
wmv, flv, mkv, mp3, wav, gif, png, jpg, etc. To make the swf file recognized by apple products, you
can choose to convert swf file to mov file

You can learn the steps on how to convert swf file to mov with doremisoft swf video converter.

Step 1: You should install swf video converter to your computer or get a mac swf video converter
to install into your mac. Then you can run the swf converter, just click "Select File" button to load
SWF file.
Step 2(optional): If you need to crop your swf file in order to get rid of the black border or delete
the unwanted areas, you can Click "Crop" button. Add watermark to video is also allowed.

Step 3: Click "Next" button to the Option interface, choose MOV as the output format, Besides,
you can set the output path, customize output format setting is supported such as adjust Encoder,
Sample Rate, Channel, Bit Rate.
Step 4: Press "Next" and hit "Start" button to begin convert SWF to MOV. You can stop at anytime
to view the converted video. If your swf file has ending, after conversion finished it will tell you
the convertion is done, if your swf video is endless loop, you can stop it at any time.

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