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					Why Sell Popcorn:
Would you like to:
     Have a cohesive unit of adults & Scouts?
     Teach the Scouts & hence the Unit the principles of Free Enterprise &
     “paying their own way?”
     Have all Scout activities paid without having to dip into your wallet?
     Want to eliminate the “hassle” of collecting dues every meeting?
     Love to buy lots of great equipment without breaking your budget?
     Want to buy your charter organization nice stuff each year as a “thank

• Strengthen Unit Programs to effectively deliver the Scouting program
with more trained leaders, improved programs, greater family
participation, and increased camp attendance, which results in greater
Scout retention.
• The Ideal Year of Scouting will help you achieve your Unit’s dreams in
Scouting and get more parents involved in the program.
• Teach Scouts the life lesson of earning their own way.

       SCOUTS PAY THEIR OWN WAY: Set a goal + achieve = confidence.

Popcorn also provides for these services in the Winnebago Council:
• Camp Ingawanis
• Winnebago Scout Reservation
• Professionals and Support Staff
• Service to Scouting Units
• Fall recruiting support materials (flyers, posters, etc.)
• Winnebago Scout Service Center and Mason City Scout Shop

Why sell Magazines?
• Offers a non-food alternative for consumers
• No additional bulky products for Scouts to deliver
• Magazine vouchers can be easily given as gifts
• Units that elect not to sell popcorn products can still sell magazine gift vouchers
• 83% of all U.S. adults read magazines

Units may choose to add the sale of magazine gift vouchers to their Program
Promotion Unit Fundraiser. The voucher works like a gift card and is good for 54 of
the most popular magazine titles including “Time”, “Sports Illustrated”, “Golf”,
“Nickelodeon”, and “People”.
Vouchers are sold in denominations of $10 or $20. Magazine gift voucher sales can
also be used to qualify for Scout prizes.
                        2009 PRODUCT LINE-UP
Chocolate Lovers 5 Way tin                16 oz Carmel corn and pecans in
                                          dark fudge
                                          16 oz Popcorn and cranberries in
         $50.00                           white fudge
                                          16 oz caramel corn and toffee
                                          peanuts in fudge
                                          12 oz chocolate covered peanuts
                                          8 oz chocolate covered pretzels

Cheese Lovers 3 Way tin                   5oz Southwest cheddar chipotle
         $35.00                           5 oz Country Smokehouse
                                          5 oz White cheddar with black
     4 piece Gift Set                     10 oz Mud puddles
         $30.00                           3.5 oz Cheese corn
                                          10 oz Carmel corn
                                          10 oz White Gold
  30 Pack Double Butter                   30-3 oz bags with twice the butter
   15 Pack Kettle Corn                    Great combination of sweet, yet
         $20.00                           salty popcorn
                                          15-3 oz bags
$20 Magazine Vouchers
      Mud Puddles                         Encounter the unforgettable taste
         $18.00                           of caramel corn and peanuts
                                          coated in creamy fudge. Yummy!

       White Gold                         Creamy medley of popcorn,
        $18.00                            almonds and luscious white
     Caramel Peanut                       Good old-fashion caramel corn
         $18.00                           and honey roasted peanuts
      Cheese Corn                         Savor the flavor of tangy
         $18.00                           Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
   15 Pack Butter Light                   All the butter flavor with only
       (microwave)                        half the fat and 0 grams of trans.
15 Pack butter (microwave)                Rich butter flavored microwave
          $15.00                          popcorn.
$10 Magazine voucher
     Classic Caramel                      10 oz of Classic Caramel corn
   Yellow popping corn-                   3 pounds of America’s healthiest
        un-popped                         snack food. Corn pops up light
                                          and tender.

•   If units choose to do commission/prizes, leaders will be able to order prizes
    on the General Commercial Corporation (GCC) website, instructions on how
    to order are included.
•   Prizes motivate and give the sellers, our Scouts, a sales level to strive towards.
•   Prize orders need to be ordered either online or submitted to the Council
    Service Center no later than December 11, 2009. We will not place prize
    orders after this date.

Youth Incentive Bonuses
FILL IT UP PROGRAM: Sell 25 containers of popcorn/magazine vouchers and receive a
special “Fill it up” patch.

FILL IT UP TWICE PROGRAM: Sell 50 containers of popcorn/magazine vouchers and
have your name put in a drawing for a NINTENDO Wii bonus prize. SIX Nintendo Wii’s
will be given out. Limit one per Scout. Must turn in or fax order forms by
Friday, 4:00 p.m. starting SEPTEMBER 25th to have your name put in
that weeks drawing.

Any Scout selling $1000 will get to attend a Waterloo Black Hawk Hockey Game on a
special scout night. After the game, Scouts will be invited to join the Black Hawks for a
pizza party. A Black Hawk t-shirt will be provided to the scouts with an opportunity for
players to autograph the shirt. One family member is allowed to attend the pizza party
with their Scout (space is limited.)

Any Scout selling $5000 will receive a limo ride to and back from Dubuque indoor Water
Park, Hotel accommodations (two rooms with 2 double beds) and a pizza party for the
selling scout and 7 other people.
Unit bonuses
3% Unit bonus MUST do all FOUR to qualify.
     1. Unit attends a Popcorn Kick off in August OR has a District Popcorn Kernel
         or District Executive provides individual popcorn kick off in their area.
     2. Unit does budget plan to decide how to spend popcorn commission and turns
         plan into District Popcorn Chair and shares plan with parents.
     3. Unit does their own kick-off/Scout sales training, providing date, time and
         location to the District Popcorn chair.
     4. Unit sets individual boy goals, unit goal and submits to district popcorn chair.
         The unit goal will be published in the November Scouter.

2% Unit bonus for the following:
      1. Unit participates in Family Friends of Scouting campaign by having an FOS
          presentation at a well attended unit meeting
      2. Unit camps 70% of Scouts at 2009 Winnebago Council Camps. Membership
          taken from February 27th, 2009.

If a Unit does a Blitz night and does door to door sales they will receive an extra $2.00
per Scout for a pizza party. Unit will be reimbursed $2.00 per participating Scout. Unit
MUST report date and results of blitz night to their district popcorn chair.

                       UNIT LEADER LAPTOP DRAWING
   1. Must participate in a council popcorn kick-off
   2. Unit must do a budget plan to decide how to spend popcorn commission and turns
      plan into District popcorn chair and shares plan with parents.
   3. Unit does their own popcorn kick-off, providing date, time and location to the
      District popcorn chair.
   4. Unit has popcorn sales paid in full by December 4, 2009.
   5. Unit has an increase in popcorn/magazine sales of 15% from 2008.
   6. Unit has popcorn/magazine order placed by November 3, 2009

Place leaders name in a drawing at the end of the popcorn sale for 2 laptop computers
(Pack/Troop masters included.) All 6 requirements MUST be fulfilled and necessary
paperwork must be turned in.

                             BASE UNIT COMMISSIONS

CASH AND PRIZE COMMISSION                     25%

CASH ONLY COMMISSION                          27%

JAMBOREE COMMISSION                           60%

**This goal will be published in the November Scouter

Serta Mattress Co.
500 S. 17th St.
Clear Lake, IA 50428

Twin Rivers
Bay Valley Foods
450 Bailey Ave.
New Hampton, IA 50659

Boleyn’s Warehouse
309 Mill Ave.
Elgin, IA 52141

American Bottling Company
806 Poleline Rd.
Decorah, IA 52101

Waterloo Warehousing
927 Black Hawk Rd
Waterloo, IA 50701

Pick up times for Waterloo Warehousing
Friday, September 18th: 1p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 19th: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Friday, November 13th: 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 14th: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Other dates by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
 • November 3rd, 2009 is the ONLY day
   that popcorn may be returned.
 • Containers must be in FULL cases
   (Cases do not need to be sealed) and can
   not be a mix of products.
 • Product may not be damaged in ANY
 • Please return product to the Council
   Service center by 5:30 p.m. on
   November 3rd.

Please do not swap product with other units.
If your unit does do this, the individual
UNITS are responsible for making sure all
products are paid for.

 The council will NOT be RESPONSIBLE
for keeping track of product that is
traded with other units.
                     PRODUCT SALE 2009

Tuesday, August 18th       Popcorn Kick off WSR dining hall
Thursday, August 20        Popcorn Kick off Nazareth Lutheran Church-Cedar Falls
Thursday, September 10 Show and Sell orders DUE to council no later
                     than 5:30 P.M. Late Show and Sell orders WILL
                     NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER September 10th at
                     5:30 p.m.
                     ORDER IN CASES ONLY (8 containers per case
                     except Chocolate, Cheese lovers, Gift sets and 30
                     Packs, they are 1 container per case)
Saturday, September 19     POPCORN SALES START
Saturday, September 19     Popcorn pick up for SHOW and SELL ORDERS
Tuesday, November 3        Final TAKE ORDERS due to council
                     This is the ONLY day that any
                     popcorn can be returned. Must be in
                     full cases and can not be a mix of
                     product or damaged in ANY way.
Saturday, November 14      Final popcorn pick up
Friday, December 4         MONIES DUE TO COUNCIL
Friday, December 11        LAST DAY TO PLACE PRIZE ORDER
                 We will not place prize orders after this date.

On time payment is expected. Payments not
received by December 4, 2009, will result in a
two percent penalty to your unit’s commission.
After the initial penalty, another two percent
penalty will be accessed on the 15th and 30th of
every month following, until the balance is paid
in full.
Family Fact Sheet
Remember these items for a Successful Popcorn Sale!

   1) List 5 things in your Scouting Program to be funded Winnebago
      Council’s Fall Product Sale:

   2) Write in the Scout Popcorn Sales Goal:

         Scout Popcorn Sales Goal $________

   3) Have your son look at the Prize Program and decide what prize
      level he wants to shoot for. Pick a Prize level that exceeds his
      Scout Popcorn Sales Goal listed in #2

   4) Sell in the neighborhoods using Take Order or Show & Deliver

      Practice role-playing with your son on the sales script he will
      use at the door. For example:

      “Hi, my name is John Smith and I’m selling popcorn to go to
      Scout camp this year, how much would you like to order?

   5) List the Key Dates for this year’s Popcorn Sale:
         a. Blitz Day(s)            _________
         b. Order Turn in Date      _________
         c. Popcorn Pickup          _________
         d. Money Collection        _________
Unit Popcorn Kickoff
 Follow these steps for a Successful Kickoff!

1) Preview this year’s Scouting Program and explain to the
   families how the entire program can be funded.

  Hand out the Parent Popcorn Fact Sheet to each family.

2) Communicate the Per Scout Popcorn Sale Goal, as well as the unit
   goal. Have the boys write their individual goals on the Take Order

  Explain the sales methods to be used for reaching the sales goals,
  and have the families write in the dates for the blitz days

3) Have actual prizes on display to show the Scouts what they can
   earn for selling popcorn.

  Review the Winnebago Council Prize Program.

  Award prizes to the:
          i. Top Seller
         ii. Top Selling Den
        iii. Scouts who reach their Popcorn Sales Goal

4) Do a skit or fun activity to get the boys trained and excited
   about the sale, and to teach them about Safety when selling.