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					             CURRICULUM VITAE

              Mobile: (+974)300 89907
       With: Qatari 5-years Transferable Visa
              14 years' work experience

To objectively review operation process and develop recommendations for improvement and
efficiencies that result in improved operations.

Head, business development/marketing manager with over 14 years of work experience. Experience
in project pricing, contracts negotiation, finalizing orders & dealing with consultants/contractors.
Demonstrated ability to focus on high-payoff improvements to achieve immediate bottom-line
benefits. Proven track record of success in developing solutions that improve the efficiency of
operations. Experience in Staff training/retraining and development. Competent in developing
existing customers; in finding new customers; in implementing sales plans; in maintaining customer
loyalty. Ability to respond to customers request quickly and communicate with customers in a
friendly and helpful manner. Ability to prepare and defend transaction proposals.

.   DIPLOMA, in Marketing- National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. 2006
.   Post Graduate Diploma in Management- University of Calabar Nigeria. 2002
.   Master of Technology, Electrical/Electronic Engineering major in Information  Technology -
      Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. 2001
.   Post Graduate Diploma, Electrical/Electronic Engineering major in Information/Computer
     Technology– Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. 1999
.   HND, Agricultural Engineering– Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti Nigeria. 1997

*   Member Institute of strategic management, Nigeria. (MISM)
*   Associate Member National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (ANIMN)
*   Associate Member Chartered Institute of Administration (ACIA)
*   Member National Institute of Management, Nigeria (MIN)

1. Advanced business management         2. Project Management
3. Customer Service excellence          4. Culture diversity program

Domain Engineering Co Doha, Qatar                                      Oct.2010 till Date
Position: Business Development/Marketing Manager
JOB SUMMARY: Ensuring the continued profitability and growth of business from all customer.
Executing plans to meet the sales, after-sales services and marketing target of the company
products for whole and retail customers through effective marketing strategies. To build, manage &
maintain good and lasting customer relationship with all customers by ensuring excellent service
delivery. Reporting to MD/CEO
     Oversees the overall business management of firm and cash management programs, and
       identifies and develops new opportunities for expansion.
     Responsible for Business Continuity Planning and Implementation of business plan of the
     Board Administration and Support:-Supports operations and administration of Board by
       advising and informing Board.
     Community and Public Relations - Assures the organization and its mission, programs,
       products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant
     Maintains a strong relationship with current and potential customers through open
       communication channels.
 Millennium Oil & Gas Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria                                Jan 2005 to Sept 2010
 Position: Senior Business Development Manager
 JOB SUMMARY: Plan, direct and control the business development strategy needs of the company
 operations to achieve organizational goals and objectives of providing effective and efficient products
 delivery. Reporting to director of marketing.
      Managed and administered all facets of business development/marketing                  operations
        functions for customer service
      Exploring promotional opportunities to increase product sales across the nation.
      Creating awareness about the company product through direct marketing.
      Identify & proffer solutions to client need.
      Coordinate prompt delivery of products to customer at the most convenient arrangement
      Ensuring proper & adequate distribution of products at targeted distribution
      Assess and analyse the training needs of the staff.

 The Carter Center Inc., Global 2000, Enugu, Nigeria                        Jan1999 to Nov 2004
 Position: Senior Zonal Field Manager
 JOB SUMMARY: Provide leadership and direction to a team of 10 subordinates and 54 village based
 health workers responsible for managing and containment of guinea worm case in various hyper
 endemic areas in the south east geopolitical zone in Nigeria.
     Supervision of the Collection and distribution of intervention materials to village-based
        health workers.
        Prepare, present, discuss and explain work progress at quarterly review meeting
        Compilation and monthly presentation of activity reports to the zonal office and the state
         ministry of health.
        Organization of health workshops and training for village-based health workers.
        Treatment of village drinking ponds with Abate chemical.
        Supervision of communal self-help projects aimed at eradicating guinea worm, i.e.
         inauguration of village task force, setting up of a village level environmental sanitation
         committee and institution of school health clubs in primary and secondary schools in the rural
        Advocacy with collaborating NGOs and state agencies involved in the Guinea worm
         eradication program

* President Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter (International) Award, Atlanta Georgia (2002).
* Certificate of Appreciation from the Carter Center, Atlanta Georgia.
* Commendation of service from the carter center Inc. (2002).

    Having very positive outlook to life
    Culturally sensitive to other people and a team player
    Very sensitive to customers’ demand & ability to work independently.

 Meeting people, current affairs, reading, sport & travel

 Married with children, Nigerian,

 Available on request.
                                          COVER LETTER

Dear Sir,

The accompany resume summarizes my work experience which span over 14years. Over the years, I
have acquired diversified experience in business development, marketing management techniques
and strategic project planning up to completion level from various establishments I have worked

I have versed experience and knowledge of business development strategies and commercial
acumen of some sectors that are needed in achieving corporate goal. In the past, I have identified
opportunities for improvement through process analyses and benchmarking.

Besides, I have been greatly in general management techniques through various establishments that
I have worked with and many other professional institutes I belong to and gained vast experience in
planning and implementation of business strategies for those companies I have worked with thus
result in return on investment. I am a self-starter who develop programs that create demand by

During my career, I have maintained and updated my knowledge of business
development/marketing strategy and relevant standards by means of continual professional
development.With an unalloyed affection for teamwork, I have influenced business and management
decision-making analysis through exceptional research and team initiatives and affected the
company balance sheet positively. Beside, my knack for perfection in carry out my duties and
responsibilities which result in achieving the organization goals on time and within budget has earned
me international award.

I have in the past demonstrated ability to work under pressure with utmost success, hence
developed interest for challenges.

In terms of my academic and work experience, my comprehensive bio data to this effect is hereby
attached for your perusal.

I am available for immediate employment consideration.

Thank you for taking time to review my resume.

Yours Sincerely,

Jide Olaniran

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