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                          Maine Center for Economic Policy
                                               I D E A S                 F O R     S H A R E D       P R O S P E R I T Y

                                                                                                                      Annual Report

 2007 was a productive year for the Maine Center for Economic Policy. We
 continued to focus on our four key issues areas – fair budget and taxes, affordable
 health care, family support, and sustainable development. We’re pleased to have
 made significant progress in all these areas and that our research and analysis
 continues to make a difference to Maine policy-makers and Maine people. Just a
 few highlights from the year:

 Livable wages and family support – The Maine Center for Economic Policy
 (MECEP) developed and authored the initial methodology to calculate and promote
 livable wages. This year, the Department of Labor was directed by the legislature
 to adopt our methodology and annually measure, calculate and report the livable
 wages for various household wages.
                                                                                        PUBLICATIONS 2007
 Under contract to the Department of Human Services, MECEP completed and                Choices
 presented a report to the Legislature regarding wages and benefits for direct care
                                                                                        Tax Reform: A Modest Step in the Right
 Workforce development – A Competitiveness Skills Scholarship Fund was                  Paid Sick Days are a Workplace Necessity
 created by the Legislature for training low-income adults using $1.3 M from the
 Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund .                                                    A New State Study on the Direct Care
 The Western Maine Sustainable Development Collaborative – of which MECEP
                                                                                        EPS: The Bedrock for School Funding Decisions
 is a partner – hosted an “investor’s fair” at the Margaret Chase Smith Library
 in Skowhegan to help community based programs market their projects to local           More Maine Families Go Hungry as Food
 investors.                                                                             Stamp Program Declines

 In the summer, we began a study on the role of immigrants in the Maine economy.        Getting by: Maine Livable Wages in 2006
 This work is continuing through 2008.
                                                                                        State of Working Maine 2007
 Higher education – The State created a new commission to improve access to             Building on MaineCare’s Success
 higher education for low-income workers. Lisa Pohlmann, our associate director,
 served on the commission which provided a report with recommendations to the           Looking at the 2008 Federal Budget
 Legislature The Legislature unanimously endorsed the recommendations and we are        Applying a Business Model to Government:
 now working on implementation.                                                         Lessons from the Past

 Sustainable development – As part of MECEP’s Spreading Prosperity Project we
 published “Health Care and Tourism – A Lead Sector Strategy for Rural Maine.”
 The report received wide press attention including a presentation at the Rural         Health Care and Tourism: A Lead Sector
 Philanthropy Conference in Montana. The report was used by Ktaadin Resorts             Strategy for Rural Maine
 in their successful application to the Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC).          Maine Revenue and Spending Primer 2007
 Recommendations from the report have been presented to the Governor’s Quality
 Places Commission.

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                                                                                  BY COUNTY
                                                                                  IN MAINE.



        Franklin                                                         Washington



                                                                         Median Income
                             Sagadahoc                                     n $29,721.00 – $32,435.00
      York                                                                 n $32,435.01 – $35,124.00
                                                                           n $35,124.01 – $40,414.00
                                                                           n $40,414.01 – $43,368.00
                                                                           n $43,368.01 – $49,970.00
                                                                                 Data Source: Small Area Income and Poverty
                                                                                              Estimates, US Census Bureau
For credible research and analysis visit
2007 was a year of transition, change and growth at the Maine
Center for Economic Policy. We moved to bigger and better                                              2007
accommodations and apart from Christopher St. John and Judy
Ward, the MECEP staff had an unexpected makeover. Nicole
                                                                                                       Financial Statement
Witherbee became MECEP’s first federal budget analyst in May.                                           REVENUE
In October, Ed Cervone moved on to the Maine Development                                                 Grants                                   334,600
Foundation. Deborah Felder joined our staff in November as our first                                      Contracts                                147,099
                                                                                                         Donations                                 42,300
communications director. Lisa Pohlmann, our associate director for                                       Subscriptions/Honoraria                   16,610
                              many years, finished off the year before                                    Events                                    10,388
                              moving on to the Natural Resources                                         Interest                                  28,230
                              Council of Maine. Kurt Wise joined our                                     TOTAL                                   $579,227
                              staff in January as fiscal policy analyst.
                                                                                                         Program                                  386,843
                              Five board members also completed                                          Management and General                    61,111
                              their terms this year and stepped down                                     Fundraising                               61,187
                              from the board; Fred Pease, Barbara                                        TOTAL                                   $509,141
                              Reinertsen, Carla Dickstein, Daryl
                                                                                                       Net Assets beginning of year               430,759
                              Fort and Nancy Fritz. We introduced
                                                                                                       Net Assets end of year                     500,879
                              an advisory council to our work in                                       *Unrestricted Funds                        297,958
                              2007 and welcomed Sherry Huber,                                          *Temporarily Restricted Funds              202,921
                              Dan Amory, William Knowles, Kevin
                                                                                                       *includes multi-year grant reserves for general
                              Mattson, Kay Rand and Peter Schwindt
                                                                                                          support and program obligations
                              to this new role.

                              Despite these changes – the sadness
                              in seeing colleagues go and the time it                                  REVENUE
                              takes to integrate new staff, our work
                                                                                                       Contributions 7%
                              at MECEP did not falter. We continued
to have an impact in all our program areas and produced excellent                                      Contracts 25%                          Foundations
and far-reaching reports and publications. We are extremely grateful                                                                             58%
to the talented people who work on behalf of the Maine Center for                                      Other 10%
Economic Policy as staff, subcontractors and volunteers. We depend
on their wisdom and their ideas for shared prosperity and look
forward to all the good work we will do together in 2008.

                                                                                                       EXPENSE              Management & General 12%

Christopher St. John     Joan Sturmthal                                                                                                  Fundraising 12%
Executive Director       Board Chair


                                                                                                                                        For a complete copy
                                                                                                                                      of our IRS 990 return,
                                                                                                                                   please contact our office.
                                                Kit St. John, Mary Cathcart and Rebecca Wyke at our
                                                2007 Tax & Budget Conference

                                    Nicole Witherbee (left), MECEP’s new federal policy analyst with
                                    Senator Olympia Snowe and Laurie Lachance, President of the
                                    Maine Development Foundation at Bowdoin College’s Women
                                    Leaders in Public Life Conference
                                                                 ANNUAL REPORT 2007

Thank you to everyone who                   Mary McAleney
                                            Robert McKeagney
                                                                 Philip Thompson
                                                                 Tom Tietenberg
                                                                                               Maine Education Association
                                                                                               Maine Health Care
supported our work in 2007                  Philip McKean        Clinton Townsend                 Association
                                            Samuel McReynolds    Sharon Treat                  Maine People’s Resource
INDIVIDUALS          Joyce Dyttmer          Mary McWilliams      Jean Tucker                      Center
Ann Acheson          Robert Echols          Peter Millard        Marlee Turner                 Maine Pulp and Paper
John Alexander       Beth Edmonds           Lisa Miller          David Vail                       Association
Barbara Alexander    Carter Eltzroth        George Miller        Kathy Walker                  Maine Quality Centers
Dan Amory            Jonathan Falk          Rebecca Millett      E. Tom Walton                 Maine School Management
Joan Arnold          Irv Faunce             Peter Mills          Ted Walworth                     Association
Richard Atlee        Peter Felsenthal       Gino Nalli           Steve Ward                    Maine Sea Coast Mission
James Atleson        Eliot Field            Lindsay Nelson       Elizabeth Ward Saxl           Maine State Housing
Colin Baker          Madeleine Freeman      Chip Newell          Thom Watson                      Authority
David Barber         Jane Freeman           Don Nicoll           Lee Webb                      Maine Turnpike Authority
Michael Barndollar   Leonard Freeman        Bill Nugent          Allyn White                   Maine Association of Mental
Anne Beal            Deborah Friedman       Frank O’Hara         Diana White                      Health Services
David Becker         Elaine Fuller          Fred Pease           Margaret Wilson               Margaret Chase Smith
Severin Beliveau     Roy Gedat              David Pease          Wendy Wolf                       Library
Larry Benoit         Christos Gianopoulos   Ron Phillips         Robert Wood                   Maine Businesses for Social
John Bernard         Eleanor Goldberg       Jan Phillips         Douglas Woodbury                 Responsibility
Charlie Bernstein    Constance Goldman      Joe Pietroski        Bob Woodbury                  Medical Care Development
Seth Berry           John Hanson            Hannah Pingree       Alisia Wygant                 Mills & Mills
Emily Bley           Cory Hart              Martha Piscuskas     Donna Yellen                  Morning Glory Natural Foods
Osmond Bonsey        William Harwood        Peter Pitegoff       Jeffrey Neil Young            MSAD #22
Jim Bowers           Chris Hastedt          Pam Plumb            Peter Zack                    Paraprofessional Healthcare
Peter Bowman         Charles Hedrick        Bonita Preston       Anne Zill                        Institute
David Boyer          Merton Henry           Charles Priest                                     Penquis CAP
                                                                 ORGANIZATIONS AND
Nona Boyink          Michael Herz           Anne Pringle                                       Robinson Financial
                     John Heye              Kay Rand             BUSINESSES                       Associates
Joseph Brannigan
Lyn Bristol Pitts    Daniel Hildreth        Stanley Reed         AARP                          Tom’s of Maine
Jessica Brophy       Milton Hillery         Ala Reid             Abbott Memorial Library       Town of Jonesport
Tom Broussard        Wayne Hobson           Barbara Reinertsen   Aroostook CAP                 Town of Windham
Margarethe Brown     Bruce Hodsdon          John Rensenbrink     Brown Goldsmiths              United Way of Greater
Richard Brown        Sherry Huber           Wilfred Richard      City of Augusta Bureau of        Portland
Charles Brown        Nancy Hudak            John Richardson         Health and Welfare         University of Maine,
Gurdon Buck          Andrew Iappini         Brian Rines          Center on Budget and Policy      Margaret Chase Smith
John Buell           Susan Inches           Betty Robinson          Priorities                    Policy Center
Sandy Butler         Tim Ingraham           Bill Robitzek        Child and Family              University of New Hampshire,
Brownie Carson       Lloyd Irland           Doug Rooks              Opportunities, Inc.           Carsey Institute
Mary Cathcart        Amita Jarmon           Stephen Rose         Coastal Enterprises, Inc.     University of Southern Maine,
Louise Chamberland   Bambi Jones            Jill Rosenthal       Coffee by Design                 Muskie Institute
Benjamin Chin        Dorothy Jones          Nancy Ross           Community Concepts, Inc.      University of Southern Maine,
Pierre Clavel        Erik Jorgensen         Mary Lee Rushmore    Economic Policy Institute        Center for Real Estate
Andrew Coburn        Robert Kates           Charles Rusnak       Eliot Field Law Office            Education
Jack Comart          W. Elery Keene         Chris Rusnov         Enterprise Resources Corp.    Wells-Oqunquit CSD
Michael Cote         Wendy Kellett          Scott Schnapp        Hobbins & Gardner, LLC        Woodfords Family Services
Eunice Cox           Beth Kilbreth          Lynn Schoen          IBEW Local 1837               York County Shelters
William Curran       William Knowles        Dorothy Schwartz     Kennebec Valley Council of
Deb Curtis           Dan Koehler            Peter Schwindt          Governments
Edmund Damon         Theodore Koffman       Diana Scully         Law & Legislative Reference   Ford Foundation
Larry Dansinger      George Koski           Norman Seagrave         Library                    Mott Foundation
Joanne D’Arcangelo   Ronald Kreisman        Sarah Shed           Maine Association of          Maine Community
Orlando Delogu       Shep Lee               James Skoglund          Nonprofits                     Foundation
David Demere         Peter Leslie           Victor Skorapa       Maine Bankers Association     Rose Foundation
Kate Dempsey         Victoria Leuteman      Alison Smith         Maine Children’s Alliance     Sandy River Charitable
Peter D’Entremont    Steve Linnell          Edward Snyder        Maine Community Action           Foundation
Paul Diamond         Bevis Longstreth       Bruce Stedman           Association                Stoneman Family Foundation
Carla Dickstein      Bonnie Lounsbury       Robert Steneck       Maine Community College
Arthur Dole          Ben Lund               Frederick Stocking      System                     We strive for accuracy
Jud Dolphin          Trudy MacDonald        Joan Sturmthal       Maine Council of Churches     in this annual report.
Robert Donovan       Garrett Martin         Annee Tara           Maine Development             Please let us know if
John Dorrer          James Matlack          Sheldon Tepler          Foundation                 there are errors.

Affordable health care
– Working in partnership with
Consumers for Affordable
Health Care, Maine Equal
Justice Partners, Maine People’s
Alliance, Maine Council of                  Help Spread Prosperity to all of Maine –
Churches, and the American                Join the Maine Center for Economic Policy
Cancer Society, a Community
Voices for Coverage application                                                    Donate on-line at
was submitted to the Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation and                                Send a check to MECEP, PO Box 437, Augusta, ME 04332
approved in February 2008 for
three year funding to advance             Contact us at 207 622-7381 to donate stocks, become a member organization
health care coverage for all.                                                                    or sponsor an event

Fair budget and taxes                                                    Give to MECEP at work through MaineShare
– MECEP worked in coalition
with numerous groups to
advance progressive tax reform
ideas ultimately incorporated
into a bipartisan proposal that
won approval in the Taxation
Committee and the House of
Representatives. These ideas
are expected to form the basis
for continuing work in the next                                          MAINE CENTER FOR
legislative session.
                                                                         ECONOMIC POLICY
The Blueprint Project, a
statewide coalition effort to
promote a common progressive
agenda, was transformed into                                               The Maine Center for Economic Policy advances
Engage Maine. Ben Dudley was                                               public policies that help Maine people prosper in a
hired as executive director and                                            strong, fair and sustainable economy. We advance
the groundwork was laid for                                                this mission through high-quality research, analysis,
successful coalition campaigns                                             citizen education, and coalition building. MECEP is
in 2008 regarding fair taxes                                               an independent, nonpartisan organization.
and budgets, controlling
climate change, and health care                                          VALUES
                                                                           Outcome Values:               Process Values:

                                                                           Economic Security             Quality Research

                                                                           Shared Prosperity             Issue Framing

                                                                           Thriving Communities          Policy Literacy

                                                                           A Fair Budget and Taxes       Collaboration

         A fond farewell to                                                Sustainable Development       Broad Participation
            Lisa Pohlmann,
 MECEP’s Associate Director
                                                                          ANNUAL REPORT 2007

                                                                                                                  2007 Advisory Board
                                                                                                                  Sherry Huber, Chair
                                                                                                                  Dan Amory
                                                                                                                  William Knowles
                                                                                                                  Kevin Mattson
  Maine Center for Economic Policy                                                                                Kay Rand

           2007 Board of Directors                                                                                Peter Schwindt

    Joan Sturmthal, Chair
        Civil Liberties Advocate
                                              John Hanson
                                                  Maine State Building & Construction
                                                                                                                  2007 Staff
                                                  Trades Council                                                  Christopher St. John,
    Garrett Martin, Vice Chair
        Maine Community Foundation            Erik Jorgenson                                                          Executive Director
                                                  Maine Humanities Council                                        Lisa Pohlmann,
    Nancy Fritz, Secretary
       Maine State Housing Authority          Fred Pease                                                               Associate Director
                                                  Retired Minister                                                Judy Ward,
    Lee Webb, Treasurer
        Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center    Barbara Reinertsen                                                      Administrative Assistant
                                                  United Way of Mid Coast Maine                                   Ed Cervone,
    Tony Brinkley
        University of Maine                   Annee Tara                                                              Policy Analyst
                                                 Central Maine Community College                                  Nicole Witherbee,
    Mary Cathcart
        Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center    Elizabeth Ward-Saxl                                                     Federal Budget Analyst
                                                   Maine Coalition against Sexual Assault                         Deborah Felder,
    Kate Dempsey
        The Nature Conservancy,               David Vail                                                              Communications Director
        Maine Chapter                             Bowdoin College
    Carla Dickstein                           Douglas Woodbury
        Coastal Enterprises, Inc.                Retired Nonprofit Executive
    Daryl Fort
        Violence Prevention Consultant                                                             Stay informed: Sign up for the
                                                                                                  Maine Center for Economic Policy’s
                                                                                              e-newsletter and alerts at

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