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									Tower Group, Inc.


Tower Group, Inc.                                                               Key Employees
                                                                                Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                           Senior Vice President -
                                        120 Broadway, New York, 10271, United   Catherine M. Wragg         Human Resources and
Headquarters Address
                                        States of America
Telephone                               + 1 212 6552000                                                    Senior Vice President -
                                                                                Christian K. Pechmann
Fax                                     + 1 212 6552070                                                    Executive Vice President,
                                                                                Gary S. Maier              Chief Officer -
Website                                                                            Underwriting
                                                                                                           Senior Vice President -
                                                                                Laurie A. Ranegar
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange           N/A
                                                                                                           Chief Executive Officer -
                                                                                                           Tower Group International,
Number of Employees                     1,360
                                                                                                           Ltd., President - Tower
                                                                                Michael H. Lee
                                                                                                           Group International, Ltd.,
Fiscal Year End                         December
                                                                                                           Chairperson - Tower
                                                                                                           Group International, Ltd.
Revenue (in US$ million)                1,923.00                                                           Senior Vice President,
                                                                                Salvatore V. Abano
                                                                                                           Chief Information Officer
                                                                                                           Senior Vice President -
                                                                                Scott T. Melnik

SWOT Analysis                                                                   Company Overview

Strengths                               Weaknesses                              Tower Group, Inc. (Tower Group) is an
                                                                                insurance company based in the US. The
Diversified portfolio of products       Declining operational performance       company offers a range of specialized property
                                                                                and casualty insurance products and services to
Increase in premium earnings            Limited financial leverage              small and mid-sized businesses and individuals
                                                                                principally in Northeast, Florida, Texas and
Strong distribution network                                                     California. Its portfolio of products includes
                                                                                general      liability    insurance,     workers’
Opportunities                           Threats                                 compensation insurance, commercial auto
                                                                                insurance, fire and allied lines insurance, inland
Positive outlook for the US insurance
                                        Changing regulations
                                                                                marine     insurance,      personal    automobile
industry                                                                        insurance, homeowners insurance and umbrella
                                                                                insurance. The company’s insurance policies
Strategic merger                        Fluctuations in interest rates          are designed for individuals, and businesses in
                                                                                the real estate, retail, wholesale and service
                                        Natural calamities                      sectors, including residential and commercial
                                                                                buildings, retail and wholesale stores, artisan
                                                                                contractors and restaurants. Tower Group is
                                                                                headquartered in New York City, New York, the

                                                                                Key Competitors
                                                                                Erie Indemnity Company (Ticker: ERIE)

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