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					Category                    Title
Digital Rights Management   DRM Disaster
Digital Rights Management   DRM in Real Life
Digital Rights Management   Let's Talk About Digital Distribution
Gaming                      Sexism and Video Games
Gaming                      Portrayal of Violence in Video Games
Gaming                      Video Game Violence
Gaming                      A Faux News Exclusive
Law/Policy                  How It's Made: Smartphones
Law/Policy                  How the Fix Became the Problem
Law/Policy                  Guevara Copyright Project
Law/Policy                  Troy's Movie
Misc                        N++ Minutes, Channel 42 News
Misc                        Steel-Trailer (2051)
Misc                        The Internet is Watching
Open Source                 The Story of Rick Brewster
Open Source                 Open Source Software
Piracy                      Piracy & Our Changing Society
Piracy                      Music Piracy
Security                    Inside Anonymous
Security                    Cybersecurity
Social Impact               Azamat: Story of a Facebook addict
Social Impact               Online Relationship
Social Impact               CyberBullied
Social Impact               Social Effects of Technology
Social Impact               Augmented Reality
Social Impact               Digital Currency
Social Impact               Internet Addiction: A Special Report
Warfare                     Cyberwarfare
Warfare                     Cyber Warfare
Warfare                     The Future of Drone Technology
Students                                        Length
Mathew Vogel                                       5:06
Nathan Gass                                        2:26
Rayne Beridon                                      4:06
Clare Coleman                                      4:17
Paul Nesbitt                                       4:59
Ryan Griege                                        4:11
Will Driscoll                                      3:03
Craig Yeh                                          3:19
Eric Thompson, Jeffrey Tran                        9:13
Luis Guevaraá                                      4:26
Troy Pocklington                                   4:09
Anja Guillory, Kevin Zander, Elizabeth Lass       11:47
Nicholas Young                                     4:40
Blake Kobelan                                      1:52
Brittany Blassingill, Jessica Cam Wong             3:49
Robert Shook                                       4:11
Alex Coomans                                       2:59
Manuel Vazquez                                     2:47
David Gregory Anderson                             3:03
Honghui Choi, Duy Quang Nguyen                     7:02
Azamat Kalmurzayev                                 4:01
Jeong Won Boo, Jennifer Nguyen                     9:59
Mario Carrillo, Charrealle Robinson                4:59
Melody Bolton, Bonney Roach                        4:16
Roberto Weller                                     5:01
Tri Nguyen, Branden Chaisorn, Dmitri Gonzalez     11:14
Tyler Williams, Ross Gayler                       12:49
Carlos Urrutia                                     4:22
Chris Chung, Tony Cargile                          9:03
Lauren Yew                                         2:35

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